Navigating Life from the Heart: Healing Relationships

meditation the light within eraoflightdotcomRelationships are being tested in a big way in these moments of radical change. Feelings may be more on the surface as people are challenged by our current erratic energies. Issues between people, perhaps easier to ignore before, are rising to the surface.

If you’re like most of us, you are feeling weary of our current status quo of unknowns, fiery displays of emotion, the need to constantly update plans, and the underlying chaos. Continue reading for suggestions of how to navigate these energies.

About Love

Everyone talks about love and the need for love. At our core, we are pure love – no worldly experience can change that, and no “failed” relationship can dilute it. That’s because our essence is eternal and unchangeable. That place in us loves unconditionally. There are no grudges or “shoulds.”

Right now is a perfect time to reflect on this and remember the larger view of who we are. It is only our conditioned self that places limits and conditions on love. It is only our ego-self that refuses to forgive.

Wounds of the Heart

All of us have wounds of the heart from our human experiences over time. The wounds we perceive and experience are viewed from the eyes of the conditioned ego-self. It learns to find fault, to criticize, to make things or people wrong.

Long View of Relationships

Pick any troublesome relationship you have and invite a long view that goes beyond current happenstance. Sit in meditation and invite a knowing of this long view. This larger view naturally will encompass underlying reasons for your knowing this person. Some may have roots in past lives or in ancestral DNA level patterns bringing you together again this life for specific purposes. The long view will include blessings of knowing this person thus far, and perhaps spiritual growth as you continue the relationship.

Accessing the Spiritual Heart

Each of us has a high heart or spiritual heart. Unlike the conditioned heart that can feel wounded, our spiritual heart is the part of us that knows how to love in a pure way. When you access it, you are connected with self-compassion and compassion for others – so vital in these moments of evolutionary change.

Use the opportunity of these moments to become more resourced by your spiritual heart.


» Source » By Selacia