Turn Up the Love, Turn Up the Light

we are one love eraoflightWith these intricate shifts and changes we are rapidly opening up new spaces within our internal star grid, new connections are being made on a physical, mental and energetic level, whilst also we are dumping an incredible amount of old data to keep up.

If we block this, when we choose NO we pick up weight, the word spell of wait and weight when on the path of light is an incredible one to realise and changes the dynamics of your journey the moment it’s brought into the awareness. This “waiting” that is chosen is always an attachment to be Seen, however by gaining this weight at these speeds then allows you to feel the G Force and it’s uncomfortable, which is why so many are going through huge emotional shifts, there are those also going through their huge phases of confusion, restriction, refusals, the inability to hold this Force of change is becoming a weight too heavy to bear. The weight is of the mirror being carried and having no purpose because it’s not being looked into, it’s not being learned from and so this feels a little like being on a G Force machine, and someone chucks you a medicine ball to carry…..strraaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnnn.

Is it necessary? Is it needed? And then ask WHY, because if anything is being required to be fixed, to try again, if there is anything you cannot bear to let go of, if there are regrets, or wishing you were some place else, IF there are any distorted beliefs, feelings of abandonment then the weight of this mirror is going to get heavier.

Collectively so much outdated programming must now dissolve, and it does this in one or two ways, it’s a little like dropping some mentos into a bottle of coke, is the lid going to pop off and we see a fountain of foam pour out or is the entire bottle going to explode from within with the sides splitting and a huge dramatic end to the experience?

Loosen the lid a little, for now just understand that you don’t understand, and that’s OK. Out there may seem alien, it’s meant to, it’s showing you that this experience is now teaching you about yourself, where you do not value self, where you are lacking, where you over support and therefore experience no support, and that the remedy is to begin, supporting self, although the truth is, you haven’t yet Seen yourself, there is a process, and the louder the process gets the more restriction there is to growth, change the understanding and in comes more softness and more compassion.

When we own we know nothing, when we can acknowledge the anger from within, take it to a safe place, to respect the field, there is after all too much discord being ejected into our field and All who state they are of the light have the ability to pause time, take the discord, become a light bomb defusal soldier and do the job properly, we get to examine the feelings and cut the correct wires to dispose of the bomb correctly.
And when we take in that moment, the knowledge, that the reason there is a chemical reaction is because we don’t understand and we are ultimately pausing time, stopping the G Force machine, which hurts, to understand, then we can move through these reality shifts more swiftly.

Yesterday was quite a momentous day in our journey as a huge data dump of the wounded masculine left the field, and the light came through super quick, our spectrum expanded beyond anything I have ever seen, the spectrums have always appeared like a rainbow, 180° arc, but the vision I see now is 360° and this came from myself recognising something truly remarkable, where I/we have refused the Masculine, another reflection of us not understanding the ancient symbolic messages, and it’s so simple to see now, why we get the symbols so wrong, I’m so looking forward to sharing this in the Alignment Program

Our ancients spoke to us through FEEL, that’s why symbols were used to stand the twists and bends of time, however our limited humans stopped feeling and translated through the mind…there will always be a distortion here.

We are only now opening our hearts to receive the messages precisely, our frequencies are returning to the harmonics of our ancient self, which means two things, we are soon to understand MORE, and by connecting to the truth of our Ancient Self we therefore unlock the ability to fully connect with our Ancient Future Self and Unify, here, on this magnificent planet we are barely existing on.

How can we expect to read the symbols out there when we are only now learning to read the symbols within, we as a race are most certainly not fluent in the symbolic messages of our very own temples, our physical, so how can we expect to read the symbols of civilisations so much more advanced, abundant and wise.

So it is now, during this next decade, this solar minimum and the incoming solar cycle that we shall NOW SEE how this all works, because it is TIME that we all now become responsible and respectful to the Divine Truth, the Divine Path and allow All to be learned as required for our evolution.

That’s the wonderful thing, when a key is brought into this reality, and one Keyholder plants the seed, it sprouts, and as one becomes responsible and respectful so does the next light and so on, until there is one field filled with the lights of respect and responsibility, and the seeds fly into the next field and before we know it we have fields of gold and the more the gold grows, the more the rest of the fields become respectful and responsible, some farmers try stopping the golden seeds blowing into their fields, we can’t stop light.

And these next few weeks we are going to see the power of this light and the full 360° range of opportunities there are on offer when you choose to move through respectfully and responsibly, taking the mirrors as gifts of growth and expansion.

We are now entering a huge Galactic bandwidth being sent from your Ancient Future Self, the star map shows us Jupiter readying to pass, Jupiter acts as a huge vortex of energy, sucking in the Galactic rays, the codes, the light, and magnifying it 100 fold before expelling it out from within. This means super high manifestation, please remember you are always manifesting, manifesting is attracting what you are required to experience to grow, however that appears.
Venus is fast catching up to meet at this point, and for those who are focused within, the ability to do some Alignment work, to connect further into Self, to love Self, choose Self, listen to Self MORE will be such a rewarding 3xperience, so the guidance will be to pay attention during these energies and notice areas where love hasn’t yet been received, where can you prioritise your vibration and provide it space to expand through experience.

