Thoth: The Morphogenetic Field

blue ray eraoflightdotcom.jpgJJK: I just had the intuition that we could install something in the morphogenetic field – a kind of crystalline filter – as protection against 5G, and that we should do this work in the coming 106th light reading on 1.11.2019 with all the people who are there.

Furthermore, this message will be included in the 8th volume of the Master Dialogues, so that as many people as possible can continue this “installation”. Is such a process even possible?

TOTH: I am with you and watch over you until further notice. I am with the people, you are never alone.

The morphogenetic field

The morphic field is the all shaping structure. Everything that is installed in the morphogenetic field and enriched by the thought power and impulses of a being takes on a fixed form at a certain point and becomes visible reality.

Everything that exists first existed in the morphogenetic field. This field conditions every living being and every structure in being.

In the morphic field you can place things and intentions, thus creating them and making them visible to your eyes.

Our Mission

The order – to install crystalline protective spheres and protective grids acting as filters in front of 5G in this shaping field – has been placed on you today. This order also goes to all the people who will be able to achieve this transmission from the light – today or in a later now.

It is the time for you to rule and reign.

You are to rule over your own lives and rule over a world that turns to the Light. Support mankind as it turns away from darkness.

Your awakening is recognizable by the extent to which you are aware of these facts and of your actual strength and power.

No creator being is ever a sacrifice and every sacrifice is not yet a creator being.

In the consciousness work now taking place in and through the grace of God you can check your status.

Before we place the crystalline 5G filters in the morphic field, I invite you to an introspection.

Do you really want to be a creator being?

Ask yourself this single question: Am I ready to really let go of anything that prevents me from being a creator being?

Pause …

Answer this question truthfully. You are not accountable to anyone. Do not deceive yourself, but be true.

Pause …

If you have come to a clear YES, then please ask for further coincidences and reflections on your way. You need these so that you can recognize and accept the individual topics. This is the way of healing – there is no other!

Once you have reached a sincere NO, you need do nothing more than participate as much as possible in the process now taking place.

Because every participation is of great importance – and it does not matter now where the individual stands in his development as a whole.

Every person is now invited to participate in the installation of crystalline 5G filters, which are placed as spheres in the morphogenetic field.

Humanity has it in its hands to face and escape attacks. Therefore, pay attention to the integrity of your life and do what is necessary by virtue of your divine consciousness.

Walking becomes action!

You gods in human form and you men in the image of God – be self-determined.

This process of self-determination and self-empowerment takes place in the grace of God and in the presence of high light beings. Nobody and nothing can now sabotage this or influence it unfavorably. The power and glory, the power and love, the light and your intention create a new reality.

For the illumination of the forthcoming process I give the following for understanding.

Mode of action of the crystalline ball

Through the power of your thoughts and the clear focus, crystalline spheres are installed in the morphic field of the planet. These are huge round energetic fields that filter any harmful radiation. These crystalline spheres have the property of absorbing and neutralizing any radiation harmful to life on earth. These filters take up their work immediately after the first installation triggered today.

This measure does not yet cover the entire influence of negative radiation – in particular 5G technology. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to repeat this installation procedure several times.

The more people do this, the greater and more powerful this protection becomes.

What we create today becomes real as soon as the Morphofeld is enriched again and again with these impulses.

That is why I am instructing you to repeat the following anchoring at regular intervals. In addition, all the protection possibilities that have already been transferred to you and are known to you are doing you a great service.

Beloved Man,

we’re ready – are you ready?
The installation begins!

Please close your eyes. Relax completely. Be aware, you are in a protected space. The original source protects you. High beings of light are with you and make sure that you can do this work on humanity and on Mother Earth uninfluenced.

Your home is God, your home is the earth and your home is wherever you are – and this home is worth protecting and your life is inalienable. We want to correspond to this now.

In the presence of God you exercise your office as creator and as awakening or awakened human being.

Please now speak in spirit the following formula for the installation of the crystalline spheres, which are anchored as filters against harmful radiation in the morphogenetic field of the earth.

Power of My Divine Consciousness – Order

I do, (state your name here),






Break …

You can repeat this installation as often as you like. This is about creating a reality and you create it through the power of your thoughts, the power of your feelings and intentions.

You have the power to change everything!

I encourage you to trust your divinity. Cross the visible and invisible boundaries set to you by beings for their own preservation of power.

The installation and anchoring of these crystalline protective fields today is having an effect. Much is no longer possible now and it is up to each one of you to claim your own power and trust your own power.

You are so much more than you think you are.

I AM THE I AM means to be healed from every powerlessness and not to wear these shackles anymore.

For the one who knows this, there are always measures, ways out and possibilities to meet the unacceptable appropriately.

Finally, I encourage you to find your way and to walk your way. Do not lose yourself in the future and do not look back. Leave the public unnoticed and go your unique way today, here and now.

What will people think about you? What will people think and say about you? From now on that must no longer concern you. Do not pay any more attention to that, because you will lose so much energy and strength as a result. You become uncertain and insecure.

Many light-filled projects remain unfinished only because the individual orients himself towards the other and thus lets himself be unsettled. In this way orders remain unfulfilled and whole lives are not lived.

Go your own way, because you are the way – and this way is unique. No other person has a way like you. So why do you take so many pleas with others?

Today you have participated in the creative process of creating the crystalline protective filter in the morphic field – and you can create every day in every moment.

There are only the limits that you set for yourself.

A completely new level of consciousness and power opens up for you as soon as you have fully understood and integrated it.

Slowly mankind awakens – slowly mankind awakens. There is movement in things and there is light in darkness.

Take your life into your own hands and trust that you enjoy all the support of creation and the Creator. Do not let yourself think, but think for yourself and feel love behind the loveless. Act self-confident and self-determined, even if your environment lacks the understanding for it.

Free yourself from the constraints. Create what you want to create and always be aware of your strength and power. In the positive as in the negative: You have your life in your own hands and everything that eludes you is taken care of, because God knows you.


I am on earth to accompany you in earthly matters, to promote and inspire you.

I point out possibilities, you can only seize them yourself, I shine on the gates, you can only pass through them yourself.

I have come to you from the light – wake up and ascend – you can only do that yourself.

Even so the heavens on earth will be built with the help of God: It depends on you! I love you infinitely


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» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl


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