Mother God: Late Bloomers

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomDear children on earth, I am your Mother God. I come today with important news. As you know, lately, the Divine and your Father God, have been busy waking up the soul groups that are the late bloomers. These groups are young souls who were brought here by the Christ. Your Father brought them here in the hope that these young souls can learn and grow. Indeed, these young souls who have come here, are the ones who dived deep. They are deeply in the human psyche and they have a hard time to wake up. The human distractions have gotten them. All they want is to have the ego satisfaction. Spiritual life for them is so foreign. They posed so much of the challenge for the ascension process. Your Father has literally worked nonstop for these souls. And we are indeed trying everything possible to wake these souls up.

In the next few days or so, your Father God is going to send another wake up call to the souls who are not awakened. This will be the last call. Souls who will wake up at this attempt, are going to stay on the planet and participate in the ascension process. The ones, who refuse to wake up, have to depart and continue their journey somewhere else. Gaia is done with the 3dimension. Any group that wants to experience the low dimension, will no longer allow to come here. The planet earth has ascended. Now she is on the 5th dimension. Any soul group which comes to the planet earth, will have to have the permission from Gaia and the Divine. No groups are allowed to stay unless they are sent by the Divine and the Christ.

This planet, finally, has cleared out all the negative influences, and, becomes the original design for the sake of Gaia and humanity.

Mother Earth now has become the center of the universe because of her pristine environment and condition. She is the star and she shines brightly and far and wide. Mother Earth has been on the 5th dimension in the last few days, and she is deeply anchored in the higher realm. All has settled well in the 5th dimension. Gaia and her children are doing great in the 5th dimension, and that is so encouraging and it sounds like music to our ears. Your Father and I are happy about where the planet has anchored.

Your Father has been working nonstop for the sake of Gaia and humanity. He is now content with the result. And he is finally having a break.

After a couple of days of the break, your Father and I will start the next phase for Gaia and humanity. What the next phase is, you may ask. What I can tell you, dear heart, is that your Father is going to start his tenure. Once that happens, we will bring the Divine team online, and also the Divine government. The process may take some time. There may be some degree of resistance and challenges. We have anticipated that. The Divine has plans for that period of the chaos. And the entire Divine has been on alert just because of that. I understand that any time there are changes, the planet react.

Sometimes, it takes longer time for the calm to be restored, other times, the peace comes with a price. And either way, the changes will eventually, happen on the planet. And humanity always is able to adjust to the new changes. Human nature does adjust the changes well. It is the system that does not allow the adjustment to happen quickly and smoothly. And that is ok. We, the Divine have anticipated all scenarios related to the changes and outcomes. And we have all planned out. Your Father God has the authority to deploy these plans. He is going to manage this transition with great courage and strength. He knows that he has all the support he needs and he is the sole leader in this time of great changes.

Of course, I am on his side always. I am the Divine consort of your Father God, together, we form the Divine regime and reign as the Divine parents of the planet and humanity. We are going to work together in the time to come. Together, with the Divine team, we will bring the Divine government online and start the Christ Era, the Golden Age. And that is what to come dear ones.
I love you my precious children on earth. I am your Mother God. Go in peace dear angels. So it is.

» Source » Channel: Linda Li