Yeshua: Withdrawl From The World Is No Solution

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Even if the light is shunned by too many people, the developments triggered by those who give everything are awe-inspiring.

Your efforts in the Garden of the Lord will bear fruit and you will see the outstanding results of your efforts.


Beloved people,

you’re in the middle of life serving God! And the more you remain focused on God in your work and think of God, the more valuable it is what you do and create.

True renunciation

does not mean to withdraw from this world, but to live in the world and to consecrate every activity to God.

Renunciation, as practiced by monks and hermits, is usually an escape from the world and from oneself. Many of these people avoid the confrontation with life and do not want to expose themselves to the manifold reflections.

It is completely different with people who have chosen a life in the middle of the world and who serve God.

People who have put God first and who do all their work with God get closer to the light, because they are challenged in everyday life – and to be challenged means to act and to react to the environment.

Growth in the middle of life

Standing in the middle of life, many perspectives and opportunities for development open up for a person.

While the hermit avoids the world and the people, YOU are confronted with life and enter into a living relationship with your fellow human beings.

This leads to the fact that you can set far faster development steps, since your fellow human beings mirror you daily your shadows as well as your light.

Growth is also possible for a permanent hermit, if this soul is mature and old. Then the retreat is like the pupation of a caterpillar and is a natural need that precedes awakening and enlightenment.

All other “retreats” inhibit unfolding because they take place too early or underlie the fear of life.

Do not withdraw from the world!

– Honored is the man who knows how to live in the world but not be of the world.

– Honoured is the person who consecrates every work to God and who goes towards life instead of avoiding it.

– Honored is the man who sees himself in the eyes of his fellow men, because every separation is abolished.

Do not withdraw from the world, but live in the world and with people.

Realize your orders on this earth and I tell you: Paradise is created by your hands work and by your divine spirit.

Look to the world with confidence! Trust that things will develop positively and give your work the status it deserves. For to serve God in the midst of life in a time of little light is reserved for those who draw the last circles on earth before they complete the great circle and return to the unity of all being.


I preceded you. Follow my trail until you yourself are the way and the goal, the truth and the love.

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» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl