Master Kuthumi: Merging the Mental and Emotional Bodies

master kuthumi eraoflightdotcomGreetings. It is I, Kuthumi. I am very excited about the next few classes that we will spend on this material, bringing in all aspects of the way thought and emotions are used with the Rays of Creation, but also incorporating the first four chakras and the importance of how they function within the physical body. There are unlimited expressions, both in the non-physical and the physical realms using those first four chakras.

There is a great potential here for the students to escalate their consciousness and escalate their ability to create their reality in a much more unlimited way. Using the first two chakras and constructing this template is where we will begin.

The first chakra, as you know, is the home of the rational mind and the mental body. The emotional body is housed in the second chakra. When we begin to change the way the templates are formed within these two chakras (bringing in states of consciousness through the Higher Mind as an example) aspects of the physical body and the way it negotiates the life experience are upgraded. This is a perfect opportunity to build a different template in regards to vitality, survival, the body and changing the beliefs. Also changing the thoughts that emanate from that first chakra and from the mental body.

Jim: Zadkiel made it very clear in a previous class that there are electromagnetic fields and fields of adhesion. Also combinations of frequencies that make up the sub-frequencies of those. What we’re doing by introducing the words “wellbeing” and “vitality” into the first chakra is creating an alteration in those electromagnetic fields of survival. We are replacing the field, and with the use of the fourth, fifth, and sixth Rays, expanding the patterning of vitality and wellbeing. Effectively, we are overriding the survival connection between the mental body and the fear level in the physical body, all at one time.

Kuthumi: Correct. And when you alter, you make that alteration on all levels. You are not only disengaging the electromagnetic field that holds the third dimensional reality, you are disengaging it permanently from the experience. This then allows the individualized Soul to begin to operate in a higher dimensional frequency range with a different set of electromagnetic fields that was not available before this timeframe.

All this material has been set in a sequential order to bring the student to this very point of transformation. The electromagnetic field that holds the third dimension in play, through the fragmented mental and emotional bodies, can now be disengaged. They are creating a new template with a new set of electromagnetic fields that operate totally differently than the fields that are held in third dimension.

Jim: And, I would suspect that as that alteration occurs and the Soul becomes much more available, the merger of the individual and the Soul begins to allow the individual to access a far greater reach of information within the Soul. As if it was something they’ve always known.

Kuthumi: Yes. They are then operating in an energetic field that allows them to access much more of the individualized Soul in the many levels outside of form. They are able to access their Divinity or their God Essence in a much different way because they have changed the electromagnetic fields that hold thought in a lower dimension to a higher dimensional system.

The rational mind, at this juncture, is disengaged. The mental body operates differently as does the emotional body. As you change your thoughts and beliefs and you begin to intentionally attach emotions from the emotional body that represent those higher thoughts, the emotional body is elevated to a new way of operation with a new frequency range. The two bodies then merge.

The emotional and mental bodies merge because that energetic patterning, that energetic template, has been created. The electromagnetic field that holds the template that allows that merging has now been created. In a third dimensional realm, the energetics are incompatible and do not allow that merging because the third dimension is all about separation. As you create these templates, from a fourth and fifth dimensional realm, the energetic field is totally changed. The electromagnetics of third dimension are no longer applicable and are eliminated.


This is an excerpt from a conversation between Kuthumi and Jim Self in the development of the Mastering Alchemy Lightbody course.

We thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Kuthumi to speak through her. With her collaboration the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.

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