Era of Light Report For 11/26/2019: Palaces Collapsing, Ascension Energies, Bombshells

future now eraoflightdotcomGreetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

We truly are on the fast track towards a new reality.

Change continues to unfold on all levels. What once used to be “behind the scenes” is now more and more coming to the front, for all to see.

The dark ones, at the top of the ladder, with all the power they “had”, are now retreating. They have accepted the fact that they are finished. And there is nothing that they can do that’ll change their fate.

“Palaces” are collapsing. The princes and princesses, the kings and queens with the dukes are dissipating.

Their puppets in government positions are not falling one by one, but instead now they fall in groups.

That is all for today.

Archangel Michael: Age of Aquarius

What these portals do is bring in more of the higher energies that then become available to all upon the planet. Those who seize this opportunity are doing so for the higher good of all. » Source

The Real Bombshell of the Impeachment Hearings

The most shocking thing about the House impeachment hearings to this point is not a “smoking gun” witness providing irrefutable evidence of quid pro quo. It’s not that President Trump may or may not have asked the Ukrainians to look into business deals between then-Vice President Biden’s son and a Ukrainian oligarch. » Source

Judas Iskariot: Karma Lifted From Earth

A heavy karma is being lifted from the Earth and it is in its death throes now. The air will then become easier to breathe. » Source

Benjamin Fulford Full Report: War On The Queen

The battle for the Planet Earth has heated up again as mass-murdering Israeli crime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is indicted, while U.S. President Donald Trump declares war on Queen Elizabeth. » Full Report

Maha Chohan: Speaking with God

The inner light, the flame in your hearts is the orientation through this time – and keeping this flame burning is your most urgent task. » Source

Enerdy Update: SOULar Winds

Energy Update: This is the second day that Gaia is within a stream of high speed SOULar winds, up close to 550 km/sec in the moment. “Earth is entering a stream of solar wind flowing from a sprawling hole in the sun’s atmosphere. » Source

The Thyroid’s Role in Regulating Your Sex Drive

In general, sex drive gradually decreases as we age. Original research from the 1950s by Dr. Alfred Kinsey found that a man’s sexual peak was age 18, while a woman’s sexual peak tended to be in her mid-20s, with the downward slope from there varying from person to person. » Source

Ashtara: Your Astral Travel Visits to our Starships

Firstly, I am ever so pleased that my messages have reached so many Lightworkers around the world, your Gaia. It is vital at this time for all Lightworkers to connect to their StarChildren, or blended children. » Source

DMT Puts Your Brain in a “Waking Dream” State, New Study Shows

A study led by a team of researchers at the Centre for Psychedelic Research at Imperial College London, recently published in the journal Scientific Reports, demonstrated that people under the influence of DMT (or dimethyltryptamine) show brain wave patterns similar to a dreaming state while they are awake. » Source

California Parents Flood School Board Meeting Regarding Mandatory Vaccines and Sex Indoctrination

They brought a proposal to make their community a “sanctuary city for parental rights,” claiming that if illegal immigration can be protected by a sanctuary status, then so can parental rights. » Source

Yeshua: Ascension 101

I have heard you asking, “What is this thing about ascension? Why should I be interested in ascending? I kind of like my life here. I mean, there are a few parts of the body that sometimes speak to me and do not make me feel exactly comfortable, but I like the physical life. » Source

Rudy Giuliani Threatens to Release Biden Crime Docs if he Disappears

President Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani in on fire and put the DC swamp and their liberal media stenographers on notice on Saturday. Giuliani reminded the DC swamp that he previously cleaned up mafia in New York and asked them, “Do you honestly think I’m intimidated?” » Source

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21 Replies to “Era of Light Report For 11/26/2019: Palaces Collapsing, Ascension Energies, Bombshells”

  1. Cheri

    Thanks Ed! The patriarchy is moving through right now which is huge and probably what Tom feels too! Had a dream last night where some guy assaulted me spiritually and said “the men are taking over now”. He grabbed my musical instrument and started playing it. And soon after I was compelled to start singing the lyrics. This is the story of the goddess temple (pineal) creational flames being stolen from the Oracles at Delphi we discussed last week. Ultimately it is the story of the goddess (antimatter pure potential) being hijacked by a fallen father (matter) and the angels being forced to weep a song of profane miscreation. The energy is extremely sad, anxious and hopeless clearing through the quantum field right now. I loved that song you wrote from my words! You are so creative my friend! Composer extraordinaire! We all are just hard to percieve through this mind matrix miscreation 😘

