Rinus Verhagen: Transition to a New Paradigm

moving forward with the truth eraoflightdotcomPoliticians who agreed to the congress of the climate, expose themselves for their NWO agenda. They try to keep the illusion alive that their agenda will be implemented. America has just escaped the Soros Agenda of the Satanic globalists who want to roll out their years of planned agenda for the destruction of mankind (Agenda 21).

Donald J Trump had signed an EO on October 14, people who do not enter into talks and negotiations that harm the U.S. in the interests of the U.S. or without permission, can be tried and expropriated.

The 16-year agenda to make the U.S. a 3rd world country, I at half this period by Trump and the Patriots stopped by winning the elections in 2016.

Now it turns out that the 16 year agenda for destroying the U.S., also money for destroying Europe to transfer all power of the affiliated sovereign countries to the NWO fascists from Brussels all authority and thus put the 500 million inhabitants out of action.

The deliberate destruction of Europe’s economy is now becoming apparent to everyone as a result of the recession in which Germany finds itself.

We can see this in all the announced redundancies of large companies that are reducing production because there are no longer people who can buy their products because of the theft that governments are applying to their own people.

The politicians feel omnipotent and live in the illusion that the people are following them in order to be able to push through their genocide agenda.

These Satanist political criminals can only push through their plans if the older Fiat Money System would continue to exist.

However, these same politicians have agreed to introduce a new money structure, probably without realizing that this would take power away from them via the AIIB, with the QFS system.

The accumulated debts are impossible to repay from the current money supply of the Fiat Debt system, which is causing the system to implode.


The collapse of the Banking Economy will lift the world out of debt slavery, China, India, Lebanon, Argentina, Germany with the Deutsche Bank, and Italy with their failed banks are now visibly imploding as their Derivatives trade and portfolio are not backed by hard value.

The corrupt Central Banks and politicians no longer have any power when the global money reset comes, this is also the reason why the NWO agenda should be rolled out as soon as possible in their view.

After years of waiting it seems that we can expect the RV/GCR for this Christmas 2019 if we take the signals seriously.

Whether the transition will go smoothly will have to be proven, because we should not underestimate the perseverance of the corrupt politics, by their urge to squeeze the population further and further and to plunge it into poverty.

Our talent and creative urge is being deliberately thwarted, so that we, as a world population, must continue to be enslaved to the Central Banks and Political Cartel of Satanists, including the rotten Vatican.

However, their ever-growing Bank Economy will sadly perish, causing them to lose their power once and for all, and if we as a population stop following these false prophets, they will no longer have any power, especially if they no longer have any influence on our money and our raison d’être.

We have allowed ourselves to be abused for years as a hamster that kept on running in an eternal wheel.

The transition from a Banking Economy to a People’s Economy will bring a lot of peace and prosperity, as we ourselves will reap the rewards of our services.

We must stop over-exploiting the Earth, and all its present life.

The economy does not need to grow indefinitely to thrive together.

Many jobs will become superfluous, as the need to control and suppress the world’s population will disappear with the new QFS system, of which we as the world’s population are the joint owners.

This paradigm shift is within us, and need only be accepted as a gift to free us from the stranglehold of the globalists.

The EU and its management of multinationals will no longer be able to legislate to support the NWO Agenda, because the EU is not and never will be a Country, because it does not live in our hearts what they have in store for us.

The introduction of the QFS, will not support them, making it impossible for them to function without money.

The same will happen to Bank Staff, Politicians, Officials, Police and Army, if one is not loyal to the people.

Change will happen from bottom to top, in order to carry out a permanent purification.

The tool to achieve this is to expose the corruption, who has been in contact with Jeffry Epstein:


Hierbij gaat het om de bewijzen waardoor chantage heeft kunnen gebeuren, en de wereldbevolking het slachtoffer is geworden door de perverse gedragingen van de Fake Elite.

Deze perverse machtsmisbruikers hebben duidelijk hun hand overspeeld en komen zich te verantwoorden voor hun misdaden en valse vlag aanslagen om hun eigen bevolking in angst voor terreur te houden.

Het is wel duidelijk dat de terroristen ik onze eigen politieke regeringen zitten en allemaal gecoördineerd zijn via de CIA en Mossad.

Dit wordt nu openlijk toegegeven door Israël hoe ze onder leiding van Benjamin Netanyahu hebben geacteerd:



However, it is not only Israel, but also other Western countries that have supported ISIS and apparently laundered money through the Deutsche Bank, all this made possible by Jeffry Epstein:


As a result of these facts and the revelations that are about to come, including the introduction of a debt-free gold-backed money system, the globalists are being wiped out.

We hear from more and more countries that they are taking their GOLD back to their own country, in order to make a fresh start after the collapse of the Cabal Money System.

The GOLD is owned by the people of the countries, not by the corrupt Elite or Bankers, so we must claim it as compensation for the wealth stolen in the past and our stolen pension rights by the EU and Bilderberg Cabal Mafia.

Governments hope to survive with this, but the lightworkers and fund holders together have more value resources for the future if governments have them.

All transactions will be done through the QFS, so that in case of abuse the accounts of the governments will be frozen, and the population will no longer be able to oppress them.

The police, army and civil servants who act against their own population have no money to be able to protect the political traitors any longer and to carry out their reign of terror if they are not loyal to the population.

The false pope as Satan worshipper has exposed himself by wanting to combine religion in the Chrislam Devilish Barbarism where norms and values are completely wiped out.

Christmas 2019, will have an extra meaning in the liberation of Mankind, no matter in which religion one is indoctrinated.

Therefore, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, which will be a time of reflection in this paradigm shift.

The massacre based on religion will stop when you start to think about who wants to keep the power on this planet, when you start to see that it was a game of globalists that set us up against each other.

I want to hope that the mutual contempt based on religion will soon disappear in understanding and respect of each other, which will be a big step in the liberation of the Cabal and the human suffering for everyone.

The Mass Arrests are now in progress if we are to believe the messages:


How corruption is paid, follow the Money:


Fisa and Rico Act are the cause, which will reveal more crimes of the Corrupt Elite,



The information that will come out, helped by the corruption investigation in the Ukraine, will also reveal the massacre of the MH370 / MH17, who were all involved in this Genocide.

This will bring down the entire globalist Bilderberg Crime Syndicate, including the Fake Satanist Monarchs, Soros and the EC/EU NWO Cabal.

Legal systems will be restored for a fair start, with the legal system serving the population and not the Elite.