Council of Overseers: Do You Have The Answers?

masters of light collective eraoflightdotcomMany people have many questions about the so called future.  What is this energy invested in wanting to know answers and outcomes?

If there is an actual trick of consciousness playing out through testing experiences, then it would be in this; to focus on the distraction that is external instead of focusing on the actual  cause.

Also, there is any sleight of hand towards life and evolving, it would be this, believing that the external is where to focus to create change.

Of course this CAUSE is the you creating this. Through your UNIQUE vibration, thoughts, questions, emotions, responses, memory/karma and through HOW you are being moment to moment.

Since everything is only now, there are no answers concerning a future as outcome. The peace, the content, the happiness, the bliss, all exists in the now as states of consciousness that is present in the now through your heart.

Any questions are the result of anticipation of something that has not yet occurred. Or a verification of one what is not aware of now.

Everything is perfectly unfolding and in the NOW ~ all that is needed is present.

The heart knows this.

The mind if not yet submitted to the heart, resists in fear of losing its sense of false power. Who wins through this? Certainly not the old programming, as it is a duped system, destined to be obsolete. The resistance it experiences, is the pain and suffering of its belief in separation.

Uniting oneself with the Eternal self, is the road less travelled and the one that takes you on the journey to the heart, to the true self. To the freedom from the old patterns and beliefs. To the freedom that is limitless in its presence and Divine Power.

That knows it has never died, never born.

That knows to exist, is enough.

This heart connection is why we are here and activating you now.

Without the heart the awareness that exists as if separate from it and in control, is endless pain and loneliness. Not the loneliness of the external, the loneliness that exists, even if you are not alone. That feeling of not yet being united with the destiny, the heart, the love, the ONE.

In this we do activate you. To know is to know. To love is to love. To be is to be. All else is stuff that takes up energy space that leads to the distraction of WHAT YOU ARE.

The substance of heaven here and now. The Presence so powerful, it cannot be named. The Love so absolute, it knows nothing outside of itself. The beauty beyond everything, that never ends.

In this was activate all hearts. In the true knowing of ALL That is, eternal and now.

To the full uniting that is your Ascension experience.

To the Beloved awareness of you Divine Presence Now. And in this you may ask why? Because it is the destiny of all, that all hearts be consciously aware in a form on Earth, to all those signed up for this the ascension/evolution program.

Be ye, Gods unaware, through the heart, only knows.

In this we present to you, your anointing, the beloved beginning as you entered Earth to now and your full circle, blessings, of this the revealing and knowing, of ALL THAT YOU ARE.

In love we initiate you now. Forever, we are and so are YOU.


» Source » Channel: L’Aura Pleiadian