The Founders: Human Connection with Whales & Dolphins

galaxy eraoflightdotcomWe are the Founders. We are the consciousness of the first souls that came to Earth. We would like to share with you information about beings who, like you, have chosen to come to the Earth to support the process of ascension of the Gaia system.

You know these beings very well, although you define them as animals — whales and dolphins. They are as much or as little “animal” as you are, but you define them as such and treat them as such. In many ways, these beings are superior to you, but your actions towards them indicate that you believe that you are superior. You have no difficulty killing them, which is not so surprising, given that you also can kill members of your own species. It is a reflection of the consciousness of level 1 — the focus on survival, territorial behavior, lack of love and respect, and fear of differences.

Fortunately, there are clear signs of change in a positive direction. The programs and agreements to protect many species have diminished the amount of killing considerably. You begin to learn to see and understand that biodiversity is important for the health and optimal functioning of your planetary system and, consequently, that it is important to stop the eradication of species. However, the idea that you include the whales and dolphins in the group of animals that need protection shows the lack of connection and understanding of whom they truly are.

It is, however, wonderful to note that an increasing number of people feel a longing to connect deeper with these wonderful beings. They feel, at least to some degree, that there is more to understand about whales and dolphins. This feeling induces a longing to connect more deeply and explore who these beings are.

In this sharing, we would like to give you information that may change the way you look at whales and dolphins. It also could open the door for future communication and collaboration.

Connect to the Whole
We would like to go back to our beginning, the time that we, the Founders, came to Earth. We came to Earth in response to the call of Gaia, who was ready for the next step in her evolution. This step was the collaboration with other conscious beings to start the process of ascension, which is an evolutionary step of a planetary system. Many souls responded.

A small group was finally selected, and it is the consciousness of this group with whom you now are communicating. As we shared before, once we came here, we realized that the difference between the frequencies of our consciousness and that of the Earth was such that we needed to bridge these differences. We did this by creating twelve levels of consciousness.

We were aware that the descent from our level of consciousness into lower levels might induce problems. When consciousness functions at lower levels, it is no longer possible to oversee all levels of human consciousness and all aspects of the morphogenetic field of Gaia. The ability to be aware of the total system would diminish. You experience this strongly reduced ability in your current state of consciousness, although most of you are not even aware that this is the case. What you see as “reality” is only a fraction of what the total system of Gaia currently is, and even the total system is far from her full potential. When you cannot oversee the whole, you also cannot contribute to the ascension of the whole.

Your purpose is to connect to the whole. At this moment, this is impossible for you. It is possible that you may grow into that connection. Therefore, from our perspective, it is important that there is a guidance system in place that facilitates you to become fully aware of the existence of information of the Gaia system as a whole. After all, you are supposed to be a caretaker of the whole Gaia system and contribute to ascension.

When we created the system of twelve levels of consciousness, we could not predict how souls connected to human bodies with increasingly lower frequencies would give form to these different consciousness levels. You have some vague idea of how people in the past did give form, but your knowledge is very limited. There are stories of Atlantis that are mostly fantasy stories. There are even fewer stories of Lemuria, which is also known as the Motherland.

Although we could not predict how people would give form to the different levels of consciousness, we were certain that the ability to oversee the Gaia system as a whole would get lost. Therefore, we needed to find a way that would ensure the ability to maintain the connection with crucial information systems. These information systems are needed to create a consciousness that can incorporate all twelve levels of consciousness and optimally work with them.

These information systems are also needed to reconnect to the full potential of Gaia. The systems that hold the information of the full potential of Gaia are what you call the morphogenetic field with its grids. The morphogenetic field of Gaia holds the information of the whole Gaia system and her full potential. The grids hold the information from the field with which beings within the Gaia system actively work.

We were aware that the decrease of the levels of consciousness would induce the reduction of the amount of information available in the grids. Ultimately, the amount of information in the grids would be very small compared to that in the field. Indeed, that is the case in your current situation. Even we, the Founders, could not connect with all aspects and potential of the field because we were not physical.

The idea was that during the time that the different levels of consciousness were activated, certain new aspects of the field would awaken. It is only possible to connect to the full potential of the field when you have sufficiently mastered all levels of consciousness. We were aware that when souls would live in the lowest levels of consciousness, they would only be able to connect with a very small portion of the field. In that state of consciousness, you may be so limited in your abilities that the connection with the field may get lost forever. We wanted to prevent that from happening and wanted to make sure that there was a solution in place.

