Rinus Verhagen: Every Fairytale Comes to an End

independent media network eraoflightdotcomThanks to the stupidity of the US Democrats, their own exposure is a fact.

The Witch Hunt on Donald J Trump, has reached its climax with all the fake fabricated lies, which is a serious crime against Trump and the population of the US.

A small group of interested parties for Pay for Play, in extreme panic, have accelerated their own demise, Trump and the patriots could never have done this as nicely as the Democrats themselves have done.

Human weaknesses caused by an oversized EGO at a petty appearance come to light in this way.

Questions that shouldn’t be asked in a hearing remind me of 1933 the rise of Hitler and the Nazis, who have deceived an entire German people with lies and propaganda.

The name of the whistle-blower (You-know-who-wouldn’t-be-named) Eric Ciaramella, but was unintentionally announced by Schiff in his enthusiasm to be able to make a coup against POTUS in his official documents.

He corrected this mistake by removing this name, but in my humble opinion we can now consider Adam Schiff himself a whistle-blower.

He is not impartial, and part of the fraud and slander against POTUS, to save the Fascists NWO agenda.

The entire hearing of witnesses who were not witnesses was a shambles.

Lt Col Vindman, who as witnesses is not allowed to reveal the name of Eric Ciaramella, clearly shows what he is made of.

A pathetic man who was apparently bullied a lot as a child, and in the Army he licked upstairs and kicked downstairs, just to make a career at the expense of others to enjoy his own EGO.

Then there’s the current chatty Ambassador who, out of vanity, has told so much to do extra good, forgetting who he was talking to.

Adam Schiff, who can only listen selectively, tells CNN journalists during the session that they have proof against Donald J Trump, while this Ambassador is deliberately misinterpreted to support Trump’s deposition.

If it wasn’t so serious, it could be a nice comedy, because all the commotion the Democrats have caused is coming back from their past actions.

They are the ones who have committed corruption and treason and have misled the population for years with their indignant hypocritical claims.

If the MSM media doesn’t come up with the truth, where is it to be found in a haystack of information from all over the world.

All lies to Russia and Putin are offered to Trump with the transfer of a soccer ball, which means that he is now at the ball to play the game by bringing out the betrayal of the Deep State.

This is such a lying game that the panic of the Deep State puppets is so high that they can’t control their own story by acting stupidly on their own lies to prevent loss of face, which is why they look different when they’ve hoped for it.

The false accusation against Donald J Trump about his telephone conversation with PM Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenski, which Vindman leaked to Eric Ciaramella, ends up with Adam Schiff or even on his orders, to organize a fake hearing to drop Trump off as elected president.

This is a coup d’état to conceal past criminal activities of the Deep State Globalists Nazis who have enriched themselves at the expense of the tax payer from all over the world.

The poorest people in Europe (Ukraine) have been chosen by the Bilderberg globalists to become the new Israel, and scandalously abused, murdered and repressed in the name of the Obama government, EU, UN, IMF, George Soros, FED and ECB.

Genocide (9/11, 3/11, MH370 / MH17) on behalf of the Globalists Appearance-Democracy, all means were permitted, to roll out the NWO agenda, to enslave the world’s population by Archonten hunger for power from world politics.

Trump is accused of wanting to eliminate an opponent in the election battle Joe Biden. However, Joe’s greatest enemy is his own perverted cut-up EGO.

Under the rotten Obama regime he could play the perverted pervert with impunity, and put people under pressure to stop the investigation of his son Hunter on coercion of stopping financial aid.

Donald J Trump’s indiscriminate statement, Grab her with the pussy, has been made literally his whole life, by using his son as a straw man to launder the money from their Pay for Play money via the US and the IMF, Joe and Hunter Biden’s situation has become untenable.

Due to the commotion caused by the conversation with Volodymyr Zelenski, now asks Volodymyr Zelenski for an investigation into the fraud money paid to the leaders of the Democrats.

