Era of Light Report 11/30/2019: No Surprises, Next Step, Gold and Silver

future now eraoflightdotcomGreetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj(KayRy). The information expressed here is that of my perspective, my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart. Tune into the light within you.

We are preparing to enter 2020 with no change. From 2012 up to this moment, it seems that nothing has changed. People suffering and dying world wide. From disease to hunger. From war to weather disasters, and so on.

I for one would have never, and still do not believe, that we have yet to receive just ONE concrete sign that this world is becoming a better place for humanity.

We have gotten nothing but WORDS from our leaders, yes even Trump. And from our Galactic friends nothing but messages of empty promises.

I personally do not like surprises. Can this be why I have yet to be surprised by the Galactics? Other than their excuses of course.

This must be why Trump has not spoken of any major truths which I mentioned a while back. The IRS and the Fed being illegal corporations. 911 being an inside job. JFK being assassinated by the CIA.

The whole past in the past we shall leave. I say this because I truly believe that 2020 is the grand year. The big “shake ups” shall begin in the new year of 2020. Yes, this even includes Earth shaking and dusting her self off.

That is all for today.

Mira of the Pleiades: You Are Ready For The Next Step

When you came to earth you agreed to live under the terms of rule that had been foisted upon this planet. You understood that you could be caught in the karmic reincarnation cycles that have been holding the people of earth in a trap for eons. » Source

Japan Leading the World in Exposing Fraud with Gardasil HPV Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

In Japan, young women and girls suffering from severe chronic generalized pain following vaccination with Merck’s Gardasil® or GSK’s Cervarix®, have organized and are speaking out. » Source

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: The Onward Movement

By now you should be becoming aware of the changing pattern of the New Age energies, they are pushing ahead more quickly than any previous time. No matter how much people hang on to their old ways the onward movement for change is becoming well established. » Source

Intuitive Astrology Forecast for December 2019

Welcome to December, the last month of the year and the last month of the decade! 2020 has so many cosmic alignments that point to big change and a new way of doing things, and it seems that December brings the perfect balance of energies to prepare us for what’s to come. » Source

Angel Messages: Reason To Celebrate

We experience our true strength together. Our true strength is alive and present in us all, equally. If you are willing to see that strength and know it as Real, you also allow it to act through you. » Source

South Carolina Legal Tender Act Would Treat Gold and Silver as Money

A bill prefiled in the South Carolina House would make gold and silver coins legal tender in the state. Passage of this bill would take a step toward creating currency competition in South Carolina and undermine the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money. » Source

Mother God: Extremely Critical Situations on The Planet

Dear children on earth, I am your Mother God. The reason I am coming forward is to give you a quick explanation of why the situations on the planet are extremely critical. For a long time, the planet earth stayed in a lawless state of being. » Source

Evidence Reveals Biden, Burisma Ukraine Bond Scandal, Tied to U.S. Firm

“Are we going to be sending massive amounts of money to a country and they’re corrupt and they steal the money and it goes into everybody’s bank account?” » Source

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6 Replies to “Era of Light Report 11/30/2019: No Surprises, Next Step, Gold and Silver”

  1. Doug James

    Is Cobra authentic?
    Is Positive Side of 2012 and their “get on the orb” now or else correct?
    Is Trump of the Light?
    Is Ben Fulford real?
    Is Q real?
    Is JFK jr alive?

    Thank you!! We need answers and I cant discern anymore..

  2. Doug James

    KayRy my thoughts exactly. Without something definitive we cant wake anyone up. Words words and more words no wonder 350 million years of slavery here. It is amazing that this darkness was allowed to take hold for so long. Many qhht practitioners said March 2018 wld be Event per clients. Here we are a year plus later and no arrests no RV no 9ii truth no disclosure of any significant kind.

    Galactics need to just come down and decloak and broadcast out real hx.

  3. John L

    Directed at no one in particular, why are some people still using the bonehead ego focus. I know we can meander in and out of it and some of the ideas that move through are not mine, but going into an illusionary revenge rant, really? We have felt that way in the past, but remember that was an experimental limitation focus. 1 The game is over although the compromised echo is still there 2Think from the Heart! 3 I Love and Accept all “parts” of my being 4 Creation is caring, friendly and supplies me with all I need. The 5d focus that I can feel is Superadvanced with an easygoing intimate immediacy with the gracious spacious moment

  4. Mark

    As an artist I have learned that one can paint and paint and paint on a canvas and seem like nothing is happening. But then there is a moment when you step back and view the bigger picture, then suddenly it all makes sense. Colors are bleeding through that you barely saw up close and patterns and shapes also. Suddenly it;s a wow moment of realization that all that was required to create the art was to allow the process to just be.

    SO MUCH IS HAPPENING, Stepping back is sometimes the only true new vision.