Rudy Giuliani Threatens to Release Biden Crime Docs if he Disappears

top news article eraoflightdotcomPresident Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani in on fire and put the DC swamp and their liberal media stenographers on notice on Saturday. Giuliani reminded the DC swamp that he previously cleaned up mafia in New York and asked them, “Do you honestly think I’m intimidated?”

Giuliani appeared on Fox News and told host Ed Henry that because he’s the messenger exposing the Biden-Ukraine corruption that the liberal DC press suppressed, ‘they’re going to kill him.’

“Are you afraid, Mr. Mayor that you could be indicted?” Ed Henry asked Giuliani.

“Oh, wow, how long have you known me, Ed?” Giuliani asked, adding, “Do you think I’m afraid? Do you think I get afraid? I did the right thing. I represented my client in a very very effective way. I was so effective that I’ve discovered a pattern of corruption that the Washington press has been covering up for three or four years.”

“You should have jumped all over this in 2015 when this awful conflict was mentioned and it was hidden and suppressed by the Washington press,” Giuliani added. “But you know that the reality is, I’m embarrassing you because you didn’t do your job and I’m also going to bring out a pay-for-play scheme in the Obama administration that will be devastating to the Democrat Party.”

“I expected the moment I heard Biden’s name, I told my colleagues they’re going to try to kill me,” he said. “Because they’re going to kill the messenger. But damn it, the mafia couldn’t kill me, your colleagues are not going to kill me.”

This was an explosive exchange between Giuliani and Ed Henry!


Rudy, in a follow-up tweet revealed he has a kill switch just in case something happens to him.

“The statement I’ve made several times of having an insurance policy, if thrown under bus, is sarcastic & relates to the files in my safe about the Biden Family’s 4 decade monetizing of his office,” Giuliani said.

“If I disappear, it will appear immediately along with my RICO chart,” he added.

Rudy Giuliani has been exposing the Biden crime family’s involvement in Ukraine corruption, specifically their pay-to-play scheme with Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company.

Ukrainian MP Andriy Derkach revealed last month that former Vice President Joe Biden was personally paid $900,000 for lobbying activities from Burisma Holdings.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and the swamp hit back at Giuliani by putting him under criminal investigation for potential FARA violations and campaign finance violations.

But Rudy is fighting back and put the DC swamp on notice that he’s going into overdrive to expose more Obama-Biden pay-to-play corruption!


» Source » By Christina Laila


5 Replies to “Rudy Giuliani Threatens to Release Biden Crime Docs if he Disappears”

  1. Nate

    I appreciate your response. I understand the concept and perceived reason and implications of this form of a dead man’s switch. Another completely accurate way to express this is that he is blackmailing Biden for his personal safety. At the cost of sharing the truth with the American people. How does blackmail and raising oneself above the general populace make you heroic? Seems this is just the right time to release this type of material. Additionally, Guliani has a pretty shady history of associations and money he most likely does not want on the street as well. He isn’t as shiny as most want to think

    1. Cheri

      There is too much actual evidence of the Biden pay for play use of his office to enrich his family that has emerged nomatter how much the propaganda media wants to squelch the stories and spin the narrative through projection. This happened long before Gulliani came along and has already been exposed by others. Biden is Illuminati just like the Clintons. It’s a game of power to them and part of their religion. They have scammed and skimmed off the taxpayers for decades.

    2. Cheri

      Also Nate if actual facts emerge of Gulianni corruption then I will believe he has a motive. But he fought corruption and prosected some of the worst mobsters in the history of NYC. If the media and actual journalists were not corrupted ordinary people wouldn’t have to risk their lives and reputation to expose it all. Regards to you my friend!

  2. Nate

    So, if I understand this correctly; Rudy Guliani is such a great American that he found significant proof of 4 decades long political criminal dynasty victimizing America and the Ukraine at the very least, but he won’t release it unless he is killed? How is putting one’s safety above millions of others heroic?

    1. Cheri

      Gosh Nate this is just exposing what has already happened. It is dangerous as these criminals, CIA media operatives and politicians have zero consciousness. It takes heroism to start exposing it because they start destroying your life and all those around you just like they are doing to the POTUS but Rudy has no secret service protection as he is a private citizen. If you follow Q you know that all of these journalists as well as the President and those around him were surveilled and threatened. I appreciate all these people are risking to bring the truth forward. I am sure he is coordinating with the Durham investigation. All he said was if something happens to me it will be fully exposed anyway. It’s called a dead mans switch as protection against someone killing him to bury the evidence. These are criminal cartels and dirty politicians with everything to lose! Serious stuff!