Dreaming, Visioning & Scrying

astrology energy eraoflightdotcomThis is a time for staring into a fire or a candle flame to discern private visions of what is in immanence… what is ready to materialise but not quite here yet. The Sun is now in far sighted Sagittarius pressing the rest button in a bright New Moon on Tuesday November 26th.

Sagittarius the 9th sign is a hologram of a centaur-half human/half wild horse -firing arrows towards the far horizon, ever on a quest towards the emerging future. The New Moon aligns harmoniously with Chiron in Aries downloading an influx of Centauric consciousness – the capacity for both differentiated rational thought (Mind) and intuitive awareness (Soma) of our connection to the unified Field that lies beyond what we perceive – the world behind the world.

This theme is magnified by Jupiter on the Galactic Centre at 28 Sagittarius and by dream maker Neptune slowing to turn direct in limitless Pisces on Wednesday 27th.Venus fresh from a merger with Jupiter is conjunct 5D planet Quaoar-the Creation archetype of the Dream Time. Quaoar rules manifestation- it is where we bring into being that which we desire. You can channel its deep space transpersonal properties to transform your experience of reality. This force is alive and well within all of us and we use it every day mostly without conscious awareness. Once you learn to harness this energy and work with it, you can create your own personal reality that lines up with your highest intentions. You can do this by tapping into your sensory acuity, the source of intuition, letting it guide you.

Make the very most of these energies this week before Jupiter enters Capricorn on December 3rd, the Saturn/Pluto contractions intensify and the wild card Capricorn Solar Eclipse ripples reach you. For practical strategies ,buy my “Making Eclipses Work for You” 6 page guide.

The Chandra Symbol New Moon in Sagittarius:

Three Women Materialising out of a Fog

“Being mesmerized by your own triple reflection. Casting a huge chunk of your own soul back into the dim past, casting another chunk of your soul into the remote future, and enshrouding the present time chunk of your soul in layer after layer of obscurity and evasiveness. Living simultaneously in past, present, and future. Down inside there something extraordinary is happening. Free from the glare of any form of overt reflection you are gestating, healing, and making yourself ready for the infinite unknown to pop or hatch. Intensive forces of dreaming into the void, the great abyss. And while knocked out of outer commission, liberated to conceive the inconceivable and to renew your tangled and damaged roots in the old wise woman way that never ages and always works.”


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