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To dream life means to remember – to remember the life plan, the path you have taken for this life. You know your missions and you are aware of the meaning of your life. What was defined as potential before your birth is part of your conscious perception.

Only a person who has woken up can “dream” his life on this being.

To live the dreams means to realize one’s assignments, to act on one’s own responsibility and responsibility, to be in action and service – in the service of oneself and creation. He who lives his dreams is an awakened man in action.


This message is about life and how you can remember it – and it is about action when your memory has already returned.

For many do not remember and remember even more and yet are paralyzed by the multilayered low vibrational influences of this level of experience.
Decline of the Dark Ones

Beloved people, what is happening on this earth today is the downfall of the dark Ones and the end of the system they have created! You know it and they know it.

You work with the already conscious power and strength full of light and the forces of darkness produce the opposite energy.

This is the life, the “Life”, in which the encounter and confrontation of energies and beings, which embody a specific energy, take place.

The closer this decline comes, the larger the rashes become. For those who represent it also know that the era of darkness is over, and the more they oppose it.

Many of these beings long for light, redemption and liberation. But the lure of power, the greed for dominion and domination is too great to resist. Day X will also bring redemption for those beings and people.

But where do you stand in this cosmic game that is now taking place on earth?

Are you someone who’s already woken up and knows his missions? Are you already fulfilling them?

This knowledge is now of the utmost importance, because only on the basis of your clear and truthful determination of your position can you make “nails with heads,” as they say.
Your influence on the whole

Many people see very well what is going wrong in this world. But they don’t see what they can do themselves to correct that or have a positive impact on the whole. I tell you with all my love:

Wake up! For you influence the whole by dissolving the clouds that obstruct your view of the sky.

These clouds represent your inner blockades, your ideas and beliefs – and these have to be dissolved. This is the great influence that every human being – you and only you – can exert on the whole. Every cloud that dissolves opens the view to the sky also for the fellow human beings.

Through the cosmic oscillation field of all life everything is connected with each other – in different levels, on different levels, but everything is connected.

Thus the smallest affects the greatest and a single decision affects all human beings.

The inner work of clarification, whether you are already living your assignments or still standing ahead of them, is the be-all and end-all in the transformation process of humanity today.

Bring light into your affairs, be courageous in contemplating your own mistakes – and you will be able to respond wisely to the mistakes of others.

The shadow or darkness of your neighbor or in the world only frightens you as long as your own shadow and darkness are unconscious.

This world is about to change fundamentally – and more and more people are realizing the need to begin this change within themselves. There is an awe-inspiring dynamic here.
What is still lacking

What is still lacking is that too many people do not dare to live their orders openly! Too many people still put their light under the bushel.

Old, unconscious and not yet overcome fears from many lives have a negative effect – many people are paralyzed.

Are you someone who would like to but cannot? Then I invite you now to show me your willingness and I will find a way with you in the next few days to solve this blockade.


It is now a matter of action and fear liberated, energetic light people. For those who are still asleep need the wake-up call just as much as those who do not come into action and avoid actions, because they fear imaginary consequences.

Every cloud that dissolves releases another piece from all heaven. This “whole” is what every small or seemingly insignificant healing work on your heart is about.

Live your dreams by getting involved in life, by welcoming every change. There is no reason to prevent anything, and no age to make anything impossible. You are free, infinite and immortal consciousness, you are free, infinite and immortal spirit. On this basis and out of this power you constantly create reality and reality.

Whether you are 10 or 200 years old, what does it matter? It has no meaning. Whether you are old or young, you decide – through your mobile or immobile mind.

Therefore, beloved person, everything is always possible. That is why there are 20-year-old people who are spiritually aging, and 100-year-old people whose spirit time has left no trace on.
There are no excuses

Beloved man, there is not a single excuse for an inactive or unfulfilled life that has weight on the scales of the Creator.

Therefore strengthen your aspirations to live your life with love and inner peace. It is your dreams that call and remind you, it is your life that wants to be dreamed.

This humanity awakens with you or without you! Now more and more people give up their anxieties and rise into the light. They want to be a light for themselves and a light for their fellow human beings.

Awaken yourself and never let yourself be deceived, because the only truth is: You are an unlimited spirit being!

Live and act according to it – in WARNING and DREAMING.

I love you in infinity.

I am your brother from the light of God and His glory.


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» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl