Maha Chohan: Speaking with God

galactic logos eraoflightdotcomThe inner light,

the flame in your hearts is the orientation through this time – and keeping this flame burning is your most urgent task.

Most difficulties and problems, errors and fears arise as man cuts and cuts this inner connection to himself.

This happens through unfortunate measures and is part of the adventure of experiencing oneself completely separated from oneself and the Source.

If this light is no longer perceived, disorientation and confusion prevail. From this moment the dark forces enter a person and they begin to determine life.

Through many incarnations people have experienced this separateness. This was accompanied by many dramas and a deep darkness spread in the hearts.

It is a jar that the people to whom this message is addressed have truly exhausted.

Many people today therefore stand before the ruins of their many lives. People see that low motives never promote inner well-being and that greed, envy, vindictiveness or hatred were not effective means to create one’s own happiness.

Disappointment is spreading among people, for many realize that they have bet on the wrong horse and served the wrong Lord.

The Valley of Tears

Thus they fall into a deep crisis of meaning – one is no longer effective and the other, the new, is not yet in sight. This valley of tears, which every soul must pass through at this point, now opens up before these people – and many hesitate.

This message is put in the hearts of those people who are faced with nothing today, who have lost all security and who do not yet know how to find a firm hold again.


If it concerns you, if you, following these lines now, want to and have to completely turn your life upside down, then be assured that you will also pass through this valley of tears in the presence of your spiritual guidance. You are little aware of this, otherwise you would not be in this desperate situation.

Therefore begin to communicate with your inner guidance. Even if this seems ridiculous to you in the beginning, because you have never felt a resonance or received concrete help.

Just start your conversation with God and don’t let up until you get an answer.

That is the message and that brings you to the point where you can resume the living connection with your heart.

Because your soul wants to communicate with you and your High Self wants to navigate you through this time.

Who dares, wins!

If you lack this direct connection and stagger from one pain to the next, if you don’t point the way forward and the blame assignments don’t help any more, then you are ready to dare something completely new – and: “Who dares, he wins! This proverb is most useful in this case and life will confirm it for you.

In this time, in which manipulations are manifold and omnipresent, it is necessary to stay with oneself.

Without a stable inner connection to yourself and a constant connection to the source, you remain a leaf in the wind.

You can achieve everything for yourself and change everything. Your need ends today, when you take up the connection to your spiritual family and direct your gaze from the outside into your inner being.

You cannot cross an ocean if you remain motionless on the shore. Move, then the world moves with you. That is life!

I am with you.

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» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl