Horus: Keep An Open Heart

horus eraoflightdotcomThere is coming a time when you will all be able to go here and there in ease and comfort through all that you choose to do. It is a matter of being in the throwhs of peace and tranquility in all that you do and all that you see. Keep an open heart and mind and see that there is every chance that all of this world and beyond will be at peace and full of joy and beckoning of the sweetness of being all in the oneness that we are destined to be.

This is a day of Thanksgiving for all that we are capable of and all that will be the essence of what we know is the regularity of our lives. It is now in the works of living it and knowing that it is what we desire it to be already. It is a matter of taking every step in the newness of what we create in the moment and celebrate with the Thanksgiving that is not only here one day of the year but every moment of our lives. Take this day as the representation of every moment in our lives and live it that way, for you do have that power. Love is all there is, and as we walk it, live it and create it, it is what we know to be who we are and how we live in the beauty that we create. Go now and celebrate what you make of this day and every moment of your lives.

I am Horus, once again, and I am in the wonderful energy that you and I are all creating in our lives.

Much Love, Nancy Tate

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