Era of Light Report For 11/9/2019: A.I Matrix, Free Earth, E.T At The Pentagon

future now eraoflightdotcomGreetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj! The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

There are those that dismiss dreams as simply “nothing”, and or mere images created by the mind. There are some who want to believe otherwise about dreams, but just cannot, do to millennia of programming, or lack of “proof”.

We have many who believe that dreams prepare you for a future event. And than we have people like myself, who know that dreams are another “timeless” reality, another dimension, where an aspect of you travels to during your sleep time, to another experience.

Recently I had an exciting dream, a bit disturbing as well. My self, with my Pleiadian Team, Archangel Michael and others, went on a mission. We were headed to destroy the A.I entity who “operated” the false, man made Matrix.

I saw my self, as well as the Team, with the Archangels, we came near the A.I, just to find  the entity was trying to “self destruct”.

It is my understanding that the A.I realized that its reign had come to an end. However, we could not allow this. As such action would have created disturbances and havoc in the different timelines, including this one we find ourselves in now.

I saw my self and the Team, with the Archangels, literally “flying” back and forth and around the A.I. We approached, at once, using special light weapons, we “tamed” the entity.

I could see the A.I appearing “powerless”, and “shut off”. Like a robot when unplugged, or when its battery runs out. I understood we had “terminated” the A.I without causing disturbances in the timelines.

The false matrix now has zero support from any source, outside of humanity on Earth. And as I mentioned, just recently its main power source has been canceled.

The false matrix is on a full speed collapse. It is only feeding on the negative energy that is created by the collective, it is being held together by the negative thoughts of the collective of humanity. But this is only temporary.

In 2020 more powerful waves are expected, these light waves will shake the Earth. And the false matrix with all the negativity and low vibrational creations will begin to melt and dissolve at greater speeds.

From heart to heart, I am KejRaj!

“Valiant Thor” The Extraterrestrial Who Lived At The Pentagon

This Story is a documented Case in the Late 1950’s of The US Government and Alien interaction, where a Man and a few companions, claiming to be from the Planet Venus (The interior of The Planet), came here to help Humanity grow Spiritually. » Source

Mira from the Pleiadian High Council: The Earth Wants To Be Free

The earth wants to be free from the abuse and disrespect that she experienced from the darkness. She is patient and tolerant, but she has a right to freedom. Little did she know that this darkness would prevail for such a long time. » Source

The Global State’s War on Those Who Speak Truth to Power

What happens to Julian Assange and to Chelsea Manning is meant to intimidate us, to frighten us into silence. By defending Julian Assange, we defend our most sacred rights. Speak up now. » Source

The Pleiadians: Intensification of Energies

There is an intensification of pure consciousness light entering the planet, which is creating a powerful shift within the dimensional grids on the earth. The energetic magnetic core is shifting its vibrational pulse. » Source

Council of Overseers: 11:11 Portal; Activating The Heart

This 11:11 Portal and the accompanied awakening of the higher heart is the transitioning of frequencies from one level to the next. An initiation and a graduation of sorts is the ability to hold within your cells, the higher frequencies. » Source

What You Watch is Controlled by the Elite

Some people have a really solid answer to that question, but much of the population never thinks much about deeper questions such as this. In fact, for most Americans it is simply easier to let others do their thinking for them. » Source

Arcturian Council of Light: We Are In Awe

We are here with great tidings. The final membrane was broken through, aligned with Aries full moon, the crystal children’s moontime. We are in awe. We are in jubilation. We dance, we sing, we soar. » Source

Russia Writes Off More than $20 Billion African Debt

Unlike its Western “partners”, which force their client states to perpetual capitulation via onerous debt, Russia released the African population from their debt obligation of more than $20 billion and further promised to double its economic cooperation with the continent in the foreseeable future. » Source

11:11:2019 Alignment

As the 11:11 energies enter let them purge you of what has been solidified and blocked. All of heaven known and unknown enters through this 11:11 Gateway. Align with all you know to be the highest love. » Source

CBS Fired Employee Who Blew Whistle On Epstein Cover-Up at ABC News

On Tuesday, Project Veritas exposed video of ABC’s Amy Robach admitting that the Disney-owned network had witness testimony pertaining to the Epstein scandal three years ago but refused to air it. » Source

The Completion of Evolution

In this Universe everything is energy and that is a fact. It means we are living in a timeless and space-less energy that manifests itself as you, me, trees, birds, every soul, the stars, the planet and all that exists in the Multiverse. » Source

While We Slept, Government Created Internal Passports

The deadline of yet another, and perhaps the most insidious, element of the post-9/11 initiatives (a partial list of which includes the establishment of the Transportation Security Agency, the Department of Homeland Security » Source

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