Germany to Fine Parents €2,500 if They Fail to Vaccinate Children for Measles Starting Next Year

connecting the dots eraoflightdotcomMeasles vaccinations will be made compulsory for German schoolchildren from next year. The Bundestag – Germany’s parliament – yesterday passed a law that means parents who do not vaccinate school-age children face fines of up to €2,500 (that’s about $2763 or £2,140).

The new rules – which come into force in March – will also force parents to prove younger children have been vaccinated before they can attend nurseries or pre-schools. Visits to medical facilities, community centres and holiday camps will also require proof of immunisation.

German health minister Jens Spahn described the law as ‘child protection’ and said: ‘A measles infection is an unnecessary threat in 2019.’

Experts in Britain oppose a similar move – but Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said there is a ‘strong argument’ for compulsory vaccinations.


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