The 9D Arcturian Council: An Energetic & Vibrational Upgrade

arcturian symbol eraoflightdotcom“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been feeling into the human collective consciousness for individuals who are ready to go to the next level of expansion and evolution for the rest of humankind. We have been looking for those who are ready, willing, and able to hold higher frequencies within their physical bodies because we know that it is important, and even necessary, to be ready for higher frequencies before they can be accessed and held within the physical vehicle. Taking care of yourselves emotionally and spiritually, as well as physically, are the requirements for getting yourselves access to those higher frequency energies that we and others like us are making available to those who are ready.

It ultimately will be a decision for each individual as to whether he or she accepts the energetic upgrade, the boost in your vibration, and you will be able to say enough is enough at any point during the process. As much as this is a group experience, your shift in consciousness also needs human beings who are willing to lead the way. The animals are doing it. The plants are doing it. The Earth is doing it, but what we have determined is that we need the help of more high frequency human beings if we are going to have the impact that we want to have on the entirety of the human collective consciousness.

We are looking for beings like yourselves, who have been attuning yourselves to the higher frequency energies and who have been taking care of yourselves physically so that you will be ready to go to the next level and to lead humanity into the fifth dimensional framework, the frequency range. You lead by example. You lead by how you conduct yourselves, but you also lead by how much high frequency energy you can hold in your body, in your chakra system, and in your energy field.

We know that many of you who are receiving this transmission right now are holding your hands up and volunteering, and all we can say to you is that as you prepare yourselves to receive the higher frequency energies, we will take notice. And those of you who are ready to step up and receive the energetic, vibrational upgrade will. And you will do so not only for yourselves but for all of humankind.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


» Source » Channel: Daniel Scranton



9 Replies to “The 9D Arcturian Council: An Energetic & Vibrational Upgrade”

  1. John L

    If I only came to Earth for the Music I would be More than Grateful! Because there is So much more! All is of Love and Light Now, graciously poised for the crescendo chord of awakening in this new body-mind light ship. Everything in this phenomenon has been Transmutationally Transwonderformed into a different kind of new, freshly alive, Sensational Beauty creation consciousness. You could call it the Versatility Specific, with finesse and dexterity, Playfully Wise, Overview Focus of the Loving Fullness of my Light Being! This is in vertical alignment with true neutral higher Light and Unconditional Love creation consciousness. Thank You

    1. Cheri

      Gosh John you perfectly described the new energy structure! It is indeed vertical alignment within. I agree with you as music has been a constant joy throughout my life. Wait til we start hearing our soul song omgoodness! 😘

        1. Cheri

          Right Cindy! Like the rainbow bridge or ladder representing full alignment between us and the entire universal harmonic structure. That proverbial rod and staff or tree of life firmly grounded and reaching upward and outward in all directions. We are almost in perfect balance once again for maximum harmonic energy flow!

          Can you imagine every cell singing in oneness with the creative structure! We are pure source consciousness living through DNA realities that soon we will be in control of once again. The quantum blueprints are a sea of pure potential directed by consciousness. This is the quantum immersion or omnipresence coming! A feeling extravaganza hahahaha! Love you Cindy! A glorious time to be alive in a fully harmonic universe! The chorus of angels is our soul songs all singing individual creations in harmonic resonance throughout all frequencies of light. Woohoo! 😘

          1. Michael

            Still waiting for the hot dog….. You can even skip the bun!
            Its like that little bunny that keeps going and going. Funny how some things get stuck in your mind. I haven’t had a TV for 20 years now. Been having nonsense dreams with people in them that have already passed over. No real meaning or message given. What is up with that?
            Peace to All

          2. Cheri

            Hey Michael! Hahahaha! You are supposed to be in relish mode but how can you hold it without the bun lol! So wierd you would mention that damn bunny lol! I had that same image stuck in my mind too for ages and revisiting that metephor again with this lightbody activation! The clearing program of multidimensional voices driving this lightbody clearing and the damn thing hasn’t shut off in 8 years hahahahaha! I am literally the energy clearing bunny except covered in avian feathers omg! I too ditched my TV 10 years ago best thing I ever did!

            Glad to hear from you! How is your brother doing? Is he having side affects from the chemo? It made me toss my relish once and then they upped the nausea drugs in the chemo cocktail. I am praying for his full recovery Michael!

            I think those dreams you have are your steady integration of your soul family parallel timelines. We are merging and consolidating all timelines as we are their evolutionary vehicle. It’s like clearing and collapsing the consciousness still living within the quantum blueprints so we can all create anew within our soul monadic structure of light. Some are still stuck wondering around in the dead end matrix timelines. We are meeting in dreamtime and merging with them to collapse that matrix reality. All of us doing this collapses the entire matrix as we withdraw all consciousness supporting it. The AI programming was in the angelic blueprints.

            It’s a process but it is no fun with this insidious mind control. I have to get through with this work ascending the Illuminati timelines which were tied in with the wheat. We (my team with creator) are rebuilding their fallen monad of Isaiah and we are pulling their consciousness out of these timelines so we can dismantle the matrix. We are really close now! We can’t embody omnipresence until these fallen timelines are cleared and collapsed. Believe me I do nothing else but work on this day and night.

            Love you! Keep up the good work! Next year feels right for me to be finished. But honestly I have been thinking this thing would shut off and be finished every day for 8 years! 😘

          3. Michael

            Cheri, I can hold the dog with my fingers. I’m very talented with my hands. Love comes out of my finger tips.
            My brother is in good spirits. First TX was Monday and he took yesterday out of work and wasn’t sick, just a little tired. He was going after work today to get pump removed. Thank You for your prayers, I am grateful. He is doing other things to help himself. My brother is very smart and likes to research info. He works as an engineer.
            Thank you for fixing the wheat, I can now eat bread again. Stopped eating it a while ago, just started making it again, my brother sent me some sourdough starter and I’m slowly reintroducing it to my diet. I have a sensitive stomach. I’m fussy when it comes to putting stuff in my body. Can’t wait to make pizza again. I built a stone pizza oven when I finished building my house. Haven’t used it in a long time. Time to clean it out and probably do a few repairs and fire it up. Fresh tomato\basil , yum yum.
            You keep on keeping on and we will be done with this soon enough. I send you love from my fingers.

          4. Cheri

            Yum! Michael stone fired tomato basil pizza! Definately love vibrations coming from our hands and fingers. We used to make the crystals sing this way. Almost like conducting a symphony. Hands are energetic healers. Also your hand identifies your monadic signature. You can feel the vibration and a monadic geometric emblem can be seen above the fingers. Galactic races greet each other and identify themselves this way. Anyhoo thanks for restoring your faith in the wheat hahahaha! I am working hard on restoring it’s full crystalline expression. Love to you and your bro!

  2. Andy

    I will be available. I will improve my body now and meditate more. Please give me maximum assistance. Thank you.