Stop the EU Nazis and the NWO Fascism

its time eraoflightWe are on the eve of the liberation of the Cabal. Here in Europe it is no different than in the US, where the arrests of the low form of life that are corrupt politicians are already underway.


The white hats carry out the global cleansing to arrest corrupt politicians for the crimes they have committed against their own people.

This of course evokes a reaction from Ugly Meat Tree Angela Kuru Merkel, that a canal will be constructed every other day in order to keep the desperate people out and to prevent them from coming to justice, which they have been denied for decades.!5607629/

In its own words, the German Federal Council – representing the 16 German state governments – wants to better protect the symbols of the European Union from insults. For example, the legislative body wants a maximum term of imprisonment of three years or a fine for contempt for the EU flag or anthem.

On Friday, the German Federal Council adopted a draft law that would make contempt for or insult to the flag or anthem of the European Union a criminal offence. People who ‘despise’ or ‘denigrate’ these symbols may expect a fine or imprisonment of up to three years. Those who remove, destroy, damage or obscure a publicly displayed EU flag can expect a punishment.

In the meantime, more people are going to be arrested in the background:


It seems that a start has been made in the background with the mass arrests of 144,000 sealed indictments around the world.

This paves the way to replace the corrupt debt money system, now that the entire US government is on a short Tankgivingday holiday, as their immunity expires as they are not officially working.

The FISA documents that will be released, expose the global corruption of the Obama administration, together with HRC’s Clinton foundation and Pay for Play crimes and systematic murders.

We see the collapse of the banking system now happening in several countries, China, where in 3 months several banks are bankrupt, the Deutsche Bank, banks in Lebanon and India.

The entire banking cartel has no answer to the distrust that has arisen from the people who no longer want to be abused by the banks.

The elections in England on 12 December will be won by pro Brexit parties, whereby Boris Johnson wants to finish the Brexit this year.

Germany refuses to start contributing more to the EU, as their economy is completely collapsing, because of the costs for the fake economic migrants.

As a result, their own population has been cut back on income to provide the newcomers with all the wealth at the expense of their own despised population by the abusers of power in the government and from the EU fascists.

NWO errand boy Mark Rutte informs the Dutch population that the Netherlands, a country that no longer officially exists since 13 May 1940, will have to pay 75% more to the NWO fascists in Brussels.

The chaos that threatens to arise here by forcing the population into poverty from the Bilderberg government in The Hague, and the hostile attitude of the fake refugees who only demand, threaten and commit crimes, will necessitate a state of emergency, in which their own people will be prosecuted who cannot bear the crimes against them.

It is therefore imperative to reset to a gold-backed money system in order to take power away from the NWO Cabal, by taking over the entire system from the QFS, and to exclude the Banks.

This makes Deep State and Cabal blind, deaf and powerless, as they are no longer supported by the Central Banks.

The New ECB banker satanic Christine Lagarde finds it a problem that elderly people are too expensive, a systematic stigmatization to eradicate the elderly who built Europe after the Second World War through the Cabal Money System and care according to her Genocide plan.

If we want to stop the fascists, the RV / GCR will have to be done quickly to stop the planned genocide that has also been proposed by the Green Left in Dutch politics, but working until 67, and dying immediately after your 70th birthday.

We have come to change the whole governance structure of our existence and to stop giving free rein to Satanists who want to do away with us and kill us.

There will be honest people with no behavioral disorder who will have to honestly solve the problems of the West, with the people in control, and not the bank and multinational representatives of the Satanists NWO.

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