Sananda: Move On, It its Time

yeshua eraoflightdotcom newI am Sananda.  As always, I appreciate these times that I can be with you and share with you, and bring you further understanding of not only who you are, but all that is happening within and around you at this time.

The energies that have been coming in, these waves of energy, have been bombarding the planet now for some time, and growing stronger and stronger as demonstrated by that scientific evidence that you have, known as the Schumann Resonance, known in other ways as well to measure these energies.

But the way to measure the energies for each of you is to just simply know that these energies are here, and that they are changing the molecular structure within your body, changing the DNA within your body.

And because of that change that is happening, quite rapidly I will say, because of that change that is happening, it is influencing the energy bodies within you that are not quite accustomed to these outer energies that are coming in.  And in many ways, you can say that it is “kicking your butts” in various ways.  That is a colloquialism that you have, a saying that you have, but it is apropos in this respect at this time.

Because some are feeling these energies and feeling them at the higher consciousness that they are in that moment, therefore, they feel a sense of bliss, a sense of well-being come over them.  But others, based on their consciousness in those moments as these energies come in, they are feeling a discordance with that energy, bringing a negative connotation to the energy as it comes in, feeling a sense of depression possibly, or an ill-at-ease in their bodies, bringing symptoms of change within them, their central nervous system not quite being able to handle these energies at various times.

I speak now to you, those of you, the Lightworkers, the Lightwarriors that are continuing to be at work, continuing to be ‘in the battle,’ we will say, in the battle– not with those outside of yourselves, but the battle that is happening within yourselves.  And as you continue to wage that war, that battle within yourselves, many of you are finding difficulty in dealing with these energies because they are bringing you into lower vibration, or rather, they are adding to that vibration, whether it is higher or lower, emphasizing the vibration.  And it is becoming more and more difficult for some of you to be able to be in the moment, be in that NOW, finding the joy in the moment.

Because it is difficult in those times to be able to continue to hold on to the higher vibrations within you, to find yourselves in those higher vibrations because the energies are so strong, and in some ways seemingly bringing you down.  But I say ‘seemingly’ bringing you down because that is not accurate.  They are not bringing you down, you are just simply allowing the programming within you to hold you steadfast within those lower vibrations.

But I tell you now, as Sananda, and I ask you, each and every one of you, to break forth from those lower energies, to utilize Archangel Michael’s Flaming Blue Sword of Truth to sever any ties that still hold you back, the ties that are those programmings, those ties that are the programmings that hold you within the veil of the illusion here still.  For truly there is no veil there.  It is not actually there any longer.  It is only there within the programming that is holding you still to this illusion.

But break through, now.  It is time to break through and move up in the vibrations.  Because truly there is nothing holding you back except you believe that you are being held back.  Those programmings that still continue to hold you to the past, hold you to those past memories of who you were before in this lifetime.  But you are no longer who you were before.

You are who you are now in this moment.  And if you continue to hold on to those memories of who you were, then you are not going to be able to be who you are now in the very moment.  And it is time for all of you now to be more and more and more in the moment.

Find yourselves in those higher vibrations a much as you can.  Do whatever it takes, whether it is working with crystals, whether it is looking at your diet, whether it is breathing the energies out in nature, whatever it is that will bring you into those higher vibrations and continue to hold you there, rather than letting slip back again and again and again into the old programming.

Release the old programming.  You can do it!  It is within you to be able to do that.  Ask for help.  Ask for your Higher Self to step in and take you higher and higher into those higher vibrations, into the heaven within your being.

The heaven is within your reach.  It is not beyond your reach.  It is right there.  Just simply reach out and it will be there for you.  The heaven, of course, which is the higher vibrations of the higher dimensional consciousness, the fifth dimension and beyond.  That is heaven.

And it is up to you to bring that heaven down to your earth within your being, and to bring you, your earth, up to that heaven.  Raise your consciousness.  Raise your vibrations up into those higher vibrations of the heaven, the consciousness, the fifth dimension.  You all have the power to do this in any given moment.  There is nothing that can hold you back except yourselves.

Release now, release.  Let go of the memories of the past.  Forgive all of those that have brought you harm in the past, whether it is physical, or emotional, or mental.  Forgive.  And forget those memories of the past.  And now, move on.  Move on into the higher vibrations.

Forgive, forget, and move on.  It is time.

I am Sananda, and I release this channel now, and send you all of my love and peace and oneness to be within each and every one of you in each and every moment.  All is at peace.  All is at love.  All is in the Light.

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