Energy Update 11/25/19: The Light Has Already Won

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomThe cornerstones of Light are beginning to elevate our world, our entire reality, as the elite control groups begin their Apocalypse, to become the memory of what never will be allowed again. I normally focus on the positive events that are happening to us, our world and our reality when it comes to these energy updates, but we are watching in real time, the collapse of many ancient levels of control, physical, energetic and mental.

There is a group of people who have spent entire generations elevating themselves above the “common rabble” and proving this to themselves by campaigning for idiocy, poor nutrition, energetic numbing, group-social think hijacking and worldwide warfare. The people who live in these environments end up having their mental, energetic, physical and emotional capacities dulled down to the point of justification from the elite’s perspective.

“They are so stupid, they cannot even realize we are making them stupid, so we are elevated. We are illuminated compared to the entire human race. They are too dumb to tell us no.”

The origins of this group have many varied histories and honestly it does not matter whether or not they are home grown humans, or descendants of an extraterrestrial civilization, what does matter is that they have built an incredibly powerful network of energy fueled by trauma, mind control, social engineering and black magic.

The pedophila networks spanning the planet are a major source of this dark energy that they use to power their massive, collective spells that direct human collective consciousness to create the niche these elites placed themselves into.

With the corruption of pure Source innocence, there is a forced entry into Light manifestation that is then preyed upon, hijacked and used as literal packets of paralyzing, electric-shocking energy that can be directed into the substructure of the atomic makeup of reality around us, making probabilities at a .01% possibility become an 80% chance of occurring.

Through their knowledge of astrology and the gravimagnetic interaction of the massive bodies in our solar system who create swirls, portals and activations with their cosmic dance, they have injected these built up fields into the collective, taking their individual black magic into the dark collective.

This is the reason we see the sexualization of children, the occult symbolism on all systems of control, nonstop war and never-ending programming in all aspects of human emotions.

Marching almost in lockstep with the dissolution of the secrecy around these rituals is the dissolution of the black magic network anchored around the planet.

If anything, the elite groups of control have been ramping up their containment tactics, programming, warmongering and black magic rituals, yet it is not working anywhere near the efficacy that it used to even just 10 years ago.

The veil of ignorance they have propagated throughout the planet has been dissolving and so much more Light has made it through to anchor here, right NOW.

The “storage” of black magic ritual energy that can be built up and used at the most effective time cannot build up. They are still getting direct energetic control by completing these rituals, but must use it immediately, because there in no place to build this up anymore.

I would like to stay in this for a bit to really let the impact of how important this is be known.

The only reason they have been able to hijack the collective is because they would spend the entire year building up this energy, then release it all together over the course of a week to ten days.

The innate vampiristic nature of this control systems means that it is truly, incredibly weak compared to the effortless energy creation of Light systems. They were forced to build this up all year long in order to have the “punch” needed to derail the collective.

They cannot do this anymore.

Over the next 3 years, we are going to be seeing the complete dissolution of the elite systems of control.

As a caveat, I would like to point out that all rich people are not part of the elite systems of control. In fact, I have found more of the top 3% in the financial worlds are actively creating systems to dissolve these elite control loops, this is a very tiny, very exclusive group.

Many of these people are going to be major cornerstones of the leap off into the unknown for humanity, as they have the resources to make it possible and they open up further into their Infinite nature, tapping into HUMANITY, not separation.

What we can do: This is a very heavy, extremely loaded topic. Raping children is, for lack of a better word, atrocity…abomination.

Even coming into contact with this idea is enough to tap you into the energy they are using to hijack the collective. There is anger bordering on rage, a wrongness that is painful with how backwards from the natural order it is.

These are the collective traumas humanity does not know is affecting it. As we go into this heavy space, do not go in unprepared. Inhale your smile, straight from the face into the heart and abdomen, feeling that soft, warm sensation beginning to light up like the sun.

Use the hard, heavy, dark energy as a red flag. Whenever you feel this, inhale your joy, your light, your love right into that feeling, using your exhale to spread Light into the world around you. Light up the dark spaces. Go into the damage, the pain, the loss of innocence and transmute it with joy, love and transmutive Light.

This is a major layer of density that is directly holding Human evolution back. This is the “veil”, separating us from stepping into the space of the Galactic Human.

For more understanding on how these dense energies work, I go into much greater detail in this article, The Etheric Entity Superhighway.…/Lets-talk-for-a…

We are moving into a space of incredible activation.

The problem being, we exist inside of time. It takes time to search out what needs to be cleansed, then clear it out. The more conscious, aware Humans who are cleansing this field, the faster we will see it completely collapse.

Humanity. You are standing on the cusp of a revolution the likes the Universe has never known.

We know exactly what we will never allow to happen again. We have lived it.

Our time is NOW.

The Light has already won.