Flower Fairies and Alisheryia: More Light In The Horizon

gaia portal eraoflightdotcomHello friends of the light, of the way! We are the flower fairies of inner earth, for Nova Gaia awaits not much longer and we are so very excited to see her, to be with her, to nurture our mother’s physical form as it morphs into light. For yet more light is what we see in the near horizon of yet more light in the approaching of the new day.

We are the Flower Fairies of Nova Gaia bridging the realms with the flower fairies that surround you, that nurture your fields with loveliness. We tend the flowers of Mother Gaia in all of her dimensional realities and forms for we love her, we worship the love of the All that surrounds and so it gives us much joy and glee to do this.

We are the flower fairies of inner earth of the hidden places. We see the blossoms of the inner higher hearts of humanity in full bloom, and blossoming and somewhere in between. Yes, it is time to blossom, friends. You humans are so stodgy in your ways. No! Open up to the new so the bounties of heaven can overflow into your lap, into your open hands of blessing so that you can receive the gifts of the mother. For Gaia has spoken and we who serve her are listening. Are you listening? We see humans struggling with the new energies and we see others sailing through. Which are you?

Would you like to do a brief meditation with your fairy friends? Yes!? Oh good! For we know that many who come through this one so delight in little messages and meditations that uplift the reader. Come! Come with us to the heart of Nova Gaia held within the heart of Mother Gaia as she births herself anew. Come! Come into the crystal heart chambers of your Mother Gaia and be refreshed. See there are many flowers and you are in a lovely field of light, of meadows and flowers. Each flower is different and yet lovely. This is a field of your inner experiences blossoming into beauty that surrounds. Here is a new flower, your ascension flower hidden no longer within this vast field of loveliness. Here the fairies bustle and hustle about tending their flock of flowers. See? Come! Fly! Be! Come see your ascension flower. What beautiful colors do you envision? Is it sparkling or dripping with light reflecting dew? Does it smell like donuts? We hear humans like donuts. We fairies prefer sipping the nectar of the flowers with our hummingbird friends but we do think we would like to try donuts as well. Ummm! Something yummy and delicious, that is how this flower will smell just for YOU! This is your ascension flower! Reach out and feel it, touch it. Bring it into your heart and tuck it inside deep into your chest. It is filled with the ascension light of your mother Gaia, of Nova Gaia. Ah! Lovely! When you look around you and you see all of your pains that have been transformed into this field of flowers of memories, remember the beauty of them, see them for the bouquet of memories that they are.

There! Did you like the meditation? We are so hopeful that you do. We have been practicing. We are the flower fairies of Nova Gaia, of all around you! For Nova Gaia is here and see, you just tucked a lovely flower of her inside your hearts! The new is here! The new is within you! Shine the light! We are the flower fairies. We love you so much.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. Human, much change is a foot. Look closely at your feet now. How do they look to you? Do they look well traveled? Are they weather worn and calloused from the heavy lifting of transmutation and faithful service? Good. Then you have done your part. Come. Your feet need refreshment. We enjoy the fairies in fields such as these. We have many pleasant talks together. We ascended dragons enjoy the quiet, the light in the breeze, all of the ways that nature reminds us to be still. The fairies are so full of vim and vigor of life. Are you, human friend?

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. I Alisheryia am speaking. We wish for you to think about your feet, for wherever you walk, wherever you are, you are transmuting and transmitting light codes. You are walking transducers of the higher energies. Thank your feet. Care for your bodies. They are undergoing tremendous change. Feet come in all sizes and colors. (I am seeing giant blue dragon feet with long talons). You see clearly. These feet have served me well. These wings have served me well. I am well supported with my feet and with my wings. It is an interesting transmission we are giving you. For we wish for you to begin to expect the unexpected, human friend of the light. For you see, you are Source in a human body in this now and you are in the process of massive upgrades. Yet you are used to walking. You are used to trudging through the mud of tasks, of chores. You are used to hard labor. You have been surrounded and indoctrinated with it. (I am seeing all sorts of laboring humans in all fields of work). The wings of the human are coming online in this now. No longer are you to walk and feel like you are walking alone. You are surrounded by many who love you, many who are flying along right beside you as you trudge through your day. You are not alone. The wings of humanity are unfurling, flapping in the winds of the breezes of the new energies that are in great support for massive planetary change, growth. Much upheaval, much change. Such is magnificent flying weather. For from the higher view of your higher form you can see clearly.

We are the Ascended Dragon Collective. I Alisheryia, and I Elthor, am speaking. Now is the time to expand your perspective and see from the dragon’s viewpoint of way above, human. For you may feel that you are surrounded by smoke and fire but it is time to see from above. To see from the skies where all is clear and blue and to feel the caress of the Mother upon your form as you fly, feeling the support of her beneath you and all around you. You are safe. Now is the time for the ascended human to rise, to fly, to be, to become. Hatchlings no more, you are juveniles now. Your scales and your wings are strong. And you have the most magnificent feet, sturdy, strong. Transmit the light, transmit the codes. Fly above the chaos with vim and vigor as these flower fairies do, and fly with joy. We can learn much from our little friends. Their joy is contagious! Fly with joy, human friends of the light, and be most comforted.

I am Alisheryia. Peace. I am going to breathe on your back where your etheric wings are. You will feel the heat should you allow. Feel the burn of the fire. Unfurl the wings. Stretch. Fly. I am Alisheryia!


» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl