Extreme Galactic Energies

meteor shower eraoflightdotcomWe are playing in some extreme Galactic energies and are highly charged.

This means our core frequency is busy creating future possibilities and opportunities inside the quantum field, deep within us all exists the most spectacular star map that holds the data for all possible dreams to come true, the star map mirrors the map of our stars and it’s read by our most deepest of control centres, and to reach that centre we undertook the journey of many lifetimes.

Masses who heard the call began something this Earth hasn’t yet seen, never Seen, not in this form and we became pioneers, taking a path of light directly into our hearts, to realise the programming, to realise how this all worked, how this all began and we brought a method to the madness we called “normal” or life. That, most definitely wasn’t life, it was a death sentence, death by separation.

We found the subconscious drivers that were installed, a corrupt firewall around the heart, removed the old data to reveal a whole new operating system that we are learning how to use to its full potential during THE most transformative energies, that hold the ability to manifest into the physical at rapid speeds. The more light filled we become the faster it arrives and yet still, everything is happening Divinely Timed in its perfect Divine Order.

During these next couple of weeks we are powered up by the Galactic Codes as Jupiter takes us into moments of dreaming big, and when you catch yourself, when you become aware of the dreaming, I encourage you to power up your grid, expand into the cosmic wisdom that All is possible and that even whilst the vibration held, may not be a match just now, the powered up dream will bring forth the experiences required to reach the frequency needed to materialise the dream manifestation.

We prove our worth, or we discover our worth, that in itself is a journey that shows one spectrum of how this all works, as we learn to release the old ways and beliefs we discover the old realities were all playing out because we didn’t know our worth, we had no concept of our Value due to the dis-ease of separation.

And then we learn, we show up, we experience what it’s like to hold Self in an entirely new frequency bandwidth and the process of evolving into the dream begins, for those open and committed to the dream that is, this is where many loop and that’s OK, thats how they choose to learn and dissolve the frequencies, some do just that and dissolve them, and some take it to unnecessary extremes and choose to dissolve with the frequency, sinking ships, and again that too must be fully respected on a soul level, there will be a huge distortion and lack of respect in these physical presentations, they are best left with love as that too acts as a last ditch wake up call for the unconscious human to awaken.

So as we move through these energies and embrace this wave of amazement we have a huge portal of love to move through and we get to realise Self as the Creator and to navigate this it is vital that we pay more attention than ever before.
In the SOUL-AR Alignment space I have just delivered a new gem called The Moment to Self which explains the importance of retraining those unconscious aspects to become conscious by bringing Self fully into a flow of constant awareness, those who are learning are prioritising self, making self appointments and checking in every hour, until this becomes the new way and the stabilisation begins, the light gem explains how crucial it is to check in with the muscular system to find out the areas that are resisting this light and the codes, which will highlight and give the patterns to the next incoming reality, where there is resistance the light will break through by offering the experiences to See self through the mirrors attracted, the light and the codes come through and are filtered through the ego, so whilst the realities are pure and Divine the experience perceived is chaotic and disruptive, which of course is the purpose and it’s Sacred movement is rarely realised until the entire process has been worked through and dissolved.

But that’s the thing here, once we realise this patterning and we become open to the process the restriction lessens and the experiences become more smooth, a process of clearing so the path can become clear and our movements precise hence why we are sharing the gems to reconnect with the physical body and to learn how to release the defenses, learn how to understand the operation manual for this incredible phsyical body we get to experience in and to begin operating from a space of understanding it’s language and acting accordingly whilst actioning it’s requests, as well as learning to read and operate within the field we create for our viewing.

It’s magical…

So whilst we pass through these future portals, please stay firmly rooted in the now, see the glimpses of what IS and continue to focus on raising the physical body vibration to match, everything within the reality is now showing the movements, the openings and the mirrors where they are required to teach us, take them, with gratitude and act with grace.

Know with every thought and feeling it is emitting signals of creation, and as for action, well it’s irrelevant if the intention is holding another vibration, that is your truth, that is where we operate from, the frequency, and so if we are dancing in the codes of freedom we will create from those spaces, whereas if we are holding frequencies of escapism, lack and fear then the experience will manifest to set you free….and it’s patient, it’s happy to teach over and over again until the human simply surrenders one way or another, we can see this mirrored with Saturn and Pluto.

This is all a choice, it always was but we couldn’t See, however now we exist in “Times” where we have Seers, and this is when it became a choice.

Dreams really do come true.


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