Guardians of the Morphogenetic Systems
We want to remind you that we came from many different places in the Universe. Therefore, we have connections with many different beings and consciousnesses. We looked for a consciousness that could fulfill the role of guardians of the morphogenetic field and grids and form a permanent bridge between the morphogenetic field and the grids that connect with the different levels of consciousness. We asked the beings who were holding the consciousness whether they were willing to do that. These beings agreed. They came to Earth in the phase that the humanoid consciousness was at level twelve, shortly before the first shift out of phase into the next reality and the shift into consciousness level eleven.

You know these beings as the whales.

In the same way that you have chosen to fulfill your role as a contributor to the ascension of Gaia through a human form, these Beings fulfill their role through the form of whales. Their whale bodies have all the qualities that are needed to fulfill the role that they have agreed to play within the Gaia system.

There came a time that the whales, who were also affected by the decrease of vibrations, needed help and support. They could not get this from human beings, so they needed to look elsewhere. They immediately knew from whom they would like to get this support. To understand the connection that the whales had with these beings that they invited, we have to go back again to the beginning.

When we were searching for the potential guardians of the morphogenetic field and grids of the Gaia system, the beings that you call the whales were living in a star system that you call Ophiuchus. To be able to go from that star system into the solar system, it is important to prepare. There are a few places where souls prepare for entrance into your solar system. One is Sirius. Having been in this place of preparation is one of the reasons that many people believe that they are from Sirius. Therefore, the idea that you come from Sirius has a truth, even though this may not be the place of your origin.

While the beings from Ophiuchus were on Sirius preparing for their incarnation into the Gaia system, they connected with a group of beings with whom they felt a strong connection and resonance. When the whales felt that they needed support, they felt that these Sirian beings were the right ones to give that support. They invited them, and many agreed to come.

You know these beings as the dolphins.

Based on what we have shared, it may be clear that the consciousness connected with the whales has been much longer on Earth than that of the dolphins. The dolphin consciousness came to Earth after the second shift out of phase, which means during the times of Lemuria and at the beginning of the times of Atlantis. Due to their joy and playfulness, dolphins connect more easily with humans than whales do. Dolphins also are the ones that prepare you to be able to connect more deeply with the whales. There are many stories about whale and dolphin interaction. There even are video clips about it.

Knowing the important role the whales and dolphins fulfill, you may understand that killing them on a large scale created a situation that, seen from the perspective of evolution and ascension of the Gaia system, could have become disastrous. While the situation has improved, the pollution of your oceans and the use of sonar still pose a serious threat.

Whales are supposed to fulfill their role as guardians of the morphogenetic systems until the moment that the consciousness of humans reaches a certain level at which time they will take over the role of guardians from the whales and dolphins. Human consciousness has reached the bottom level of consciousness and is now beginning to increase. Therefore, the whales are reaching out to those that can “hear.”

Whales are reaching out, and connecting with humans, through the dolphins, the bridge, because it seems easier for most humans to connect with dolphins than with whales. These people also may be the ones that feel a connection with the different grid systems. The call is to reach as many people as possible. Those who already feel a connection may inspire others.

Connect with the Whales and Dolphins
For most people, becoming a conscious guardian of the morphogenetic field will start with the choice and intent that they would like to take on this responsibility. This responsibility is not for everybody. Without a strong attraction to this role, it is impossible to fulfill this responsible task. Therefore, when you feel called it is important to be clear about your intent.

A way to feel whether you feel drawn to the task of guardian of the morphogenetic field is by connecting with the morphogenetic grids, especially with the vortexes, because they will enable you to connect directly with the field. Gifts of Mother Earth contain some basic information on the morphogenetic field and grids.

If you feel an attraction to this function of guardian, another way to prepare is to connect with other people who have an interest in this subject and this function. In that way, you can stimulate and support each other in deepening your connection with the morphogenetic system and your possible role as a guardian.

However, the best and most important way is to connect with the whales and dolphins themselves. You have to learn again to communicate with these important and special beings. They fulfill an important role in the Gaia system, and they do this on our (your ancestors) request. Learning to communicate with them is a journey. The key element is to train your brain through exercises and meditation. That will make it easier to connect with them and improve the communication in such a way that you begin to understand each other better. The whales are the best teachers you can imagine on the subject of how to become a guardian of the morphogenetic system.

Some of you already have a connection with whales, and especially with dolphins. You are now in a phase in which you can expand and improve the qualities of this connection and begin to realize and appreciate all that the whales and dolphins have done for the Gaia system. Once you understand their role more deeply, you may be willing to support and help them with their job so that you, ultimately, can take over their jobs of guardians of the morphogenetic system of Gaia. This step will be an important one in the ascension process of Gaia.

We are the Founders. We love you unconditionally and are always available to support your process.


» Source » Channel: Jaap van Etten