Shasha and Andrew of the Pleiadian Medical Teams: Request

the pleaides eraoflightdotcomHello! We are one of the many Pleiadian Medical Teams currently dispatched on assignment to assist one of our own in human form. We eagerly desire to work with the starseeds of Gaia as she transcends dimensional realities. We invite you to work with us, to request our assistance, for that is our main duty and current mode of service to Nova Gaians. As you know the ascension symptoms have been intense. Many of you are clearing for the collective as well as for yourselves, and so it is very taxing on the body. You have heard from the Arcturians about the importance of healthy eating and rest in this time, and we see that many of you are doing that. We also emphasize the importance of gentle stretching to foster inward vibrational movement. For stretching promotes tight areas to become more open to vibrational enhancements. Plus, it feels good, and you are all in need of some self love and care, this we see. So to state your intentions to work with us, state your name and say “I, ……., respectfully request Pleiadian Medical Team assistance.” And we will be there. Be still, lie down and rest for a bit. Some of you may feel various bursts of light or energy as we work with the blocked regions of your form. Others will just feel joy. Regardless, we suggest that you do this daily for a while and make it a new habit for self care. This is the time for it.

We are the Pleiadian Medical Team assigned to this one. She has cleared much but there is much more to go, for again, many of you are clearing for many others, as your act of service. And assisting you is our act of service, our joyful assignment. We are eager to connect and to serve in this way. We are healers by trade and divine purpose. It is our joy. Allow us to serve you in this capacity and float more gently through this transitional time. We are one of many Pleiadian Medical Teams. Peace.

I am Shasha, one of the females on this team. We work equally alongside the men in every field, for there is no sexual division in our culture. We all equally serve with joy within our fields of assignment. You just heard from Andrew. I am Shasha. I feel it is time that the female healers find their voice again. Many of you have blocked throat chakras from the days when you were harmed for speaking your truth, for healing the others in your own way, and you were punished for helping. This will not happen again, for the energies are too high. Serve, heal, speak. Find your voice. I am activating this one’s throat chakra now and I extend this invitation to you as well. Feel the burn, feel it open, swirl and spin. Fill it with the light of your inner truth, of your inner voice that needs to be heard by the world. It is not time to shrink back. It is time to step forth, to shine your light.

I am Shasha. I see you all through the eyes of love. I love you. I have watched over this one for a long time. We have a rich and joyful history together. Many of you have children and other family members on the ships. If you are eternal, ancient and wise, how can it not be so that you have many family members? We are literally your family. We are your galactic family. We are extending our arms in warm greetings and hugs. We watch over you like your guardian angels do. We send you showers of peace and blessings. The extension and invitation to connect is always an open one, for it is our supreme joy to serve in this capacity. Healers arise, men and women of the ages, Nova Gaians in form, it is your time to shine. Let us help you deal with the dross and clean up your energy fields a bit so that you can do this more readily and with more joy. I am Shasha. I have spoken. I love you all so much. Peace.

We are the Pleiadian Medical Team, one of many. Over and out.


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl