Best Paired Yoga Poses

seven chakras eraoflightdotcomYoga for two is one of the new varieties of hatha yoga when exercises are performed with a partner and each other’s help. It is often compared with Thai massage, in which not only the hands of the massage therapist are involved but also the elbows, knees, forearms, and feet. Yoga for two is not far from tantra yoga, aimed at awakening and transforming sexual energy. If you are going to break up with someone, then maybe it is better not to rush things and try yoga. The poses described below include twisting and stretching but are simple to perform.


1. Trikonasana

Partners stand behind each other; legs are widely spread. One of the partners leans to the side, for example, to the left, resting with a straight left hand against the foot in the region of the ankle. The pelvis is slightly shifted to the right. The right hand reaches up towards the sun. Make sure that your chest is open, and your hand is drawn strictly perpendicular to the ground up. The partner copies the pose in mirror image standing behind. Your hips and chest should be at the same level; the angles of inclination of the bodies should also be the same.

2. Virabhadrasana

You are standing next to your partner and place one foot forward. The front toe is looking forward, while the other toe is rotated 90 degrees. The arms are extended to the sides; palms open up. Repeat the asana, changing the front supporting leg.

3. Navasana

You are sitting with your partner facing each other, legs wide apart. Lift your legs and rest your feet on the partner’s feet, while stretching your arms and holding each other’s hands. In addition to stretching, this exercise also develops coordination. Breathe in sync. Do 3 sets.

4. Maha Mudra

One partner sits down. One of the legs is stretched forward and strained in the heel; the second leg is bent and rests with the foot on the inner side of the thigh. Lean forward and seek to reach your toes with fingers, while trying to keep knee and heel taut. At the same time, the back remains flat relative to the pelvis and shoulders. The second partner lies on the back, resting with the toe of one extended leg on the floor, and the second – on the inner thigh of his/her leg. At the same time, hands touch the hands of a partner. After doing the asana, change places.

5. Urdhva prasarita padasana

This asana will help you feel each other better. You are lying on the floor, on the same line, with the backs of one another to each other – you don’t see each other but you feel. Your hands clasp the hands of the partner. Slowly lift your straight legs perpendicular to the ground, while the heels are taut. The loin is pressed to the floor. Relax.

6. Supta Padangusthasana

Asana stretches the hamstrings and the back of the hips, relieves stiffness in the hip joints and alleviates back pain. One of the partners lies on the back, pelvis, shoulders, and head tightly pressed to the rug. The second partner, exerting pressure and pressing the right foot of the partner to the floor, pulls the left foot to own body.

7. Supta-Baddha-Konasana

It has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and helps calm down because Supta-Baddha-Konasana is often used to relax at the end of the day. To do this, lie down with your back to the floor, fold your feet in front of you, spread your knees, and then pull your feet as close as possible to yourself. The whole body should be relaxed. The difficulty with this pose is that your knees should lie on the floor. Here you may need the help of a partner. Ask him or her to put pressure on your knees. But keep in mind that the goal is to stretch the muscles of the hips, and not to lower the knees to the floor at all costs.