    1. Ed

      …this is all so very sweet…as you are…and the sweetness continues….IN LOVE HYPER EXPANSIVENESS…NOW…
      THANK YOU Cheri 😘 LOVE

  2. John L

    “I Love this Brand New Universe!, I Love this More than New Me!”. I say and feel this many times throughout the day. Radical forgiveness for any old focus ego holdovers and dissolving overcomplicated dudad reality contrivances and perspectives. View it as a quality enhancing and instructive game. To feel a true Oneness, perhaps try a “Many as One, Connected Beauty, Harmonious Light Creation Consciousness” and then change to “All is One, Connected Beauty, Harmonious Light Creation Consciousness”. An analogy of the feel You can get is that of a swimming pool where “every-one” has emerged as a head and shoulders wave from the water yet all feels the pool water as the primary essence of what we really are associated with and an automatic, fresh upbeat feel to it. Your easy-going perspective will be significantly different than what it was previously. All is OK! Thanks Cheri for your clarity.

    1. Cheri

      Loved this John! Great description of being in the flow! The new energy is indeed pristine and getting lovelier by the day. The ease of flow flowing, hard to anger or even remember the traumas of the past because our omnipresence is clearing and we are not swimming in those memories quantumly anymore. Radical forgiveness (loved the feel of that) as source heals through us and hope comes back to the mass consciousness as we no longer swim in opposing destructive forces resisting our creations yay! 😘

      Hey Flazak! Part of me feels like money through donations and the ego feed of rabid followers that defend him or her at all cost is the motivation of Cobra. Kinda like BF it is a following that is hard to evolve as people look for constant updates and answers. Like episodes of a soap opera lol! But these people are not really into ascension. I think BF is kinda a LARP filled with metaphors. Cobra feels deceptively dark to me but the followers have good hearts as does BF just a little off on American Intel anyway because they are getting stuff outside not verification inside. Heck even Mike Qunicy recently channeled that Trump would be impeached which is a matrix channeling because of the heavy propaganda from the media which pushes into the quantum field. Esp in the UK as you guys stand between them and the loss of the entire EU. The last of their power structure here in 3d! Once UK heals the checkerboard matrix of miscreation is no more! America-UK-Australia was the planned takeover. Thank god we the people are rooted in democracy and freeedom!

      We all funneled out of Hillary timelines thank god! Creator is moving everyone back into organic creational timelines. They cloned omnipresence which is the source of the so called archons running the mind control manuscript through the quantum field. It’s all fine we just look for tidbits all over and keep integrating it all.

      Love on warriors! 😘

      1. butterjojo

        i wish people would stop doing this! i think it is one of the worst of our human traits… Maybe we can let someones work speak for itself without having a deep seated need to pipe in about how it feels dark or deceptive (maybe it is supposed to feel that way) I think the word Cobra itself should be enough to let people in on a secret – that whatever work he is doing is going to be very “slippery”, possibly venomous and maybe even deeply deceiving – maybe it’s the King of Snakes or the Dragon Warrior Energy that has to clean up the darkest recesses of our subconscious mind – those places that even the boldest don’t have the guts to deal with. I just had to say something because i see so many people with their quick assessments and comments that do NOT add anything to any good work and most definitely putting fear out there that someone is doing dark deeds is how it sounds when one reads it and has just started waking up. I say there is no benefit to anything like this- i give him and others that have done work in any way – much credit for having faced the pac man mind followers. Lets support each other with uplifting loving CONSCIOUS energy and words.

