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Discovery and exploitation of your own talent give a state of mind of satisfaction. Is happiness soon to become a reality for our new future in a liberated world of Central Bank debt slavery.

A healthy emotional balance and awareness of your own ability, striving and reality to make your intentions vs. the false paradigm of deception and deceit in which we now live.

Left Propaganda


Fake news affects our perceptions that want to keep us away from the hard facts of Bilderberg State Lies that are spread over us and the MSM, which is demanded that we must accept these lies for true.

The self-proclaimed establishment, the scum of the 1%, lose the battle when it comes to the truth, revealing all their crimes.

It is becoming more transparent and comprehensible every day to see through their lies.

This means that the supposedly so fortunate population all over the world is making itself heard and no longer wants to conform to the false rulers.

Mark Rutte, the folk man and traitor of the Netherlands and NWO Satanist is caught lying:


The interests of the Bilderberg Nazi’s Satanic von Amsberg FAKE Royal Family are the guiding principles for the policies we suffer from as a population.

Their goal is to transform the Netherlands and Europe as soon as possible into a 3rd world country in order to take away the prosperity of the population completely, so that everyone is dependent on the corrupt banking debt system.

What is reality and fiction in our decent lives?

The reality is that our own culture is broken down by deliberately mixing it with incompatible cultures, so that the divide and rule system can be maintained.

The false political correctness, by hypocrites in politics want to conceal the crimes they commit daily against their own people.

If there are deaths, either in Iraq, or with the MH370 / MH17, it is additional damage to implement the political agenda.


We have no voice in this sham democracy, and we can only actively refuse to participate in their agenda.

If you look at the actions and manipulations that are carried out to conceal their crimes, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to keep their lies alive every day.

The false rulers lose their power if we no longer recognise them as our authority, knowing that we have our own free will to take control.

Ignoring problems caused by the same corrupt political rulers will be the key to our liberation.

For all their crimes can no longer remain hidden now that the masses are awakening, and the criminal facts are about to be revealed.

Our good fortune is that we do not have the smartest people and political puppets in the government, and the people are going to ask questions about the facts and true facts of past events.

It is well known that politics is built on TRUST, those who still rely on the honest intentions of CORRUPT politics seem to me to be slightly to severely mentally handicapped LEFT.

The False Religions, Transgender politics imposed by gays and lesbians cause the further impoverishment of norms and values and the own identity of one’s own population with the family as the cornerstone of society.

The unstoppable decline of the current Monetary Debt System requires a replacement solution that takes away the power of the 1% establishment by replacing the GOLD system with a value-added GOLD-covered prosperity system without inflation expropriation.

What many do not yet know is that the current banking system is completely superfluous, and therefore the political puppets cannot think up or impose false laws against us, because they themselves will be 100% excluded from the new GOLD-covered money system.

With the disappearance of the Central Banks such as the FED and the ECB, there is no longer any reason for the unelected EU fascists to exist either.

We are at war to the death with our own elected representatives, who appear to be traitors for their own personal gain.

How soon do we want this change?

We control it ourselves, talk to everyone about it, take a stand and no longer accept to be an indifferent toy to the Bilderberg Mafia and their NWO agenda.

The new GOLD-covered money system is there for the whole world population, where religion will have no influence on a fair distribution.

The preparation for a GOLD value fixed new Money System:


However, in order to preserve world peace, we need time to get used to recognising each other’s standards and values, which seems to be quite a challenge with the mass immigration that has been imposed on us.

What the people of European origin will have to demand is that migrants have to go back to their country of origin in order to contribute to the construction of their country and thus the New World.

There in OWN country they will receive a Basic Income of Prosperity that will be distributed fairly around the world by the new MONEY system.

This is not discrimination on the basis of Race and/or Religion, but a necessity to give everyone a fair chance of their own happiness, and not to thwart other people’s right to happiness.

How can we help speed this up? When mass arrests of less than 1% start to take place, remember that this is based on the crimes they have committed against humanity.

Support the arrest teams with advice and assistance in order to get rid of the political and financial cancer in a hurry.

A supply of food for at least 14 days is not a bad investment when it comes to preventing chaos.

HAPPINESS is to live in freedom without the coercion of the false abusers of power.

The key to your own happiness is in everyone’s hands, it’s a matter of doing and rejecting that you don’t support.

If you think logically about what has happened in the past, it turns out that we were a large laboratory of the NWO, and only saw and treated rats as experiments.

The fact is that all political rats have only one agenda, and that is not in our interest.

Politicians are in fact executive BANK personnel who want to maintain the current system for as long as possible, and hope for a 3rd world war to explain the collapse of their deception system to us as their story.

What can we accuse the Politicians of?

Genocide (Chemtrails, MH17 / MH370, Conspiracy against own people), Theft of our effort to live, and embezzlement of our accrued pension funds that have been entrusted to the Corrupt EU, deliberate environmental crimes, with damage to public health, forced vaccination on the basis of lies, the Climate and Nitrogen fantasy story to expropriate us and accept the NWO as a form of blackmail in order to serve their agenda.

Happy days will come again, we have our own free will:



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