Saint Germain: We Know You Are Tired

saint germain eraoflightdotcomHello friends and family. I am your St. Germaine. I am here on official business, which is to cheer you up and to let you now that yes, all is proceeding nicely and that the payouts are being paid out. Now to those of you who have not heard hide nor hare of this it may feel like this proclamation is a bit of an eye roller. And I understand, I can see and sense that many of you are a bit steamed that this has taken so long. My friend, my family, this has been a tremendous undertaking. The amount of darkness and enmeshment that has been put upon Gaia and her inhabitants has been the darkest of the dark places in the universe. I say this with all sincerity. It is for this reason that we have had to take utmost care to ensure the success of this mission! And we have!

I know that you are tired of hearing how well everything is going and you want results. Look around friends. Look within, friends. Vibrationally you are not who you were yet but yesterday. You are expanding and growing exponentially, as is Gaia, as is the hard work that we have been putting into place behind the scenes. We have had to dismantle and reassemble much. The galactics are in charge. They are your friends and family. Do not be angry with them that it is taking so long from your vantage point. Friends, your vantage point is limited. This is the job assignment that you took and you knew that it would be quite challenging. For you are the way showers, the chargers and it is hard for warriors of such caliber to ground the light. In fact it is much easier to charge, to fight, to get all of the aggression out. And that is what I am sensing here now and I wish to send my healing light to you.

It is time to remove the steaminess of anger of impatience. This has been a project of enormous, gigantic proportions. Remember the Creator in these times of stillness. Find the stillness within you and it is there and only there that you will find peace. For the Christ within beacons, calls you home in this inner stillness, this sanctuary of grace, of peace, of light. When you are angry and impatient you miss the stillness, you miss the blessing of connection that comes with it. And I see that this is upsetting to many of you. I apologize. I am eager to show you our vantage point when I am permitted to do so and perhaps you will not only see the large critical part that you played in holding the light, the space, but also all of the snags and snafus that have been successfully averted and how many lives have been saved in this process of being careful and going slowly. You are aware, are you not that most planatery ascensions are with empty planets, because it is so destructive. And you are aware, are you not that you have all been individually promised a different unique ascension experience? And that this has never been done before? Of course it does also matter that this was on the most abused and battered realm, that this realm has been quarantined and cut off for eons. Humanity has had the cards stacked against their favor for far too long. The evil ones, the ones without their heart awareness are learning this. Their next assignment will be to experience the pain they have inflicted. Send them your pity, your love. Send them your forgiveness. Your anger and impatience does not serve the mission, it only delays it further. For your vibration is the key to this success. Why else do you think there has been such a tremendous mission of others to constantly create delays and lower vibrations by false expectations? Do not listen to any dates. They are deceptive in a realm of infinite possibilities and parallel realities. Claim your reality, friend. Claim your ascension in the most perfect and Christed timeline and there I will be. There we will be. The Company of Heaven awaits with open arms, open hearts, welcoming you home.

I do hope that I have been encouraging. Ah, yes. I wish for you to picture your disappointments with the RV, with the galactics, with the darkness that has permeated this realm. I request that you place it in front of you in a bubble. Look at it. Really see it for what it is – the absence of love, the absence of peace, the absence of what it is that you want to experience. Let us transform it. I ask that you join me with sending your own violet fire mixed with mine and let us transmute this together. This bubble we fill with the fire of the violet flame. Watch it transmute and transform into happy expectation of all good things coming your way into this realm. Look again. See Nova Gaia gleaming gold, gleaming green with life. See your heart space expand in this reality. See your ascended self hugging you tight, welcoming you back to the fold. For friend, you never truly left, but you felt you did and so that is the same experience. No more. Welcome home. Transform this realm into light with me. Send Gaia this violet flame of transmutation of love, of joy, of pure bliss. I am your St. Germaine. Peace.

» Source » Channel: Galaxygirl