Angel Messages: Presence Dissolves Lies

angel messages eraoflightdotcomThink of presence.

What is present in this moment? What is alive? No matter where you are, who you are with, or no matter what is happening, Love is present and alive. All else is illusion. The challenge is to walk through your day remembering this. The opportunity is to see that in each situation you experience during your day, it is the perfect opportunity to come fully into this awareness. See your life as scripted in this way. Each seemingly successive situation is perfectly scripted to help you come into this awareness.

If anything seems to be dominating this presence, it is because you are allowing it. It is because you prefer it. How can you prefer what seems to make you suffer? You get a keen, sharp, and separate sense of identity from suffering. You have been accustomed to the somethingness of this. You see somethingness as security. To rely on what seems like nothingness to the ego seems like madness. What the ego presents as something defined and separate, however, is an illusion.

This may seem like tough talk, but it is vital to remain aware of your power and to know that power is shared equally with all beings, who are equally innocent. Let us look at”prefer.” You prefer illusion because that is what you seem to know best. You are accustomed to aligning yourself with a false identity and the false sense of security that upholds it.

Feeling is your guide. You can feel when you are upholding a thought that supports illusion. As you rely more and more upon this guide, you become more sensitive. An identity strongly rooted in egoic thought requires that you ignore how you feel much of the time, giving precedence to the concepts ego presents and the value you attach to them. When you start to pay attention to how you feel, you know instantly when you are believing a lie.

Presence dissolves all lies. Presence is immediately available, because it just Is. Nothing can touch it. You can obscure it in clouds of illusion, but you can never diminish its power to dissolve lies.

You remain in charge of the thoughts you believe. The thoughts you believe dictate your experience. Whenever your experience doesn’t feel good, you have believed thoughts that are not true. It is always as simple as that.

When you awaken to and relax into your power, it is much easier for those around you to do the same. Not believing untrue thoughts about yourself, your past or your future, you are unable to believe untrue thoughts about the one who seems to be other, that one’s past, that one’s future. In this loving thought-weather, those others are better able to hear the loving thoughts that are always available to them.

Profound reassurance is available from the recognition of who you Are. That reassurance is shareable in your happiness, relaxation and appreciation. The answer is always very simple. Allow yourself to be happy, and those around you have an easier time of it.

We are happy for you because we know your healing is assured. We love assisting you back to full awareness of Home.


» Source » Channel: Jules Miel