Goddess of Creation: You Can Heal Your Life

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomHow often do you consider healing your life? When it does come to your mind, what are your thoughts? As a society, we have a tendency to reach for the nearest medication. This absolutely has its place and time. However, there is a great deal that you can heal in your life through understanding the foundation of why something is a problem. When we arrived in the All That Is for this meditation, the Goddess asked us to consider our life and something that was a chronic problem. For some I could see a list of problems they have, others I could see it led to past lives, still others, it was very distinctive.

As everyone began to understand which problem came up for them, the Goddess of Creation of assisted with illuminating their lives. She then asked questions that helped people to understand. From there, people were able to receive greater understanding through questions the Goddess asked. During the healing session, people were able to understand that there is a link between illness and emotions or beliefs. So too with just about any problem a person can have.

There were many angels to help people with clearing out and once cleared or healed of the past issues, everyone was able to find new opportunities in their lives.

Nama sika Venia benya, Nama sika Venia benya

I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to embrace you in this now moment. As I do so I invite you to open up your heart and feel my love, my light, my energy come into you so that you may know that you are loved. So that you can be in the flow that I bring with me from the higher, lighter vibrations.

I am considering the ways in which you looked at the calendar year. You begin with January 1st and end with December 31st. These dates were created quite a while ago and it is now the norm. Prior to a calendar such as this people would follow the months as they passed by according to the Zodiac calendar, and the paying the attention to the Solstice (the Winter and Summer) and the Equinox (the Spring and the Fall).

Those vibrations are entrained within you. As you are here, someone in the middle between the Equinox and the Solstice, you’re at point that you may take stock of your life. Perhaps clear out what no longer serves you so that you may open to feel potentials as they come into you and into your life.

I invite you to take a moment in which you breathe once more. Take a deep breath in sending it all the way down to you into the Earth. As you feel your energy connecting with the Earth have a sense of sending that beam of light outwards so that it spreads out anchoring you into this space. As you feel the energy of Gaia creating that foundation for you in this moment allow that vibration or your focus to come back within you, and then you send it out through the top of your head. There is the stream of light and consciousness that moves out through the top of your head.

As you send that beam of light up from within you, you come into contact with your Higher Self. Take this moment to align with the vibration of your Higher Self which is what influences you in your everyday life. You may or may not perceive it if this area is cluttered with old potentials. So, I invite everyone, ~whew~, clear out your Higher Self.

As you send this ball of light or this wave of energy, through the space of your Higher Self you are letting go of past potentials that you are no longer interested in. You are letting go of the many different things that you might have started and then it stopped, for whatever reason. You’re letting go of disappointments, frustrations, anger, anything that is stored within this space of your Higher Self is cleared out.

Continue to take a moment to pause here. Feel you the Human, your vibration, as it flows up and down and then also open up to the vibration of your Divinity. That column of light, that energy of light continues moving up until that thread that links you the Human with your Divinity returns coming back into the flow and the vibration of you as Soul. Breathe in, breathe out as if you open up the door. Allow your consciousness to merge fully with your Divinity.

I invite you to have a sense of pausing as if you were just taking stock of what this vibration feels like to you. As you do so you will begin to feel the wash of love and light and that sense of being welcomed home, because this is your home. This is where the rest of your Soul energy resides. At least what you connect to from the Human or Earth’s perspective. The majority of your Soul is immense, it’s huge, much bigger than what you can take in at this now moment, although the more you practice with this the more you are able to see with your Divinity. In this now moment simply have that sense of feeling the wash of the love and the light of your Divinity as it moves through your Consciousness.

I the Goddess walk in amongst all that are here. As I reach out to you, I embrace you. I embrace you as your human existence and as your Divinity. As we do so we shift our vibration into the All That Is. As you arrive within the All That Is feel the flow, feel the expansion and allow your essence to grow as big as you so choose. There we go.

As I sat here quietly with each of your vibrations I could feel how each one of you were shifting around as if you got into a comfortable place and you are sitting down, or getting ready to participate in something, or watch something, and you are just adjusting so you are comfortable. As you do that here in the All That Is, I invite you to also open up to feel the unconditional love of this space. As you look around there are Angels, there is God/Goddess. Your Soul is expanded and all are here from the highest, light vibration to assist you in transforming into the space and into an even more in-depth alignment. I look around. I have the perception, not only of you, but of your past, present, future life existences.

I wish to speak tonight of health. Health is something that we speak of a multitude of different times in different ways. This evening as you are here within this vibration take stock of your life. I invite you to bring up one illness, or discord, or disconnect that is happening within you at this time. Okay. As I look around, I see some of you have a list in front of you and whether you are conscious or unconscious of it allow that which is most impactful to come up to your Consciousness. As you do so sit for a moment to consider what this is.

As I ask you a few questions I ask you only to observe the energy that you had brought up to consider so that whatever is bothering you is front and foremost in your consciousness. Now then is this something that has been a problem for you for a long time? For those that said yes, we shift you to this perspective. For those that said no we shift you to a different perspective. As you consider that which you brought up in your consciousness is there a particular trigger within your life that seems to create problems? Some say yes some say no. At this point we are just gathering information. As you can sit with this problem within your life is there a particular emotion that is more strongly associated with the problem? Whatever that emotion is shift that into its own category.

As I am speaking and asking these questions, I see many other things just kind of going away by the wayside and there is a great more clarity that is coming into each one of you. So lastly, I ask you as you consider what this is are there certain thoughts or beliefs that kind of go around and around and around when you consider what is bothering you? So, thoughts and believes its own little category.

Within your physical body is there a is there a particular place in which you feel it, or is it throughout. Okay, again that goes on this side. So, take a moment almost as if you’re going to put a little bit of distance and take a step back. When you consider that problem be it illness, or something that you have been struggling with in your life, we ask the yes/no questions to try and help you understand. Is this long-term? Is this new? Is there a trigger? We ask these emotional, mental, physical reactions that are also a part of whatever this is going on within you.

As you breathe deeply within yourself, tapping into what is bothering you, I invite your Angels, more of your Divinity and whatever else is needed for you to come into the space with you. As you are considering that which bothers you, as you bring it up within you, know that you are fully supported in every way. I wish for you to bring up whatever that is, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up, phew, let it go. As you bring up within your consciousness something that is bothering you, and you bring it not only up but out from you, your Angels and Helpers are helping you to cleanse your energy. Take stock if anything feels different to you.

We still have within you and in front of you that which you are working upon. The thoughts, the emotions, the physicality, allow those energy bodies to come and be present as if you see what the problem is and then you see what the mental, emotional, physical aspects are because you are here in the spiritual aspect. But as those three aspects are coming in and you’ve got your problem here, take a second, and as you look at those three energies ask to know is there anyone or all of these that influences you in your life. Okay, I heard a lot of yes/no’s with that.

So if there is something emotional that is causing you to have this problem in your life, be it illness, be it lack of communication, be it lack of a job, lack of friendship, whatever it is that is perceived as something not working well for you if there is any emotional foundation to it then just go down within your emotional body, as if you pull it in from all parts of your consciousness, ~whew~, clear out any emotions associated with the problem here in front of you.

Okay, I can feel that there is some rebalancing that is taking place. So, if you tap into the emotional content, clear that out, the thoughts and the beliefs may still believe differently than that you can just clear these emotions. So, going within your thoughts and believes about this situation as if you are clearing it out, as if you are pulling it from wherever it needs to come, clear it out.

I am going to feather through each one of you. I go through each one of your energy bodies clearing out the energy and helping you to have greater clarity about the situation. So, we still see the situation although I ask you is it changing? Having removed emotions. Having removed beliefs. What purpose has this problem in your life served for you and by that, I mean…

I always have to laugh because when I say a question like that so many of these people say there’s no purpose to having all this pain and suffering in my life. Okay I’m still going to use that word because it truly describes. So, what purpose does this serve? Has it caused you to become a victim? Has it caused you to look at life differently? Has it caused you to slow down and think about your priorities? Has it caused you to reconsider the way you are living your life? Has it caused you to question your very existence?

So, when I say what is the purpose of that energy and that vibration it kind of transforms so that you may understand there’s a deeper reasoning behind what is happening to you.

It may feel awkward. It may not be something that you wish to do. However, I invite you to now as you still consider this problem and we’ve now cleared out mental, emotional, (the physical we didn’t really clear out because I have a purpose for that), but you have cleared out all the back energy. You’ve cleared out the mental and the emotional. You’ve opened to a better understanding for why this is happening within your life. So now within your physicality instead of feeling resistance I ask you to feel only love.

It may be very difficult to consider love for something that may have been a long-term illness, that may have been a huge problem in your life, that may have wreaked havoc on many different levels, but I asked you to take a moment and embrace love around this problem within your life. As you embrace it, it is as if you take on that problem and you let it come down within your heart center. As you do so the cells within your body begin to transform. When you feel nothing but love for a problem that you may have in your life, maybe illness, may be in relationships, or manifesting something, and you’ve cleared out all of those human aspects to it you are now down to the foundation of why this is within your life. You take a deep breath and feeling it as it moves within you.

