Trust the Mystery That Made You

blue ray eraoflightdotcomAny time is perfect, in its own way, to trust the Mystery that made you. This one, though, is drenched in magic. And this one is never coming again. It’s the perfect time to be safe and sacred space for the vast and fathomless life-creating, reality-transforming power that made us all.

Luna’s new, in Jupiter’s sign. And two days after making exact alignment, the mighty Jupiter is still tightly conjunct the Gelactic Center. In fact, this is Day 16 of his 18 days within 2 degrees of that vast, sprawling mystery that made you. The mighty Jupiter is drinking long and deep from the cosmic fire-water. Are you?

Neptune is at his most magically potent, as he turns towards the future after nearly six months of diving deep to look for what you’ve lost touch with that you need. It’s time to connect more deeply and more authentically than ever before with the Oneness — in the way that only you can. No one ls can show us that but you.

Tomorrow, Neptune is done, Are you ready to see what he’s got to show you? Have you cleared the space in your mind and your chart, your energy and your attention?

And Venus, dazzling us every night now in the evening sky, is conjoining a centaur planet whose name — Pholus — you may never have heard. He’s showing the Queen of Heaven and Earth the chains that have limited her power, which is yours, too. It’s the power of love to change reality.

Those chains were created by wounds, the ones inflicted by the brutal slings and merciless arrows of outrageous fortune on your ancestors — whose love (and sometimes, simply their unmet longing for it) brought you here to planet Earth for the consciousness shift of ages upon ages.

Fresh from her conjunctions with the Galactic Center and Jupiter too, Venus in Capricorn now. She’s ready to get real about who she is — and who she can be. Aren’t you? And Pholus is showing her — and you and me, too — how and where to break those chains your ancestors, and mine too, just couldn’t break.

Today, there’s nothing to do. Just let yourself see what these guides and allies of the solar system are showing you — and let yourself feel it. Turn off your phone and listen to some music. Light a candle. Talk to the Mystery that made you in the native language of your own heart. When you wake tomorrow, write down your dreams.

Because what’s happening now is big, star peeps, and every day is precious and potent.

In just 15 days, Venus will conjoin Chariklo, the largest of the centaur planets. The Lady Chiron, as she’s called, just made her third exact alignment with Pluto. They’ve been dancing together all year — and they’re far from done. They’re about to show you how to be the space — with your thoughts, your words, and your actions, with your doing and your not-doing — that transforms reality. In two weeks, Chariklo’s going to show Venus — whose power is within everything you love and value — what she’s learned.

Tonight, it’s all cooking. Tonight, there’s nothing at all to *do.* Except allow the Mystery to make its home in you. To receive what it’s showing you. And to *be* the safe and sacred space where metamorphosis makes butterfiies out of decomposing caterpillars.

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