The Energies Coming Up for December

1212 eraoflightdotcomWell here we go into December, and I promise that the energies will knock your socks off! (If unlike me, you still have socks. Mine are long gone with this years power shifts! ha ha) Well, we have a very powerful 12/12/12 alignment and portal on the 12th of December 2019, which reduces to a 3/3/3 and adds up to a 9.

To add to the mix, the sun is in the 13th sign of Ophiucus, which is the sign of the Healer, so we can expect more powerful energies to be moving through. (If you follow 12 sign astrology then it is Sagittarius, which also packs quite a powerful punch!)

All those 3 and 9 numbers indicate a focus on the Earth, the Divine Feminine and Abundance. The Planet is gearing up for the 2020 New Beginning. The 9 brings in the element of Great Wisdom and Sovereign Power, when the Planet will be initiated into the leadership of the Field of Love and Christ Consciousness and the Planetary Council of Elders.

As Earth moves closer to the Galactic Center alignment on the 15th December (6 Divine Union energy), we will feel the incoming Diamond Light Radiance and the Diamond Codes from the Galactic Council.

And then on the 21/12/2019, which is also a 3/3/3 alignment, we have the Solstice and the rebirthing of the Planet into a new period of Galactic Light.

So the portal dates are 3rd December (3/3/3) and 12th December 12/12/12 or 3/3/3 and 21/12/12 or 3/3/3). The 3 dates are linked as the power builds and is transmitted through the web of light that forms the portals and brings the energy to us.

We can expect Love, Abundance and Joy….and anything that is not will be urged to release and move on and out!

» Source » By Celia Fenn