Mother Sekhmet: This is a Time to Be Celebrated

mother sekhmet eraoflightdotcomThank you for your patience everyone~ Relay Relay Relay Mother Sekhmet 11/19/19 You are my Treasures My Dears. You have held the Course and given Light where before there was only Darkness. It might seem Darker yet, but that is not the Truth.

You are the Old War Horses who have gained strength and wisdom in your battles to free humanity from the choking chains of slavery to the Dark Ones. This is a time to be celebrated throughout the Universes! Shortly, you will see and experience the imploding of the long reign of unspeakable evil, the horror of what has been done on this Planet. You will also be able to meet and greet your Galactic Family who will step into the breach when needed.

My Dear Ones, Call on your Galactic Family for your protection and for the protection of your loved ones~

We are here to help JUST CALL ON US~ We are here all of the time to assist in this Transition. It is time for the release of the Earth Mother and for All of Humanity from the stranglehold the Evil Ones have had on the Earth.

Do fortify yourselves now. You will see strange things now and strange behaviors in people you interact with on a daily basis as well as the power players on your planet.

Try not to get caught up in other’s Drama. Give what is needed of yourselves and hold yourselves in highest integrity always’ Clean out your Inner Closets that is the Only way to go forth into the New Earth! You are Needed Now!!!!


» Source » Channel: Spirit Eagle