5 Replies to “I Have To Confess”

  1. Percy

    It won’t be done for us ,it must be done by us ,more humans must wake up , the Galactics will appear when the energy is high enough otherwise it may create mass hysteria,people suicided over a radio play in the 50s . Stop voting , stop joining armed forces ; stop the bullshit we’ve been fed our entire existence, it’s us humanity who must believe in our magic future , don’t wait for the cavalry , we are the cavalry. We cannot be destroyed , the meaning of life must be ascension , I read the fear in you comments , without proof in a certain timeframe your going to what ? This is galactic kindy people , and it’s time we learn to wipe our own arse , Fear nothing , love everything in front of you , we are god so how can we be defeated , it’s a play , it’s theatre and soon all the players will be back stage laughing, no souls have delved deeper into darkness than we , the experience we have provided for Prime creator will steer many future souls along a much more enlightened path thanks to you, humanity has carried a heavy burden for the good of all , time to realise the end of time is the opening of the cage ,

    Prime creator you alone are power, I am becoming all that I am becoming , I am love ,I am light , I am
    I am Prime creator , and so it is

  2. Percy

    Trump isn’t dead , if that isn’t proof he has celestial support I don’t know what is . Ask Lincoln or JFK, the dark have had control for a long long time , the truth of the Democrats is being exposed daily , they will become increasingly desperate, the galactics have neutralised each nuclear launch , most of us should be dead by now was the cabals plan, we are getting a great deal of support from the galactics , it’s still up to humanity to get it done , more awakenings , more light , more love ,that’s our weapon and don’t underestimate what that’s doing . Waiting for money to arrive is tying you you the 3rd dimension , be grateful for what you have and think about your brothers and sisters dodging bullets and digging family out of the rubble of their homes , I am love Ian light I am , as are you

    1. ᎢᎠᎺBᎡᎠr ᏍᏔrCᎯld

      The controllers would never nuke the Earth. For one, nukes today are so powerful, one would start a chain reaction that would wipe all life out on the planet. Also, they would never nuke the planet because that would kill all of their slaves to work menial jobs for them at slave wage level of 7 through 10 bucks an hour.. Do you have any real proof of the Galactics are helping out. They have been helping out; supposedly, for years now. About 80 to be exact. Is there really any true objective evidence that these so called galactics are even present? I am not referring to Majestic 12 craft either.

  3. ᎢᎠᎺBᎡᎠr ᏍᏔrCᎯld

    Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker

    This game has been going on since the 60’s.

    Could it be because its all fake?

    The RV GCR is a Rothschild scam number one according to some.

    Number two, the new age movement was established by the Tavistock institute

    I left many links from . bibliotecapleyades.net on many subjects, but alas, I am THE NOBODY. Har har.

    What is going to happen is a rearranging of the deck chairs on the titanic perhaps, and a few better jobs, but beyond that Im not really sure if anything is dependable.

    One must remember that Brahma is impersonal, Humans really are not as significant and special as they assume, and this Earth was never meant to be a happy place to exist, but it is the hell of the 3rd Dimension.

    Disincarnating oneself is a fancy way of saying suicide. I would not go that far, as the story is not over. However, if there are not any changes by the spring of 2020, then everyone more than likely has been set up. I am not referring to RV changes, or any of that. Simple changes, like one arrest of one of the criminals, which has yet to occur, that can be proven, beyond hearsay evidence.

    If this does not happen, then preparations for existing in the NWO should be made, for the plans of the NWO continue on without let up. Mankind is being attacked on all levels, and there will be no way to resist it once established, and all those that think they will be able to exist in another place while existing on Earth among such tyrannical environments are deluded at best.

    We shall see. We shall see.

    Thanks for your forthrightness.

  4. Doug James

    I think we all feel this way. QHHT sessions pointed to the Spring 2018 as the Event. I believe in qhht sessions but if our higher selves cant be accurate who can? I then read how Trump and Q are psy ops and part of the distraction and division theatre so I find myself asking who and what to believe yes yes go inside except vice of God or the like can manipulate us as well. We need to see something tangible we can point to so we can leverage and help others awaken. Words words words we need action