The Latest False News on the Trump Impeachment

free world news eraoflightdotcomAs the media are all out to get Trump, there is no way to get any valid information about the so-called impeachment. But you don’t have to pay too much attention to notice that the Democrats and the presstitutes are constantly changing the focus. The alleged whistleblower, who only had hearsay information, if that, has dropped out of the picture, being too compromised by his affliations and prior meetings with Adam Schiff during which the “whistleblowing” was planned as an attack on Trump.

The Democrats and presstitutes then shifted focus to state department types who also heard second hand from “staff” about the alleged conversation containing a quid pro quo, a claim unsupported by the transcript of the telephone call or by the President of Ukraine. So now a new alleged phone call has emerged, or been invented. The acting ambassador to Ukraine, William Taylor, a sleazy State Department type, today (Nov. 13) testified that a member of his staff heard Trump in another telephone call asking Sondland about the Ukraine investigation of the Bidens. This second-hand information is described by the presstitute media as a “bombshell.” God help us. It is nothing of the sort. But the presstitutes will repeat it until it is.

A person has to wonder how many members of staffs are permitted to listen to telephone conversations between heads of state. In my day it was zero.

What I want to know, and what we all should want to know, is why are the Democrats serving up hearsay information? Why aren’t the staffers themselves who allegedly heard the conversations on the stand testifying? The testimony should come under oath from those who allegedly heard the conversations. Are the House Democrats going to impeach the President of the United States on second-hand hearsay information?

As for the investigation of the Bidens and their payoffs for blocking Ukraine’s investigation of the corruption in Burisma, the Ukrainian company that hired the protection of Biden, Trump doesn’t need to ask for it in exchange for $1 billion. Ukrainian officials have released the records. The presstitutes have not reported the release. Don’t expect the whores to report any true facts. They are incapable of it.

Burisma holdings paid Hunter Biden $3,166,000 for protection according to the records released by Ukraine. More importantly, the information released by Ukraine, according to the report, revealed that Burisma pressured the corrupt Obama State Department to intervene to end the Ukrainian investigation of Burisma for corruption. This is precisely what the Obama regime did. Joe Biden forced the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor by giving the President of Ukraine six hours to fire the prosecutor, thus ending the investigation, or forfeiting $1 billion.

We all need to ask ourselves why it is Trump who is under investigation and not Biden and Obama. We already know the reason. The American media is corrupt beyond the meaning of the word. The Democrats are the most corrupt political party on the face of the earth. And the military/security complex intends to deep-six Donald Trump for threatening their budget and power by normalizing relations with Russia.

If Trump goes down, America goes with him.

Most of the world will say, “Good Riddance.”

As for the Republicans, they will not choose Trump over the campaign contributions and protection of the military/security complex. Where is Trump’s attorney general Barr? Where are the Justice Department reports of the investigations of the felonies committed by the FBI and Obama’s Justice (sic) Department in the Russiagate hoax? Hasn’t Trump noticed that his own Justice (sic) Department has hung him out to dry? Indictments for the Russiagate felonies would blow the Democrats’ impeachment of Trump out of the water. Where are the indictments? The felonies have been known without doubt for a long time. A number of former US Attorneys and Assistant US Attorneys have described the felonies committed by the Russiagate hoax in detail.

Trump’s Justice (sic) Department is going to sell him out, and democracy in America will be the casualty.

Neither political party wants the profitable swamp drained.


» Source » By Paul Craig Roberts


12 Replies to “The Latest False News on the Trump Impeachment”

  1. Deb

    The IG report came out and there 17 infraction committed by the dem officials.

    Just wait until Barr releases the AG report.
    Timing is everything.

  2. Joe Puentes

    Paul – you are a moron and a conspiracy nut – Where are the FBI and intel patriots that would have come forward and tell the world of a so-called coup attempt – if it was happening – Not one! Only a bunch of corrupt congressmen and Barr. There is no way the senior levels of the FBI and Intel agencies could have hidden their actions without a bunch of professionals knowing about it – You are just like the idiots who claim the Bush administration was behind the 9/11 attacks.

