The Great Awakening is Occurring Already

blue ray eraoflightdotcomThe solar flash is a culmination of waves of energy building … over many years, heightening your consciouness, shifting the light quotient within your very cells. Drawing your vibration higher and higher and Acclumcating it so that your body can shift to a higher dimension.

This ascension is the first body shifting ascension ever. We will not die in order to ascend .. we will transition from 3d to higher 4d. All the body changes, view changes and shifts going on in your life have been to get yourself ready. We will be moving up to 5d and eventually 6d In this heightened state war, hate, anger, fear will be a faded memory ..
No one will die upon the solar event.. unless they have chosen to leave the planet at this time. Everyone else will be guided by humans and star races , educated about the past and what has truly been occurring .

This solar flash will unlock our DNA strands that have been tethered or cut off for so long. This means your abilities will come back online. However you will need guidance in using them – to remember how to use telepathy, telekinesis and instant manifestation.

The star races such as the pleidians, andromedans, sirians, arcturians and many many others have been aiding humanity in this process of evolution .

These are benevolent races called forth to help and guide. Many of these races are family to those incarnated in human vessels currently and wish to be of assistance.

They are present and awaiting humanity’s greatest shift ever.

They exist in dimensions far beyond our understanding and will show themselves more and more as we get closer to the solar flash. For those who aren’t aware it would seem they are no where to be seen . However they work alongside many councils and federations to remove the dark beings from this and other planets. Humanity will join in the galactic community very soon. The solar event is frequency triggered not date triggered. Many beings monitor the wave and expect it from this second up until 6 months from now… any time . Keep your vibration high.. spread hope and peace . Help others. The great awakening is occurring already #ascension #theevent
by aluna kay.

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