Expansion: Go Beyond Your Awakening

blue ray eraoflightdotcomMany of you have realized that we as a collective and as an individual have been monitored our entire lives. These higher dimensional beings are watching this planet very closely watching how we move beyond the political, educational and economic systems that we have currently in place. Remember, the human race and this synthetic (unnatural) existence we live in is nothing but a massive experiment and we are being watched and guided to see how we pull this off.

We are moving towards a period of higher enlightenment and that means more freedom. It means less oppression and less adversarial relationships with one another. Soon it will be one human collective instead of left vs right, rich vs poor and race vs race.

There will be less identification of who you used to be and this will progress due to the expansion of your consciousness through your experiences. Most of our limited beliefs here on Earth are held due to the limitations of our experiences in this realm. Make sense?

We are going into a new decade and in this new decade the experiences are going to change the view of who you used to be and how you view the world immensely. This new decade of the 20’s will be the decade of the Awakening.

You will see people not only in your life that you never expected to awaken, awaken. You will also go way beyond your Awakening through these new experiences. You are going to look at yourself differently from a broader perspective. You are going to experience more memories and you will be able to connect with beings you never would of thought existed both physical and non-physical.

So, as this continues to happen to you you’re going to see how silly these limited experiences have stunted your ability to grow. We take our beliefs down in this lower realm way too seriously. What we need to do is prepare ourselves for the mass Awakening that is coming, cause it’s coming. It’s coming to this planet and most certainly to your consciousness.


» Source » By Teri Wade