Life Tapestry Creations: You’re Now Learning to Expect Joy

life tapestry creations eraoflightdotcomDear Ones,

You are likely tired, listless, and all the other words that mean you cannot believe it is time to discount your despair.

Just who do we, of the Universes, think we are? For if we are omnipresent as we indicate weekly, we would know you barely have enough energy to complete your daily tasks. Such is your story today. But as the week blossoms into something you did not expect, you will find energy, even excitement.

Perhaps you will better understand what we are speaking of if you think of a school subject you did not like. A boring class until a test was announced, causing adrenaline and fear to rush to the forefront.

Many of you are now concerned that fear will be part of your new liveliness. And such will likely be true. Not because there is anything to fear, but because something new in 3D earth usually created fear. After eons of avoiding fear-creating activities, fear is the first sensation for most. For you have not yet experienced enough unfettered joy to create joy without fear.

So it is that announcing that you are about to discover new excitement, produces fear of fear.

But you have transitioned beyond your 3D fear-based being into your new 5D joy being.

So now, even those items that encourage you to feel fearful will dissolve despite your best fear attempts. Some of you deny that last statement with thoughts of an ill loved one or a financial crisis you cannot explore without fear. So it is that crisis after crisis will now come and go without the negative outcomes you learned to expect.

We, of the Universes, informing you that ‘all is well’ does little to sway your fear thoughts. For our words have yet to be explored within a joy base. So it is many of you will experience potential fears only to conclude that fear was unwarranted. You are being exposed to that which will help you transition from immediate fear about most changes to immediate excitement about the possibilities.

Transitioning from fear to joy will not be accepted by you and other 5D forerunners overnight. You must experience your new reality time after time before your beliefs change. So it is likely you will place yourself in potentially fearful places the next few days, only to discover that your fears were unwarranted.

Some of you are asking if such means you will become a multi-millionaire overnight. Perhaps. But this shift also pertains to everyday fears that focus on what could happen instead of what does. Maybe you are involved in a fender-bender with no financial repercussions. Or an ill loved-one starts improving healthwise. Or you receive a promotion at work after fearing your hours would be reduced. Not necessarily life-changing activities, but instead little nuggets of possible fears that turn into joy.

Such an explanation is to help you recognize the phase you are in and why. The purpose is to shift your thoughts from fear to joy. Such does not mean your life will be two-hundred percent different, but that you will start using the examples of the next few days to internalize that fear is no longer your go-to emotion.

Some of you will select pain or fear as the best emotion for you now. That is your choice. But if you do, please at least acknowledge to yourself that you are starting to create a different action/feeling mode. Something that will not happen overnight, but will most definitely occur.

You will experience many examples of potential fears that dissipate into a, “Whew, dodged that” sensation until you stop feeling fear first and relief later.

You cannot move into your new life, expecting the worst to happen. So it is you are starting to practice how to accept the joy you are creating. Yes, that is the fun, if you will, of this phase.

For you have taken over your transition in preparation for your new life.

The internal changes you completed the past few days were designed for you could control you. You might imagine you once performed on earth as 1/4 part you and 3/4 part Universal string-pulling. As you advanced in your 5D forerunner status, you claimed more and more of your being. So it is you are now pulling your own strings in preparation for the final elements of 12/12 and 12/21.

A large part of which is you discovering a life of joy versus living a life of fear. Fear remains such a large part of your being that even now, it is what you first sense despite believing you know differently.

Some of you are concerned that nothing in your life is joyful now and will never be again. Allow that concept to be. When you are ready, you will accept and internalize your new joy-based being. Your fear being is so yesterday.

So it is you are placing yourself in arenas to prove that life can be and is joyful. That the fears of yesterday are no more. And that you create your new reality – not us, and not your family, or friends.

You are the one to actualize the joy that is your New Earth and your new being. So be it. Amen.


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