Earthquake in Albania

665f5d6be934d61068fc2727cefc7ef5_L.jpgGreetings friends, it is I Kejraj!

According to news reports a 6.6 earthquake has shaken the country of Albania around 4am Tuesday. Aftershocks have been felt throughout the day.

New reports of one more quake at around 6pm EU central time Tueaday. This one is reported being 5.0

Please take a moment of your time and send your light and prayers to this nation and its people.



2 Replies to “Earthquake in Albania”

  1. Cheri

    Will do KejRaj! Are your friends and relatives ok? 6.6 is a rocker and a roller! Are the structures there primarily stone producing rubble upon shaking or are they more modern? Being in the SF Bay Area I know earthquakes! The best thing about them is they are over before your mind goes through all possibilities and realizes that the earth is moving! Sending love 😘

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Thank you! And yes all my relatives are quite ways from where the quake occurred.