I hear you. Some people are saying I’ve been sick for a long time I have certainly don’t want more of this within me. You have a problem that’s been going on within your life, say you were sick, we helped to disconnect the way in which that sickness is within your body. We’ve cleared out some of the energies for holding on to being sick. So, when you at this point embrace love and you infuse being sick with love what you are then doing as you are manifesting it back or embracing it into your body is that which is linked too. Whatever the illness is or the problem, is now also coming in with the vibration of love attached to.

Does love go first and it brings it behind, or does illness come first and love comes up behind? It is equal. So, every way that this is manifested within your life. Feel love and flow the vibration of love, and express love.

Take a deep breath in as if you are embracing and you. A you that acknowledges that you have had a particular experience in your life, perhaps short-term or perhaps long-term, but you are transforming it through love. You therefore relax letting the wave upon wave flow through you. It’s going to go within the very cells of your body’s so that the cells will open up to transform from a problem into love. As that transformation is complete it is almost as if we can see this movement or this flow moving from cell to cell to cell within your body. It is transforming you in this now moment. You as part of your I AM presence. You in this physical life. Breathe deeply and breathe out.

Allow your consciousness, your physical body, your physical reality to transform into something new. Something in which you are able to manifest without that problem. Something in which your life as expressed in a new and different way.

Take a step back once more and for those of you that had your list of problems and things within your life know that you have transformed and healed that which was your most prominent problem within your life. Look at the rest. Is there anything else that stands out to you? Can you see how it transforms on every level within you. ~whew~ there was something else that just came out to transform.

I invite you to consider how transitioning, or transforming that which was your biggest issue, will have a domino effect in which everything goes to the next, the next, the next and you are actually clearing out on many, many, many different levels within you and it is expressed not only from within but outward. Take a deep breath in and breathe out. Okay we’re just going to clear out the energy around you.

From this moment forward you have a new beginning. When you heal that which is bothering you or that which is not supporting you, you literally shift your life into a new potential. As if you’re going down a particular pathway and you shift moving into a new direction and your pathway takes you into something that now fully supports you, and all that is within you and around you. Allow it to wash through you this new beginning, this new potential. As it does so you feel that vibration.

There we go. As if you are opening up your eyes for the first time just be open and see whether you will receive insight to this new path. Experience what this is for you. There we go.

It may be necessary to disconnect from certain people or experiences in your life that were perhaps holding you back in another vibration. As you disconnect from what no longer serves you, again, new potentials open up in front of you. Take a deep breath in understanding that to heal your life you can do it one single step at a time, or you can match every step and do it all at once. This is all energy, the understanding, the vibration, and everything that is energy within you becomes a reflection of who you are. As it radiates outwards it manifests other people that vibrate in that same way allowing you to transform. There we go I could feel in you that you are creating a new beginning right now.

I ask everyone to come together in a circle and as you do so begin to see the Hologram of the Earth as it comes up within you. As this Hologram rotates within everyone who is here infuse into this hologram your new beginning. Infuse your vibration and essence that has transformed opening you into a new vibration. As you send that into the hologram it is also taking with it the vibration of love. So that everything within the hologram is still with love filled with love. Love and new beginnings.

You let go that Hologram is an aspect of it goes out into the universe. The remainder of it goes down into the Earth. As you feel your energies that are linked within the Hologram you will feel yourself as you go back through the Collective Consciousness that surrounds the Earth. The Hologram goes down into the center of the Earth linking with the core essence. It then begins s to expand coming up through all the layers of the Earth, coming up to the surface.

Everything that you did this evening within this channel comes up through your link to Gaia and as it does so you can also bring down the remainder of your Consciousness. It flows from the All That Is back into the Soul Plane where your Soul resides and it streams back down into you the Human. As that happens the remainder of what was within the Hologram comes up within all parts of the Earth activating within people a healing transformation. Activating love, compassion, awareness within all of humanity as it moves up through the Collective Consciousness clearing out on every level things that are perceived as problems by every individual. This is a vibration that you created in the All That Is that you are now manifesting and anchoring within the human self. Take a deep breath in and breathe out.

So, my beloved family as you heal your life understand that it can be moment-to-moment or it can be a process that takes hours, days, weeks, months or years. Understand that the foundation for who you are is love. Understand that as you express love you are expressing all of who you are. Allow yourself to feel this. Allow yourself to express this and allow it to be your reality.

Know beloved family that I am always with you and within you.



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