As a result, Trump can no longer be blamed, but according to an agreement from 1999 under the Bill Clinton presidency, this request will be implemented.

The falsely rigged FISA accusation against Donald J Trump, and the subsequent Robert Muller Report, give cause to prosecute the false accusation in a criminal case against the people who deliberately for political gain and self-interest maintain their crime organization, for their deception with all the resulting crime facts.

If the DNC had been a company, they would have been bankrupt a long time ago because of mismanagement, but the connection with the FED’s Bankers and Soros have been able to hold out for so long.

Their game of rule and division now comes to an end, with the other Bilderberg Cabal political Elite cannot and will not escape.

It can’t be that the Deep State in the US is eliminated, and the rest of the world should still be weighed down by the yoke of the NWO fascists and EU puppets.

This would not be in line with GESARA’s objectives, so the RV and GCR could be abused by the remaining Cabal members in world politics.

The Elite world is controlled by blackmailing their perverse behaviour and crimes, based on revelations.

The Pedophile Elite who have been captured by Jeffrey Epstein who, as Mossad and CAI manager, has captured everything to make the blackmail possible, is the key to further actions to eliminate the Cabal once and for all.

Like Prince Andrew, we can see several Elite (about 1000) go down in the very near future.

We have all been looking forward to this moment, which will change our future for the good of all mankind.

Elite who are suffering from KURU disease will not have much to live for long, especially if they don’t get Adrenochrome anymore (HRC and Merkel)

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuru_(disease) to stop their rejuvenating blood therapy. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adrenochrome

So it is not an option to let the other Cabal survive if our lives are threatened because they are a Satanic sect that wants to destroy us.

The first action we do is to stop listening to all the lies and propaganda of the Cabal and Deep State MSM media, with this they lose control over our perception and they can no longer manipulate our behavior, because we no longer trust them.

The collapse of the current Monetary System will take power away from the Central Banks and their politicians’ accomplices who have sold their souls for self-interest and hunger for power by Elite Psychopaths.

Dates have been set for a long time when the mass arrests begin, but remember that it is a game of good and evil, where circumstances change every time.

As soon as the FISA report is released, the weak links will also betray the other Cabal Deep State villains.

In this hectic situation the Cabal Deep State no longer has time to sabotage the RV/GCR.

As humanity, we have had to wait a long time for liberation, we have had to do it ourselves, to reclaim our will and no longer allow ourselves to be dictated to by becoming aware of the undesirable situation in which we find ourselves.

The politically destructive agenda against the world’s population has been stopped by Trump and the global patriots.

Agenda 21, which Prince Bernhard von Lippe launched in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 via the PVDA party of the Netherlands, to kill 90% of humanity, must make it clear that the rotten apples must be sought in the highest circles.

When criminals govern a country under the slogan of Democracy, to push through their own Agenda against the will of the people, we can say that we live in a Kleptocracy where we are traded as commodities to the highest bidder (trade in our birth certificates, where our tax number is the policy number for the Vatican in Rome as beneficiary).

This was only possible with a Fiat Money System, which will now be replaced by value-covered money via Gold and other raw materials, which do have a countervalue for the QFS operation.

Let’s stay positive and hope that this Christmas may be a gift for all mankind, no matter what religion, because Peace and Prosperity we have all earned.

Dominance or oppression in any form whatsoever will not be tolerated in the new future of the world and humanity, on pain of exclusion by the QFS.

America is for Americans, Europe for Europeans, Africa for Africans, Islamists have their own countries where they can practice their religion without undermining world peace.

The World population needs time to recover from the crimes committed against them.

Muslims in particular have been victims of the geopolitical Cabal Agenda to set everyone against each other.

If we are going to get the message that Religion was used to indoctrinate us, we can say that it was worse than the atomic bomb, which served as mass destruction.

Treat everyone with the same respect that you want to be treated with, and give the future a fair, war-free future, without the imposition of misplaced hatred.


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