Judas Iskariot: Karma Lifted From Earth

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and we are heading for much easier times. A heavy karma is being lifted from the Earth and it is in its death throes now. The air will then become easier to breathe. Many people who have taken on a heavy karma are now slowly exempt from this and are taking a giant step forward in their development and for the development on Earth. Everything has two sides on one coin. You contribute in various ways to the transformative development on Earth. There is nothing that is just black or white. Everything can be seen from different perspectives and the transformation usually takes place before someone else’s eyes or in the quiet room within yourself.

However, be sure that a transformation happens and that it happens all the time, because just as nothing is black or white, nothing stands still. The movement is constant and unchanging, although you would like everything to stand still for a while and you also seemed to do it, it is also an illusion. Everything flows back and forth, though all the time forward into eternity. What you thought a second ago no longer exists, it’s up to you whether you want to release it or not. Release it and you are free, hold it and you are locked in your own little world of thought. It is time to release ourselves and follow the flow, the eternal rhythm of the universe. It is the only truth we have and it is the only truth that exists. A bit of this truth is also within you. It is forever stored there and when you choose, you can once again become “one” with this truth. You will then see and understand the world in a different way than you do today. The world will forever change before your eyes and your ears will again hear the sweetest music.

Are you ready, dear Earthlings, to return to your origin, your own true self, and become part of real life again? Part of the great cosmos that you now find so difficult to perceive. It will be a seven-part journey that you are now beginning and that you have already begun. The earth is at the forefront and you close up around her to facilitate both her and your own journey back to the light, the true light inside and outside you. The light that glows with a constant, loving light throughout the cosmos. A strong glow of unconditional love, it gives us hope, it gives us faith, it awakens the love that rests within us. Love that just wants to give and give again. That is what we now long for. It is with this power that we now want to build our lives and our world on. It is when you feel that love again calls to you as you lift your heads and listen away in the distance. What you then hear and sense means that you speed up your steps to be able to reunite with unconditional love again and the universe to which you belong.

People are now gathering from all corners of the world to follow their inner call to return to the light within and follow the guidance given there. Every step you take in that direction helps you and the rest of humanity to fulfill your desire of the innermost, the desire to walk again in the light. The desire to create again with the rays of light, creations sprung from true love and beauty. So, now hurry home, dear Earthlings, another time awaits with song, joy and beauty sprung from the true source of unconditional love.

We are waiting for you. Your joy is ours, your love is ours. Together we are one in unconditional love and eternal brotherhood and sisterhood

Am loving brother


Translation to English by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg