Are You Ready to Choose the New World?

multiverse eraoflightdotcomThe Cosmic Frequencies being felt by ALL (whether they know it or not) is on overdrive as we enter this new age of higher consciousness on Mama Gaia. We are witnessing fast pulsating energies like never before and it is accelerating our shift in an immense way.

I wrote in my November’s Forecast about the initiation/upgrade that I received by an Ancient Tree known in her Earthly body as Selina Mu; I’ll link the article below! Since then I’ve been transmuting and recalibrating these new cosmic codes within my being; it’s been intense but also a massive heart opening for me as the final piece to my puzzle becomes clear. The Ancients are here. And, if you are reading this, you, dear Starseed are probably Ancient. An Ancient Soul has been here since the beginning watching and resetting Mama Gaia with the necessary codes/frequencies for her awakening. This lifetime is a bit different because before we incarnated into THIS lifetime we were given ALL the codes that in increments would open us up to very high energies to ground unto Earth.

We are getting a massive amount of energies from the Galactic Core AND many different Planets that are assisting us such as the Sirians, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedians, Lyrans to name a few. We are also getting energies from the “God-Head” which is above the Galactic Core; I interpret it as the realms of Angels; The Elohim. How I see it is that these energies are streaming down unto Earth and Earth then takes it into her Crystalline core and pushes her “rewired” energies back into us; as above so below. When Mama Gaia pushes her frequencies back into us she is activating dormant parts of us that are SPECIFICALLY coded to activate on certain days and times that SUPPORTS our awakening/remembering. So portal openings such as 11.11, Solstices, planetary alignments are specifically working with us to bring into our awareness our Ancient wisdom, power, and timelines that are ready to sync with us.

We are cosmic. We come from the Stars so the energies streaming in from above are not new; we ARE star particles. But the intensity comes through when Mama Gaia “lays her hands on us” to link within her OUR Star particles/Codes is a vibration that is new. We have never been able to take in her frequencies and LINK them with our ancient codes in this way before. So, all that to say our bodies are combusting with frequencies we have never felt before because Earth’s Energies are not our “Home Frequencies”; after this lifetime this will change. To say we are morphing and changing is an understatement.

The other day I took my dog to the groomers. For the past two years every time I take him to the groomers and after he gets shaved off he comes home and loses his shit. He runs back and forth, always staring at the door or around our home. At night he runs back and forth until I literally have to take him and nestle him in my chest and spread my Heart Magnetic Field around him and calm him down. On one of my walks, Grandfather tree saw how exhausted and frustrated I was because I’d been up all night with my dog (I could also sense his anxiety which made me at times anxious as well). He explained it like this:

“Dear One, you have taken off his shield, what do you expect? He is hyper-aware and vigilant of everything around him.”

This stopped me in my tracks because one, I felt so bad for being frustrated but then I had an “AHA” moment. The Shield that once protected us in many ways is now gone. The reason we are FEELING so much is that we are no longer living with that shield around us that kept us protected from “harsh” energies or high-frequency energies. We are now able to anchor and move in this dimension without any protective layer because we have the POWER and codes to withstand ANY and ALL energies being streamed at us. Let me take it one step further; these energies are not new, they’ve always been here but we were unable to digest them in the way we are able to now. This is why lower vibrational beings never hid what they were doing because they knew we were not CONSCIOUSLY aware because our dormant wisdom had been suppressed. THAT IS NOW OVER. The shit storm (Energetically) is because there is no more hiding and we are FULLY POWERED UP. Let the battle begin. Energy doesn’t die, it shifts and morphs. We have been in battle mode since the end of October as the last few dormant codes are awakening within us. Of course, they are fighting for this energy not to be shifted; but it is already done and the light has won.

I mentioned this a few months ago when I said look deeper into your self worth and confidence and where you are still “resisting” yourself. Now I fully know why; Since the 11.11 gateway, most are noticing attacks. This is two-fold: This is because lower vibrational energies and entities are not stupid, actually, they’re quite brilliant. They are attacking your inability to SEE yourself for the magnitude of Light that you truly are. Without seeing your “Hugeness”; you don’t see your power. The other is that now that your dormant DNA is switching on you are able to carry, see and function in higher frequencies, so your once limited 5 senses is now opening you up to THOUSANDS of your body’s dormant senses. You are FEELING EVERYTHING. Don’t fall for the trap. You are here because YOU are the best of the best and they know it. Do what your heart desires because you will be supported as you bring your magnificence and magic upon Earth. She needs you to remember why you came here and there is a fight for you not to see yourself; this is the jump into the new paradigm of 2020.

We are feeling every symptom known to man. Too much to list here. Have the courage to really see yourself for who and what you came down here to be and do. Start testing your new powers, create, manifest, play with energies; have fun and know that you are so guided and protected and you’ve done the hardest work. It’s now time to remember how to play and have fun with it! I’ll be doing a video this week to go even deeper so if this was a bit confusing watch out for the video!

So much love and respect, fellow Starseed. Way to go; you’ve JUMPED! See you on the other side.


» Source » By Natoya Hall