Are the FDA and “Big Pharma” In on A Conspiracy Against Kratom?

cannabis plant eraoflightdotcomNo one can deny the fact that kratom remains in the news for all the wrong reasons throughout the year. The popularity of this plant has grown so much that the market worth of this plant stands concrete at $1.13 billion. Owing to its controversial legal status, kratom is mostly sold in the black market and through online platforms. This is the main reason why so many experts suggest the current net worth figure as “vague” and “underrated”.

Kratom is a tropical plant that gained popularity in the early 19th century when people started using it for recreational purposes. The interesting thing to note about this plant is it has no medical evidence in its support. However, more than 50 million people consume it in various forms around the globe.

Why do some people want this plant to be banned?

People who use kratom claim it has several health benefits. Some of the common claims made by people are; it helps in treating anxiety and depression, treats insomnia, cures arthritis, provides relaxation to the brain and is ideal for weight loss. On the other hand, critics point out it is important to weigh the proven cons of using this plant.

There are many toxic side effects of kratom that is why many experts want this drug to be banned. Some of the common side effects are nausea, vomiting, constipation, dry mouth, abdominal pain, kidney failure, hallucinations and even death. Secondly, the problem with kratom is, people often consume more than what they are supposed to. They purchase kratom in bulk from online platforms such as the golden monk, kratom crazy and Happy Hippo Herbals, not even realizing that excess of this herb is dangerous.

Is FDA and Big Pharma running the shots behind banning kratom?

There’s no denying of the FDA’s interest in working against kratom. Federal agencies that have declared a war against opioid crisis are also swooning over banning this herb. Especially when the drug enforcement agency decided to decriminalize the plant back in 2015, kratom fans flocked the streets with anger and protested. This is what compelled the food and drug administration to shelve the idea of banning a plant that is so important for more than ten million Americans.

Another intriguing thing to note is that the FDA, which is controlled by the Big Pharma, has now joined hands with DEA that has plans to ban kratom again. Now it’s only up to the activists as to how they force the government to give up the thought of wiping out kratom. According to Washington Post’s article, FDA issued a warning and acknowledged kratom as “deadly”. Furthermore the report also said that the frequent use of this drug caused 36 deaths.

Kratom has several compounds that are not identified as healthy by medical experts. This is the main reason why doctors and practitioners suggest people keep away from it. However, the truth be told, the popularity of kratom has grown so fast, a normal bill passed by the government won’t be able to wipe out this plant until online platforms and black markets don’t stop selling it.

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