The Value of Peace is Priceless

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomThe value of peace is priceless, the feeling of constantly waking each day with nothing but ease ahead was something I would have once said was impossible, the only way this could be achievable is to avoid, block out and ignore so not to feel the weight of living this life, how blind was EYE, how programmed had I become?

To be honest I can now See how I wasn’t even alive, the light is on but there is no one home couldn’t even ring true, there was no light, just pain, a busy mind that churned in fear and dread, begging for “better times” chasing the dragon of happiness and anchoring that in lack, pouring with so much gratitude, creating massive emotional fluxes in my field to continue the bipolar manifestations, high highs and low lows.

But my heart knew the way, inside always knowing there was something for me to learn, the mysterious manifestations showing there was a way to Master this, whatever “this” is.

And then it clicked, all the keys I had gathered turned in the lock at once and the wisdom began to pour in, and that’s when I saw the pattern of separation, going out there, attaching out there, fixing out there and chose to follow my heart within and become the student.

I could never have imagined what came next, a new woman who I am still getting to know, I remember her as a child, her essence so gentle and pure, so kind and gentle, she was a good student too. The dissolving of 40 years worth of distortion, starting from the beginning and BEing who I came to BE, this is the greatest gift so far.

I found her, dancing in a Sacred Field she had created deep within my heart, a safe space where she sat and watched as my machine like self ploughed through tough, rock filled fields and she learned, took notes ready for the moment when I resigned from the slavery of those old hellish fields.

She has been teaching me, this incredibly young, vulnerable child within, has been teaching me the wisdom of how this all works and I now sit as One within a field of utter magic.

Aligned, perfectly within the centre of my field, I sit, breathing with my Earth, our pulse as One and by doing so all senses now filled with magic and my physical follows the spells word for word and the creations appear as promised.

Everything supported through the power of commitment.

Peace, a word everyone uses, everyone asks for but do we really know how it feels, because one thing I now realise is I didn’t, not really, because had I have known what it truly felt like then I would have valued it above all else, and I didn’t, because I continued to battle, I continued the drama, I continued to hate, dislike, blame and separate, but hey, I was blind, I hadn’t yet felt the true vibration of peace, how could I have known.

Peace is found under the programs, it’s where love is grown, real love, not that bipolar stuff that is based on attachments and conditions. Peace begins when we realise free will to be a pointless accessory and choose to only experience through a wide open love filled heart.
Peace begins when we come back to the now and realise that this moment is the most crucial, but of course we cannot see this until we fully innerstand how this all works and how we got to this point, peace is at the end of one very long journey and the beginning of another…very long journey, the neutral space, the centre point of the pendulum swing.

These energies are incredible and I’m so looking forward to navigating and sharing the keys with you All so you too can experience the heaven you came here to create.

Stay tuned for super exciting news….in All Ways of course, these are super magical times with abundant opportunities

Sharing love with you All 💙

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