Judas Iskariot: What is Important to You

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I have come today to suggest you some things. It is important to now focus on what is really important in your life. What is good for you is also good for your planet. It’s easy to be flushed with despair. “I can’t do much,” but one can do something, so many can do something, and that’s when things happen, a change has taken place. Certainly many of you have already discovered this and they think more about what they do, shop or buy today. They convey their visions and create space for others to broaden their vision.

A great change has already taken place in many societies, where the benefit of the good increases with the increasing awareness of what is really good for themselves and the Earth which is their home. They have seen and understood the consequences of a certain way of life and are now taking responsibility for breaking the old and introducing a better and more sustainable society. This can be seen and experienced by everyone today. Even your TV channels may contain information about what needs to be improved, for example many of your animals’ living conditions. It should be the same true love for people as for animals and also for the plants and nature that surrounds you.

Your focus needs to be in your love, your love needs to be in your decisions. No decisions would really be made before filling them with love. The loving decisions are the ones that give the best results and those that drive development on Earth going forward. Over time, the loving decisions have produced great results on Earth, while other decisions are more like a stick in the wheel, but they are not as lasting. I enjoy hearing protests that the Earth has been in this state for a very long time. You can think that, but from a cosmic perspective it is a very short time. However, the experience on Earth is not the same as in the cosmos, but time and now will show you the way to this understanding.

The universe is now pounding on your door and more people are waking up and rising to open the door. That’s what happens now, good friends. It is you who wake up, you make new choices for yourself, and also for those who are here with you. It’s a joy to see the waves of change happening a bit here and across the planet today. There may be many, there may be a few, but still there is a change there and now. You are the sand that turns into gold and it happens all the time that a grain of sand gets a gold shimmer over it. It’s a big process going on Earth now. The winds of change are blowing ever faster and it can be difficult to stay in box one. Your life is ruined and you are constantly moving forward along your life plan and in your development. It is now that you may need to hold your hat, or at least stand with your feet on Earth, so that in your still moments you can have a clear focus on where you are going or where you are going. A balance between heaven and earth may be needed to make the right decision for yourself or your planet.

I now suggest that you all sit still for a while and seek the answers in your reason and in your heart. You immediately know if it is a good decision that you have in your hand, if you used to listen inward and gain more confidence in yourself.

I leave you now in great love and gratitude


Translation into English by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg