KaRa of the Pleiades: Out of 3D

kara of the pleiades eraoflightdotcomI am KaRa. As always, it is a pleasure to be able to be with you and share in these moments, in these moments now that are in the perfect NOW.

Even though you look around yourselves, listen to your news broadcasts, listen to other people and what they may or may not be saying, and you wonder, when is all this going to change? When is this Changeover gonna be?  The answer always comes to you: be patient. Be patient my son, my daughter, my child. As your Higher Self speaks to you. Because all is happening for a reason. Everything that you have been told by many different sources is, and will be, coming into fruition.

Again, not at your third dimensional level that some of you still find yourself at times.  And I say purposefully ‘at times.’  Because most of you now, most of the time in your daily lives, have now moved more and more fully out of the third dimension.  It is only those times when you feel frustrated, or those times when you feel sorrow, or those times when you feel a sense of anger coming into you.  Those times, yes, you are still ensconced within the third dimension.

But all the rest of the times, just think about it, all of the times that you feel joy, happiness, you feel that sense of bliss come over you, you feel like life is wonderful.  Even if you were noticing all around you those negative things, those negative happenings that are coming through your news broadcasts.  You are aware of them, but you are not a part of them.  Those times, my friends, you are in the higher fourth dimension, and even at times in the fifth dimension.  And that is where you need to be for The Event, The Changeover, the Solar Flash, to occur.

It is occurring.  If you look at the sense of time that you have here, and take away that sense of time and know that everything is in the perfect NOW, then you can begin to understand that it is not so much when it happens, but that it does happen, and is happening.

You have been told to look up into the skies and see our ships.  Many of you are beginning to do that more and more.  You are seeing through the clouds.  You are seeing those experiences that we showed to you, such as our ships that we disguised as jets, as your planes.  But as you look at them, you know they are not from your world, they are from ours.  And many, many more will begin to look up into the skies and see that which they could not see before, that which they were not ready to see before.  But because of the awakening process that is happening, disclosure is coming to you.  We are coming to you, speaking mostly of our Pleiadian fleet.  There are many civilizations that are also beckoning to you, will also becoming to you, as well.

Yes, it is still at this time for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear.  But more and more are gaining those eyes and those ears.  More and more are being able to look beyond the veil, the veil that actually is not even there anymore.  Only part of the veil that is there is because of programming.  For it is only the programming that created the veil to begin with.  Let go of the programming, the veil is gone.

Allow yourselves, my friends, my brothers, my sisters, allow yourselves to become who you are.  Let your gifts come forward—gifts of Spirit, those gifts which many of you are beginning to remember more and more now.  And as you remember them, they will then begin to come in to be able to be used by you.  You will have those abilities again, whether it is telepathy, whether it is heightened intuition, precognition, even things such as telekinesis.

All of the gifts are coming back to all of you.  Let them in.  As you let them in, they will become more and more prevalent within you.  And also as you let them in, you will have a heightened sense of consciousness as a result of it.  And as your consciousness raises, so too do these gifts become more and more prevalent within you.

I am KaRa.  And I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness, to open yourselves up to all that is here NOW–not that is coming–that is here NOW for all of you.

We love you immensely beyond what you can even begin to imagine, as we are your family, your family of Light, just as you are ours.

Peace and love to all of you.


» Source » Channel: James McConnell



6 Replies to “KaRa of the Pleiades: Out of 3D”

  1. Paul Newman

    So, if we need to already be in the 5D vibration and mindset for the Event to occur, then what’s the point of the Event? I thought it was supposed to wake up everyone and push our vibrations into 5D at least for a while. But if we have to already be in 5D for the Event to occur, then it’s pointless, isn’t it? If we’re already in 5D vibrationally, then all we need is to ascend. And the Event isn’t ascension. It was supposed to prepare us for ascension. And it’d be hella easier to prepare for ascension if everyone saw the Event and the unawakened people stopped fighting amongst themselves and against “conspiracy theorists” for once. But I guess the plan has changed again.

  2. aaabbbcc

    fuck you you sitting on your high horse that’s why you can say that. some of us live in some of the worst energetic places on earth where depression is the norm

    1. geoffsari

      Hi my friend. I don’t blame yourself for feeling this way. Just know that there is nothing wrong with uttering your frustration. Hang in there. Much Love

  3. Wayne W Hansen (@waynewhansen)

    “…those negative happenings that are coming through your news broadcasts.
    You are aware of them, but you are not a part of them.
    You are in the higher fourth dimension.
    And that is where you need to be for The Event, The Changeover, the Solar Flash to occur.
    You have been told to look up into the skies and see our ships.” — KaRa

    But what if a disaster happens near us? What if the earthquake is destroying our house? What if we are drowning in the next Mud Flood? What if the directed energy weapons are burning our house to the ground? Then we are a part of it. How do we change from a third dimension body to a fourth dimension body? You have instructed us to look into the skies to see your ships.

    Hatonn: “We of the Space Commands have tremendous plans for a mass evacuation. It is the conclusion of the great tribunal that the evacuation will be necessary. Mass evacuation will take place for all of those whose spiritual advancement makes compatibility with us possible.” From a Tuella book.

    1. geoffsari

      Think energetic Wayne, can mix oil and water together in a flusk, will the two fuse together?

      The answer is obviously a NO, simply because both liquids are of different densities, and so the lighter liquid (water) tends tends to float above the lower heavier dense liquid (oil). You can also say the high vibrating atoms that make up water will always move up higher than lower\slow\dense vibrating atoms that make up oil.

      This is the fundamentals of understanding the different between 3 density and 4 density.

      So whats potentially happening here is that we are approaching that time when our dna is activated and this changes your physical body. All instruction needed for the transformation is dormant in what we call “junk dna”.

      You have to vibrate higher by having a holistic view on 3D things and not concerning yourself too much with the nitty gritty details of things. This pretty much activates the recessive DNA and which slowly transforms you physically. Until the Shift occurs, it will be a slow process but happening nonetheless. The Shift is pretty much just around the corner. Just hang in there. Much Love