        1. Cheri

          You are right Jo! It is a judgement on my part anyway filled with my own bias and feelings. We are all way too hard on each other and taking sides which is extremely non productive. It’s so nice to hear from you again! Love you and wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving 😘

          1. butterjojo

            Hello Cheri, wow – me too (love you and love your articles that you have shared and your beautiful heart!) thanks for taking that snippy comment/retort i made in such a beautiful way! It was one of those timings for me where i just couldn’t help myself – i think it was because i have a feeling that there will be a lot of susceptible eyes and minds looking at these kinds of sites in the next while and i was remembering how impressionable i was when i first woke up ya know? I was all about the whos who rather than the whats what… Or the whole very complex multi-dimensional layers of meaning and purpose all got short circuited into “yeah, but is he a good guy or a bad guy” ha ha – then i realized oh wait – those bad guys are bad just enough in a “set/stage/period” piece in order to reorder the divine mind and potential and still have free will (my own little interpretation and quick idea on it) also – i just finished a youtube video (triacs the dirty details) all about hardware and voltage current concerns – making me realize when he said – “the main point i want to make before closing this video and this is about that minimum resistance you should have to your gate.” Of course this wording made me think of the perfect analogy of how resistance is used to make currency and currency can be conducted easily by silver and these analogies are just ways to interpret the sound play and meaning of how our minds can be similar. (i know – boring stuff but still) LOL
            well – thanks again for your lovely reply and for not taking the usual defensive and hope you have a great thanksgiving too! ENjoy enjoy enjoy!

          2. Cheri

            Hahahaha Jo! You must have an Engineers heart on the currents and resistance. I loved this analogy so true! I think science and engineering are closer to spirituality than being so called holy and righteous. It’s just the way the universe is intelligently designed. Stuff works together and we all create out of this stuff that the universe presents to us through almost everything. I have a real block or revulsion with money tied to spirituality omg! I still have a monk or hermit lifetime to clear. It keeps eeking through lol! Plus this whole awakening makes one paranoid about reptilians and all that snake symbology hahahaha! I also have such a soft spot for what President Trump is accomplishing for America that I am just as rabid a defender as the Cobra followers are lol! I am glad you are looking out for the newly awakened. There is something for everyone just like you reminded us. Thank you for sharing your perspective as we weave together a new creation. Your heart is so lovely Jo! Always love hearing from you! Going from holey to wholly (no offense to swiss cheese which I love lol!) with the whole universe reflecting back at us through triggers and rebalances. I realize there is no “perfection” because that implies an end state. Creation is endless expansion through our experiences and an intelligent tapestry filled with inspiration. Love you girl! Onward we go! 😘

  3. flazak

    Maybe some channels were designed for use in the Hillary timeline and now they are kind of stuck in a repeating loop awaiting a return to that, Cobra could be one of those. Hillary timeline being the satanic world order one of course.

  4. Cheri

    Participate in the solution and stop looking for others to tell you what to believe. Those of us that have stepped into our heart know that Trump is part of the Divine Plan. Like Dawn and KejRaj and my friend Faith and others on this site plus thousands and thousands of people across the world we have all been given dreams about Trump being on the team. Mark Taylor went through an awakening experience and wrote the Trump Prophecies before the election. This is synchronicity in action!

    Tom you are resisting this knowing because you have a block about the Presidency being used for power as it has in the past. Work on clearing your resistance. You don’t have to worship Trump or even like him but stop putting a roadblock up. Trump didn’t need power or money or influence he already had that as an International billionaire. Of course it makes no matter what we believe as long as we keep open and in the flow looking at ourselves and healing what is being mirrored back to us as resistance by the universe through Trump or any of us. The new energetic structure is almost in place for the golden age to commence. The old is dying and decaying like Pelosi and the lame stream media. The light weavers have unlimited energy as we are being supported once again with life force. Watch a Trump rally in any state at any time. Thousands and thousands filling giant stadiums with overflow which has never happened before. The energy is totally fun in joy and harmonic resonance with each other and the land we all live on, support and love which spreads like wildfire! Look at the other rallies of these politicians, small crowds, miserable people complaining about everything and looking to government to solve problems and make endless promises of free stuff in return for alligence. Clapping to overthrow a President who has done nothing wrong but get elected. America is kicking off the new age and all energy flows from here and Trump was put into office by a landslide election. We elected him which is the will of the people to take back our rigged system.