  3. Tom

    I believe you need to stop drinking the koolaid

    Trumps are all out for the Trumps just look at their history

    1. Cheri

      Sorry but I totally disagree with you. What have the Trump’s gained? He accepts no salary. They stopped doing international business. His reputation is trashed daily by the fake news. The whole family is under massive protection from assassination attempts. And all used to love him before he became President. I did not vote for him in the last election because I thought he was just a reality TV star. I knew intuitively Hillary Clinton had a black heart so I voted for the peace and freedom party. But to my great surprise he has actually accomplished so much for we the people that even if I didn’t know the spiritual component of this pivotal time in history I can clearly see the results for we the people in just 3 short years. This man has done more than any President in my entire lifetime.

      Either way it is entirely up to you which timeline or reality bubble you choose to live in. You are entitled to your opinion and I meant no disrespect directly to your person. Because the censorship is so heavy it is just important that I speak what I know to be true not only within but through my personal research through the truth movement online. I am connected to my inner team and have done massive work on clearing the Illuminati timelines. Trump is not Illuminati nor is he controlled by anyone. That alone plus his accomplishments and my own spiritual team’s support of him is more than enough for me.

      No need for us to argue as love has already won. The truth will emerge soon enough. It does hurt me to see this good man so persecuted and maligned by the godless ones.

      But all is incredibly well and I wish you nothing but love from my heart to yours 😘

  4. John L

    You can tune into angles or Angel’s, jive or Jesus! The jive angle disharmonious contrivance is dissolving right before our eyes! The True HIGHER Wonder Light and Unconditional Love Creation Conscious is already here!

    1. Cheri

      Right on John! That unconditional love consciousness is living through us! UL is a pure harmonic and balanced creational energetic construct for us to live and create through. It no longer supports the jive and the angles hahahaha! Just the angels! Always great to connect with your fun and playful energy! Love you! 😘

  5. Cheri

    Presstitutes hahahaha! So accurate to describe the fake news media! Goodness Tom if you can’t see the circus going on in Washington you must be bought into the narrative not the truth. Tune into a Trump rally, he is the only one fighting for we the people! This is a spiritual war for sovereignity of the people not the government or career bureaucrats and politicians who sold us out long ago!

    I pray Bill Barr comes through and won’t defer to the rich and powerful and politically connected. Huge propaganda push right now as they are all in as Trump is the only thing standing between us and these mind controlled power and war mongers and all the greedy and corrupted. I also know full consciousness is coming which is the only thing that will keep this from happening again! Real people will come out of the mind control and into their integrity forcing the systems to bend to the will of the people again!

    Wake up to the clown show and stop drinking the koolaid of false propaganda. Trump and his family are under constant attack and he has sacrificed everything for this moment in time. I honor him greatly. Unfortunately love and light does not win against pure evil and fragmented puppets with zero consciousness and walled off broken personalities through MK Ultra. The tactic is projection. Accuse others of what you are doing. I appreciate this site for posting truth!

    I agree though that this post is filled with fear but that is part of the awakening. Otherwise it is truthful!

  6. Tom

    What a story!!!!!! You really are a one sided story teller.
    Why would you not tell the truth about how Trump stops people in the White House from telling their story.
    When you write a story please get all the facts right.
    The Trumps made 84 million in the family business last year. So Don is looking out for his family first. His friends 2nd and the country 3rd
    I am tired of your type who writes this type of one sided story and claim you are of the light. You are from fear and that is plain to see.
    Light and love

    1. Brenda Kuder

      You are absolute correct. The reason the testimony is second hand is because all the people involved refuse to testify. If Trump is innocent, why don’t they are come forward to defend him? The truth is Trump is guilty and republicans should defend our constitution instead of a corrupt President.