Ascended Christ Collective: Rise Up

new light human eraoflightdotcomRise up, oh Christed ones. Arise with the firm beam of truth shining through you. It is time to speak your truth, your wonderment of the unseen. Do not be afraid. We are the Ascended Christ Collective. We are the collected energies of the Christs that were, that are, and that are to come. To be the Christ means that you are at one with Source, with the Father, with the Mother of all things, and eternally at peace with yourself in relation to the whole of all things.

The Christed consciousness is the fabric of the universe. Worship the Christ within you. Flow with the Christed energies of change in your surrounding reality into the eternal truths that always are. Your illusionary world is being stripped of deception. The light is shining too brightly for the dark ones to hide. There is no hiding in a hall of mirrors. Reflections are sought out and easily found. There is no escaping the light. Just as the light shines unwaveringly, all that has been hidden is now seen. The veil is rending, top to bottom, as in the era of Master Christ Yeshua. He has returned, is returning and you are his hands and feet.

We see the stamp of the Christ on your hearts, on your hands that serve, on your feet that continuously walk seemingly uphill, dirty and worn. We see his stamp on your faces that shine like the sun, unwavering in their faith in a new bright world. Friends, Nova Gaia we see being made manifest within your very forms. The dark ones know this, they see this, they are beginning to accept their demise. Their fight is but a faint sputtering of old energies that are fizzling out. The new Christed cosmic waves are inundating your sphere of pristine beauty, nurturing her waters and her lands and all upon her into yet a higher vibrational reality of truth, of light, of love, of green, of true life at its fullest potential.

We are the Christed ones returned. Our energies are here, fully being anchored onto your planet in this most sacred now. You are the transmitters of this energy, of our energy, of our love. We would like to infuse you with a bit more of this presence to assist with your expansion more fully, as a foretaste of what is to come. We see humanity rising, fully embracing the light of the Mother and Father, of the Great Central Sun.

We see the light illuminating all in its path and transforming all into a higher vibrational reality. We see these readers being uplifted out of the dross of circumstance and uplifted by millions of angel wings carrying them up and over the turbulence of the changeover. We foresee turbulence, but with it great peace. We see that you will be anchoring this peace in many various ways.

We are lending our hands, our wings, our energies, our essences to our grounded Christ-bearers today. We wish for you to feel our love, the love of the Mother and Father that is available for you. We wish for you to be grounded in joy in these higher vibrational sequences that are not out of reach, but are all around you. We wish for you to accept these energies we are offering, to accept your Christhood, to accept more fully your role. Your roles, your jobs, are to be more fully revealed to you and we see them fulfilling deep-seated desires to make a difference and much creation of joy for you as a result. We see joy for the people of Earth as they ascend more fully from the mist into the sunlight.

We extend our hearts to you, into your heart chakra should you allow. Be Christed. (I am seeing golden light steaming into my heart. I am seeing gold all around me, around you readers, around Gaia. I am seeing white light with glittering radiance. We do not have yet words for this). True, galaxygirl. Become emboldened, all, by your seeing and reading of these vibrational upliftments. Become the Christ for those who have nothing, who have lost hope and lost themselves along their way. For some you can simply hold the space, love and intention. For others you can create a better situation for them once you have the means to do so. You will have all that is needed to assist in the most perfect way. Do not fret.

Ascension Gaia is the priority of the universe and near and dear to Mother and Father God. You are all so precious. Feel the Christed light and become it. Breathe it in. Ground it into Gaia. Become one with the light, for that is what you are. You are a light being, a being of light, a sliver of Source, fully powerful, fully alive. Asleep no more, eyes open, arms open wide, embrace this new reality that fully supports you. Entrapped no longer. Fully realize your potential. It is time. This is the now of the Christ returned.

We are the Ascended Christ Collective Consciousness. Feel our peace and our joy extended for you, to you. Feel it all around you. Breathe the light within these words and become more fully alive on your path towards enlightenment. Peace.

» Shared per request » Channel: Galaxygirl