Master Kuthumi: Rapid Increase Of The Light

master kuthumi eraoflightdotcomIt is me, your friend Kuthumi, who is looking for contact with you today. You all are strongly influenced by the rapid increase of the Light energies. Light penetrates into the smallest concealment and pulls everything up to the surface, everything that is not Light.

At the same time you get Lightworkers and Light Warriors, you who have worked so intensively to raise the energies of the earth, you now regain your memories and the contact with us who are your faithful Friends. In ancient times you all had earthlings in close contact with the Universe and those who were there as your helpers.

Now the veils are lifted and you can see as two different worlds. A heavy, sluggish and physical and an airy, light and ethereal. Many of you experienced a turning point yesterday, that the air became easier to breathe, that you became happier, or that your physical troubles eased after a time of inertia or toughness. You are now taking in the energies of the Light and sending them on with a new ease, a new intensity we can see, we who sit here on the first parquet and watch this beautiful spectacle.

You are tired, but you have now learned to listen to your bodies that need a lot of rest and fluid in the face of this stress, this transformation into lighter matter / more ethereal energies. Remember the ground and keep in touch with your beloved Mother Gaia and the animals. Remember your common origin and feel the bond of love between you. Also feel the bond between you all the people on earth, judge no one but the open heart even for those who ended up on hibernation paths. You have all made your mistakes and gained experience in the many earthly lives.

It’s time for you all to step back into the Light, together with your Mother Gaia and the animals. Drop the old and rise over the threshold / through the fog to remember how powerful you all are in your essence, in your innermost core. Remember how you have previously met in your earthly life, how we have met in different environments and different times. Some may recognize my energies from living in water far back in Gaia’s history. Others have met me like a poor monk. It does not matter how we met – how you all met – the important thing is Love and Light that connected us then and also do it now, my Friends. Everything but Light and Love was an illusion then and is an illusion now. Take the wonderful Christ energy deep into your bodies and dissolve old and outdated. Find your own inner power and recharge the batteries for the last little final vapor of your waiting time before the Light has completely broken through and is seen by ALL.

We are always here with you to hold your hand, send you energy and healing, or cradle you to sleep. I Kuthumi love you all so much. Please accept my Love. Also receive the Love of all the other Friends here, no one mentioned and no one forgotten. We are so many, many admirers waiting for you, more than you can imagine.

Light and Love from all of us through Kuthumi.

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» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisilla