Rinus Verhagen: Free Yourself from the Lie that we Live

alternative news connection eraoflightdotcomThe beauty of brains is that you can use them.

This is exactly what the Cabal and MSM want to manipulate, not to use our common sense but to follow a self-destructive agenda of the Globalists.

Listen to your own survival instinct and start thinking about the false reality we live in.

Matrix, Red and Blue Pill, we have a choice thanks to our free will.

For self-protection, I would say, turn off the MSM and your Brain.

Why is much of history hidden from us? The 14 books in the Vatican about our human history.

Knowledge is power, and knowledge is being withheld from us, by implementing the WHO that determines what we may and may not know.

Our own Cabal infiltrated politics, which we are allowed to choose every four years, is nothing more than a cartel with the aim of deceiving us in favor of their interests, which really wants to keep us in the limelight.

Through research into life, two researchers have achieved astonishing results.

From today’s plants, animals can be restored to their original structure, which means that extinct plants and animals can be revived.

In this presentation we get the information that researchers have discovered, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPOFyYvjWU8 and the Cabal EU wants to keep hidden from us.

One is able to influence an organism with a strong magnetic field, something one wants to do with us with 5G.

The DNA memory will take on its old structure on a primitive survival urge, creating a Plant of Fish that have been extinct for a long time.

The Jurassic Park idea is therefore a tried and tested technique to solve the world’s food problem, in which we ourselves can recover through the old DNA.

So this is precisely what the WHO does not want us to know and to hide from us.

Dear people take the Red Pill, and become aware of the lie that we live.

Thanks to our free will, we have the choice to determine our own future, without having to be manipulated any longer by the MSM Cabal Propaganda who wants to keep us trapped in a false reality.

The virtual red pill brings the connection of false rationality and our Heart back into Balance.

Our Heart houses our conscience and emotions; it is what we are in reality, similar to the recovery of old DNA in the research of researchers with the plants and fish.

The un-elected NWO EU Nazis want to deny us this opportunity.

These un-elected EU Fascists live off of us paid tax money to our own corrupt governments.

If we no longer pay taxes, the EU cancerous Tumor in Brussels has no chance of life.

It was long hidden from us, but by the actions of patriots who no longer want to allow themselves to be used to destroy mankind according to the Agenda 21 submitted by Nazi Bernhard von Lippe, and taken over by 178 countries, the grandfather of Drugs Baron Willy von Amsberg who thinks he is king of a country that no longer exists since 13 May 1940, (Netherlands).

Money is a means of exchange to be able to live and to maintain his own livelihood.

Now the Fiat money system is a direct attack on our existence, as we are being deliberately squeezed out by our own governments and Bankers.

So we have been in a survival mode for a long time, which instincts us and has activated the human survival mechanism.

All protests worldwide can be seen as an indicator of what is going on among the world’s population.

However, our instincts are to be suppressed by deliberately poisoning our food, air and body, by Chemtrails, and genocide Vaccinations.

Dividing us by Gender, Race, Religion weakens our systematic, Transgender agenda to confuse children and damage them for life are today’s realities.

Our Children are our future, which we must protect and nurture if we are not to perish decadently as humanity.

Families are being deliberately destroyed to promote disorientation among the population.

The family is the cornerstone of our society, where deliberately an agenda is set to disrupt it, and to sow discord.

Fear is the weapon used against us, deliberately manipulated by the NWO agenda by our emotion of threat to our survival.

By rethinking the realistic view of our existence, we don’t need to be afraid, as we are the 99% who are opposed to this fascist NWO agenda.

All the revelations and crimes that our own governments have committed against us liberate us by our own awareness of the facts.

If the rumors about the release of the RV, GCR, are a fact, the QFS will no longer support their fascist agenda with the gold plated new money system.

The revival of 209 sovereign countries with their own currency, which is linked to a counter value by Gold, will not support the corrupt NWO EU.

The upcoming arrests of criminal globalists, will trigger GESARA, in Favors of the liberation of humanity.



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