    You know my thoughts on Cobra. Buying silver to trigger the grid come on! Toplet bombs and wars in space is the mind control. As if the light could ever fail or would be in a “war” with itself as it is all source DNA clearing through. These dramas never end because it is a feedback loop of followers of a narrative or belief system. You resonate the things you need to see presented in metaphor mostly for awhile and then move on. This is flow. Looking for what to believe is denying heart knowing. Practice supporting and loving what is coming together as the light is in full control. This is the cleanup.

    Gosh if you want to see results as the indictments are being unsealed daily look no further than alternative media as Chinese spys and traffickers of espionage are arrested, huge drug busts at the border, massive child pornography and sex trafficking being exposed and people jailed and children freed. Local government officials all over the nation are being indicted for fraud and abuse. The Pentagon, CIA, media and big tech resistance is being exposed daily. My gosh to say nothing is happening is ridiculous. But ultimately we choose which timeline of potential outcomes to align with and live in that reality bubble. Because of this massive clearing work I do for the creator I know all is incredibly well! Ok thanks for listening to my two cents! I love hearing from you all and love you all for being in this now moment flow flowing into alignment with the divine plan 😘

    Ps: hahahaha cant stop talking omg! There are no “answers” only endless potential for creation that we all reflect through each other flow and create from. Outcomes only happened in rigged systems. This is new energy, let the energy work and need nothing but self knowing and self love and your own creative expansion for validation. No one person is doing it all as we are a creative team of light openly flowing as this energetic structure heals through us. We don’t need ETs landing to save us or currency revaluations as these are dying control systems as we flow into omnipresence which is the source of absolutely all things. However we are all at different vibrational alignment synchronizing rapidly! Goodness Trump not only signed an exec order freezing the assets of all sex traffickers his first month in office but he just signed an exec order yesterday to end all animal cruelty. This is love for creation in action! The corrupt politicians can’t even pass a trade bill or anything to support the people. All they can do is oppose the agenda to launch the golden age and Make America Great Again! Love you family! WWG1WGA!!

  5. Doug James

    Is Positive Side of 2012 authentic?
    Q Anon?
    Benjamin Fulford?
    Putin of.the Light?
    Trump of the Light?

    Thanks appreciate your input.

    2020 We get perfect vision!

  6. EraOfLight Post author

    Greetings friends! Cobras latest report was so low vibrational that I simply chose not to share it on this blog.

    1. Ed

      Thank You…We follow Our Heart…We know that We Know…
      Quantum LOVE

  7. Doodie Cee

    Cobra is actually a woman, and definitely compromised. There are no toplet bombs. Only fear mongering to control the light worker community.

  8. Tom

    Wild dream but I can not by Trump as part of the light energy. The man is only looking out for himself
    In love and light

    1. Michael

      If Trump was only looking out for himself then he would not have run for President. Have a little faith and ask your higher self. If he is not of the light then we are SCREWED big time. I’d rather believe in him and trust the plan, its better than the alternative.
      Peace……thats what I want for ALL !

  9. Doug James

    KayRy I love your positive attitude! What troubles me is I follow cobras blog and he outlined how Trump is aligned with the black nobility “Jesuits” and the entire media attacks etc are theatre to keep us divided. I then assume Q is all a psy op? I must say I dont know what to believe anymore. It was all about Toplet bombs once they were removed the Galactics wld trigger the Event. Now its silver trigger and financial reset before event? We hear about arrests but we dont see anything definitive we can leverage to help us awaken the conscious zombies all around us.

    1. Dawn Fucile

      Dear Doug; Like you I followed Cobra until I grew tired about reading that the toplet bombs held the world hostage. He’s compromised, for sure. Listen to Drake Bailey on Free Range; there you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know the Truth, as far as we can believe anyone, that is!
      Trump appeared in a very vivid dream of mine in 2016 as a glowing golden face or head. His Consciousness “faced” my Consciousness and I immediately reached up to grab my Crystal Glass..then the dream ended.but I knew then that Trump was True Blue, as they say. It’s happening! Believe. Blessings.

      1. Doug James

        Thanks Dawn! Hard to know what to believe. I work to remain positive and in the heart but I admit it gets hard when I see so much that is still old 3D control. I will check out Drake Bailey. I want to believe in Trump but I also know the revealing will shock many so I am cautiously optimistic. I hear indictments coming from Q .. but so far nothing