RaNia, Pleiadian Angel: Words From Your Kindred Star Family

gaia portal eraoflightdotcomGreetings beloved Family of Light, I am RaNia Kumara VaCoupe of the Angelic Realms from the great Pleiades Star System. My home Isle of Medina is well known throughout Creation where the original Temple unto the Mother God, the Shemont, was built by Lord Metatron. Through countless eons as you measure time, Our Mother’s Temple has stood welcoming spiritual pilgrims who wish to honor Her and bathe within Her Love in the most sacred of portals before the High Altar within the Shemont. Each day the priestesses lead us in honoring our Mother God as they weave intricate beautiful dances while they sing songs of devotion that fill the main chapel and together uplift all hearts as One before Her altar. The priestesses unto the Shekinah are all redheads as is Holy Lady Nina, who is the highest expression of Our Mother God within this Quadrant of Creation. When a young girl is born with red hair this speaks of our Mother’s Love that has blessed this one to serve within the Shemont as Her priestess. This is one of the highest honors within our star system.

My large family, as most families within our city, live within large family compounds with walls that surround beautiful desert gardens.  Life flourishes across our desert lands and each family has their own oasis to share within.  Most family meals are enjoyed within our gardens alongside bubbling water displays or fountains that bring much delight.  We do not waste our resources especially water. All is recycled and used to bring forth new life.

Our desert air can during our summers reach temperatures as high as 140 degrees in the hot sun and is usually 20 degrees cooler in the shade.  Our expansive homes are built mostly beneath the ground in numerous levels with efficient cooling systems that allow us to live in needed comfort. Natural sunlight is available in all spaces and we utilize a crystalline energy storage system that provides all our needs through our days and nights. As a large family in which generations that include the elders as well as new-born babes it is our preference to gather together for meals. Each child from an early age learns to play multiple musical instruments and all generations join together playing instruments as we dance and sing in celebration of life regularly. This is our way, as family is one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon us.

Our elders do not age in similar manner that is experienced on your world. A Pleiadian man who upon your world would be 1000 plus years of age would appear no older than thirty (30) to thirty-five (35) years of age to us. The women are equally beautiful and graceful. We have no pollution, nor thoughts less than love that create lower vibrational expressions of life. The highest expressions of love are displayed vibrantly by our beautiful flowers such as roses that unlike on Earth have no need for thorns. We are a people of peace and from within our hearts we honor all life in reverence and love. All mothers are greatly honored within the Pleiades as they are the sacred bringers of life and the nexus within our families. Our people on the Isle of Medina and throughout all of the Pleiades are expressions of divine beauty and youth, wisdom and devotion to our Mother God. Large tours of visitors traverse great distances across the stars to join us at the Shemont during our Spring and Harvest celebrations of gratitude and love for the blessings received within our star system. Together we celebrate our Oneness with Source.

My Father Archangel Zadkiel and His Divine Complement Holy Lady Amethyst are known well to many upon your planet. I often visit within Their Violet Fire Retreat above Cuba in the etheric realms which ascended above the surface of Mother Earth before the Fall of Atlantis, as did numerous sacred Retreats that remain fully functional around your world. Many ones on Earth also are welcomed within the Holy Retreats. My heart knows well the hearts of many who find themselves reading my words. I have been prompted to allow you to have a more intimate look that you may remember us as a people.  For many of you, who are also starseeds, you know us well and perhaps these are stories of your home. For others, who are awakening to the truth of their star heritage, the time has come to share between us that which may help to stir remembrances within.

I serve within the Pleaidian Fleet upon one of our three largest Motherships, The White Winds, as do many of my brothers and sisters from our numerous isles along with many from other lighted star systems. The Head Commander of The White Winds is my Father’s brother, Archangel Adrigon, the Lord of the Pleiades. The White Winds is stationed between Earth and Venus and shines in your night skies. She as other great ships of Light within the Pleiadian Fleet are our homes away from home, that we may be of service unto you and Mother Earth. In width each of our three motherships would spread from the East Coast to the West Coast of the continent of the United States. Many starseeds return to us in their lightbodies as their physical bodies rest. Some step within the being from which they came within our command to fulfill their duties within numerous areas of our ships. Classes are held regularly teaching of many advanced subjects. Many starseeds return to attend our classes. Our full classes are not ones in which the participants simply sit and listen. All classes are interactive and serve multiple purposes. If you find yourself drawn to a particular Angelic Being, Great Cosmic Being, or a powerful Eloha perhaps you are one of their students and serve regularly within Their Legions. Have you considered this possibility dear ones? You, as I, are multidimensional beings. Those of you who volunteered as ground crew did so as a selfless mission of love, sacrificing cherished time at home with family and loved ones. When you visit us aboard our ships, you have a choice to remain as your light body returning from your physical body, or you may step back within the heart of the one you were sent forth from to again walk as One while aboard The White Winds.  Complicated? Perhaps a little, yet this is a part of the truth of Creation, as we each are multidimensional beings who example the Loving Path of Oneness.


Well over 90% of Humanity on Earth wish for peace, are kindhearted, generous, selfless benevolent souls who have sent forth their prayers for divine intervention and guidance. Many have volunteered to assist in sending needed blessings of comfort, peace, healing and strength unto Humanity across all boundaries as well as to your Mother Earth. So dear ones, indeed your heartfelt pleas are being answered in this manner, as you gather among us nightly to nurture your own being and in service to Mother Earth and All Life upon and within her. How can this not be so, dear starseeds? Often many of you awaken with sensations of flying freely as your body sleeps, yet do not carry full memory back with you as you awaken each morning around the same hour. You are the most gifted from your birth within the celestial realms. As ground crew you are well-trained and capable of creating miracles. Let it be so!

We hear your thoughts as you walk within your physical body asking to be of service. Our communications are usually telepathic with hand signing, unless vocal communication is needed. Some judge themselves to be contributing very little. It is time dear ones to know just how capable and how much each of you have sacrificed to be here, as well as how much you actually do contribute.  Cast aside false judgments and untruths of your radiant loving hearts and awaken to who you are. It is now the time to step free of the old 3D programs given on Earth that you may continually expand your lighted presence within your earthly vehicle to flow as intended. As lighted ones anchoring the increasing influxes of intensified Light within your heart flames, each of our ground crew members function as transformers allowing the increasing waves of Light to be anchored within the fabric of life. So beloved ones, know that you are busy fulfilling a much needed service within the Divine Plan that is raising the frequency on Mother Earth uplifting all Humanity. The magnitude of your selfless service is unparalleled. As you open to the beauty and power within you, the old false programs of the fading paradigm will no longer hold your attention.

After several years of walking with and at times within my dear Sirian friend Trillia, who was nearing the completion of her earth mission, I too have walked-in.  She is of a different human species as a Sirian as I am of the Pleiadian human species. Together considering additional intricacies, as she is full Cosmic and myself full Angelic, much care was needed for me to serve as her walk-in. She received a concession from On High as her mission was to wrap up nearly a decade earlier. She had a Sirian walk-in prepared to step within her physical body which would have been smoother to achieve.  She went before your Karmic Board and asked to be granted more time to be of service.  Her request was granted. Trillia, who is my childhood friend from Sirius A, ascended home on 12-21-2014 as I extended my essence into her earthly body, thus expanding my multidimensionality to Earth that I may walk and serve among you. Oh my, as I reread my words indeed they paint an intricate process that may seem a bit complicated. Normally the process is much easier, as soul transference usually flows easily as those participating are matched up with one of the same species, or star system, as well as kingdom, either Angelic, Elemental or Cosmic. Within the Legions of Light a soul transfer is done with full permission of the graduating soul and often they are very close friends or family.  This is another area I will return to touch on later as it is known well among higher dimensions yet forgotten knowledge at this time on Earth.

This is a most wondrous time upon Mother Earth, as greater numbers of Legions are here to assist you in transmuting human miscreations from the old 3D Earth than ever before in the history of this beautiful isle.  Your Ascension Process continues to move forward as the I Am Presence within the hearts of Humanity brings this into fruition. You dear starseeds are us, and we are you. Know this. Feel this. Expand your awareness to know more truth of Creation. None of us stand alone. Each of us are multidimensional.

I wish to touch more upon this topic of the Oneness within all of us.  When I say ‘us’, I refer to those who are among the Legions within the Galactic Federation of Light, the Great Ones known and respected as Masters with their Legions who have come as guides and teachers, your star families, friends and those of our ground crew and extended family of humanity.  Recently my earth being had a comment of judgment said to and of I … that I need to be more human.  I smile within at this comment, as I was kind and polite with the one who made this judgement of I. I demonstrated to this one how they could open and close their chakras easily and fully ground within their physical body to stand more within their power. As I mentioned above, ‘We are you, and you are us.’ We from the stars are not less than human. We come from star systems that have already experienced much of what Earth is now experiencing. Yet the magnitude and beauty of that which you are now within is the Resurrection long foretold unfolding in a miraculous celestial manner never witnessed before! We are not here to participate in such debates, as there is no need to create division where there is none, nor water the roots to untruth.

We Are One. We are all human. The notion that we are unfeeling aliens, insectoids or cold-blooded reptilian creatures has no bearing within the Legions of Light, nor within our ground crew and the rest of Humanity. Yes, such beings do exist, and some who walk among you, especially numerous politicians and monarchies on Earth, are not a part of humanity as they appear. We are not here to put forth our attention upon them and their final antics, as we are not here to serve the fading shadows. As part of the Company of Heaven we are in service to our Father Mother God. As the frequencies continue to increase upon Mother Earth, those who do not wish to expand their beings within the Light will no longer remain on Earth and will move on to a place that matches their energies. Now the wonderful term of HUmans has been bantered about in reference to the need for Humanity to awaken to the Christ Light, the Light of Kristos, within them. We fully support your continual remembrance, as you expand the Truth of your radiant Beings as Christed Ones within the Divine Plan. We are here within this sacred loving intention and to fulfill Divine Contract made before our Creator.

As I mentioned above, Humanity exists in various beautiful forms. This is accepted knowledge within the higher spirals of Creation.  We come in all forms, shapes and sizes, as do you.  If one chooses to incarnate within a specific star system we refer to this as being from a specific ‘species’… for us the term species is an expression of the beautiful myriad of humanity within/throughout Creation. Within each species, for those who incarnate within each star system, they are given a choice to come forth within three (3) different Kingdoms.  The two (2) main kingdoms are Angelic and Elohim. Together they birthed the great Cosmic Kingdom. Each has its specific qualities and workings. Yet indeed all of the three (3) kingdoms of the untold numbers of species are human. As we are all Christed, born of the Light of Kristos, and you are us and we are you.  As you increasingly remember more truth of your radiant being, of us, and the Oneness of All Life, let us flow as One within this most deLIGHTful adventure that all shadows of illusion shall become a distant memory. May the Joy begin!

I greet you this day in Loving Oneness as I AM your sister,  RaNia, Pleiadian Angel.


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