What this will do is spin out external relationships that are no longer required to be experienced, some may be shockers, out of the blue (RAY), but there will be a voice within that says I knew it, listen to it….this time. It’s been ignored too long.

I will report more on this as we go, however next week we have a super frequency of the love kind with a Ceres and Pholus conjunction, this is a wave we are surfing because Ceres and Pholus are just a few degrees ahead from Jupiter and Venus, they too are passing the Galactic Centre and filling up with future codes for this conjunction to happen at 0° Cap according to tropical astrology. These two feel like the messengers for Saturn and Pluto, they have been scanning our system and have recorded their data, their instructions are TURN IT UP, as Ceres is also holding hands with Saturn and Pluto on the 12th January.

Turn up the LOVE, turn up the light, turn up the G Force.

These incoming movements will require much focus and conscious repeating until the breakthrough and everything slips back into peace, where it becomes natural and easy.

Today is a super power packed day of the highest order and this really sets the tone to the week, firstly we have the 11.11 code playing out in the collective unconscious, let me explain, whilst I use the Gregorian Calendar to experience being human and to bring some order here and there where it has to be, I am also aware that these codes are based around a human created linear time management system, and I’m sure we are all aware there are a number of calendars, some will argue that there are others much more precise when you walk the path of light and this aligns to my heart, you will see many teachers that talk about going non linear and yet speak of cosmic portals of a calendar date and this feels distorted for me personally, i see portals but all I see in Gregorian Calender number codes are pockets of light for the unconscious aspects and it’s a really soft light, it’s gentle and there are spaces and places with more light that grabs my focus….and this particular data, 11.11 does grab my attention a little more, because today, is a Full Moon in Taurus, conjunct Uranus in Retrograde, which just so happens to go direct 2 days before the super conjunction. Whilst opposing Mercury, in retrograde, who just so happens to be surfing the Serpentis, the accursed degree, I found this which I felt to be beautifully aligned.

“Serpens, is the same Snake that is found on the symbol of medicine worldwide, the staff of the god Mercury, the caduceus. The caduceus shows two snakes coiling around a central rod surmounted by two wings of the bird on top. Mercury placed his wand between two serpents struggling to devour each other, which represents the directing intelligence (Mercury) reconciling basic opposing forces and so representing good balanced by evil, health by sickness. This much-used image is an emblem of homeopathy – a cure effected by what caused the ailment. The serpent therefore becomes the source of the healing of the wound caused by the serpent.
A snake’s ability to shed its skin is symbolic of transformation and renewal.
Kundalini is represented symbolically as a snake coiled up upon itself in the form of a ring at the base of the spinal column; and when it is roused, as sometimes happens in human experience, the snake uncoils and stretches up along the spinal column, through the chakras, corresponding to the various plexuses of the body, until it reaches the area of the forehead corresponding to the crown chakra, there it blazes out to enlightenment.
The snake represent power, wisdom, temptation, sublety, moral dualism, the harmonizing of divergent tendencies.
The snake has often been likened to a bolt of lightning. There is no foretelling the snakes’ movements, when a snake uncoils to strike, he moves like lightning.
This energy can bring about sudden changes.”

But there is more, whilst Mercury conjunct the Sun, it’s also eclipsing the Sun which means Mercury is being reborn and is receiving a level up in consciousness, this ultimately means we are all receiving a reset and we are all now to raise the bar and again I bring you back to the dialogue from within.

Angels there is no other dialogue that needs to be heard now more than each of us hearing MORE about Self and applying the requests to the reality.

This Full Moon in Taurus wants to make us aware of all that is solid and built for comfort, hey The Taurus Bull much prefers to mosey on into Geminis field and poke his nose and chew some grass along the way than when he gets all uncomfortable and stubborn or charging and aggressive, he’s too old now, he’s played in his field long enough and knows what’s best, and if you just listen out for that Bull within he’s going to tell you all about how he prefers buttercups and butterflies more than red flags and matador’s.

The harder the experience through these Galactic energies the more restriction and refusal of love is being used, this will create huge reverberations within the field moving through the rest of November, the codes unlock like cosmic bubbles within the moment the new path is chosen.

This will feel like we are moving through spinning vortexes, more and more of the old masculine ways become visible, the not paying attention, the charging into the out there with no connection to the voice within there, which ultimately begins to present as cataclysmic presentations, this is the calling of the Divine Feminine within us All, to learn to listen to her wisdom, her Ancient Wisdom, she is the teacher to our Masculine within, to BE-COME the Creator of our New World, but not before she has healed those wounds, and we must learn to listen, to heal as she requests from within, we must understand we do not know better and humbly accept there is still a lot to learn.

Sending so much love into the cosmic heart, the space in which we can all meet truly and love unconditionally, until we All remember how to bring it into reality.

I shall be bringing back the daily navigation to assist in the intricate areas where many get stuck over these next incoming waves.


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